Reading It Out loud made his stomach turn but then…

What he wrote on the page was quite beautiful and practical but he needed to engage his voice over the phone.

He quickly realized what his blocks were in his vision statement/ SuccessScript that made him feel nauseous.

He and I took each line in his vision statement and tested it for an allergic, upset stomach reaction and made transformational corrections.

By the end of our edit of a couple SuccessScripts, the fears and blocks had dissolved when he reread the entire statement out loud.

Then his world was turned upside down and he had to flee his home because of his unstable situation.

Once he acknowledged what words/statements made him sick to his stomach to me over the phone…

He found a place to stay with an acquaintance an hour away in a friend’s spare bedroom.

Then days later as the dust settled, they contacted him… The very people he applied to work for almost a year earlier! 

Where was the new job?

It was two minutes away by car!

Words, feelings, details lifted right out of his SuccessScript- they offered him the position we crafted over the phone days earlier in our weekly Scripting For Success session.

When we wrote the <throat clearing> hu hum, love letter to the potential employer we knew it wasn’t going to be sent directly… Just telepathically in the weekly heart meditation.

When he had the interview, it felt like a deja vu because of the powerful remote viewing connection we made days earlier where he spoke from the heart and thanked them for giving him his ideal job.

During the interview the same feeling, rapport and easy knowing he had found his him in a family run company were all preplanned, tested and accepted as his ideal path at this time of his life.

When he was immersed in his new job the, very one that financially matched his Asset Growth Assessment, (without mentioning any specific numbers to limit the manifestation process), but very specific in the way he felt working in the environment and having more than he required to pay off his bills and thrive.

Soon he was up to his eyeballs learning new technology to do what he was hired to in the sales position for a established company, with great base and commissions, we called upon the same unseen cosmic energy that lined up the timing of his urgent move and sudden opening of his new position.

Some call it God, Angels, Higher Power, Good Orderly Direction, The Big Cheese, Silent Partner…

Or the more cerebral among us credit the part of the brain that can recognize patterns and can instantly recognize and engage with them when there is a emotional, story connection.

Those that have heard somewhere that setting intensions and focusing on them on a highly focused way has the ability to filter out distractions. 

This process also alerts the senses when our stories and SMART goals present the next opportunity/step.

When asked about our work together…

He described it as me helping him rise above the chaos giving him a birds eye view.

Then within weeks he was standing on a new bridge that materialized out of thin air, now on the other side of the drama, to his desired location without realizing he had arrived because the scripting journey was such a fun, enjoyable process along the way unlike therapy, career counseling or mediation traditionally used to get him out of a pickle.

Soon in his new location other parts of his SuccessScript with friends, activities and other meaningful connections came to pass as it was written.

Applications are being taken for our new Scripting For Success members group. Just apply below.

For $97 a month (with no contract) the group and myself will help you craft your ideal SuccessScripts in the areas of Career, Finances, Personal and Professional Relationships and Lifestyle.

You will have access to online interviews, training and my ongoing attention to your shared SuccessScripts that are written in third person as if they already happened. No personal names or places are included in the script, just your ideal connection and feelings about the people, places and things that you give special titles that embody your ideal relationship.

So with that, we don’t go over a lot of back story, personal drama or past struggles. We just focus on the energy of the SuccessScript measuring it for that up lifting jolt of energy that you, I and even your member area confidents feel when it is read out loud.

You don’t have to watch hours of training, listen to countless guru interviews or jump through a lot of lessons to see immediate forward moment with the very first SuccessScript.

(This dream business of mine I’m crafting takes out hours of private coaching clients or tedious launches and application phone interviews and just focuses on the essence of what I do which is teaching and facilitating a system that bypasses the inner critic and helps users focus on the role models, feeling, stories, internal conversations that are already working.)

You don’t tie up a day of the week for a evening group conference call.

You can access support and tools 24/7 and not have to wait till that one hour of the week where most coaches give a group lecture and Q & A.

(When I shared starting another “Miracle Monday” class a couple months earlier prospects wanted to call other days of the week Monday)

(Not enough my subscribers wanted to get on a strategy call confront their fears of making a large monetary commitment even though they were excited about the new possibilities of this transformational Scripting Process.)

Within a few minutes of sharing your SuccessScript you’ll be able to test if it’s a vibrational match (something you can do in the time it takes to read this sentence.) Or if there are words blocking the flow, you’ll get suggestions on what would be a better vibrational match.

The purpose of the group is not to fix anything, just to feel good when you read your SuccessScripts.

When your SuccessScripts are a vibrational match you’ll start to notice win/win conversations that match your SuccessScripts.

Other documents are shared in the group… sales letters, love letters, business plans, family trusts… letters to stop lawsuits or pesky tax audits, letters to teens that aren’t listening on a physical level but you want to influence them in positive ways, exes that need to be more cooperative in a timely fashion, ex business partners, clients with outstanding debts who through our SuccessScripts and Asset growth meditation suddenly offer to pay in full, prayer in such a way that has you already whole and in the received mode through the simple act of getting in alignment with your SuccessScripts.

I can go on and on.

You’ll have the freedom to get game changing help from moi.

Think of it as copywriting with some of the greats except the only person you are selling to is yourself when you read the Success Script out loud and either feel nothing or if you are in alignment with your intensions and all systems go, that positive jolt of energy that says “Yes” my physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual intensions are in alignment.

That’s what we want!

Scripting For Success is one of simplest and most powerful tools I have come across, woven together from two decades of health, wellness, acupressure, marketing, book publishing, international traveling…(lol) to bypassing the inner critic and test if you are in alignment to your desires, goals and intensions. 

I can dress this up saying this is just for CEOs or entrepreneurs or managers or industry leaders, but the reality is Scripting For Success is a set of tools with a step-by-step system that can be duplicated by any high school graduate and even some college dropouts (like myself).

Apply below. One your opt-in, application is reviewed you’ll receive the link for the reoccurring $97/month Scripting For Success paid membership. Cancel any time and there are no refunds.

Once you indicate:

1. The value you bring to this Scripting For Success paid membership community and fellow members:

2. What the focus of your first SuccessScript will be:

3. Why is now the time to participate in such a direct and revolutionary process full of game changing SuccessScripters in the same boat you are is getting clarity and laser focused of their goals and aware of ideal win/win relationships, purchases, conversations adventures and career opportunities




Fill in the opt-in application below if you want a way to focus your attention on what’s already working and you just want to get started right away. I offer you the same resources for $97/month as I do with my private VIP clients. The only difference is your level of commitment once you have access to all this support and members area resources.

Oh and one more thing, the only difference is there is no contract or commitment and you can cancel anytime and not pay another month so there is less skin in the game… but a whole lot of support if you ask for it inside the confidential, hand picked forum with a screening process based on who I discover I can help though your response when you apply here:

Go ahead and apply for the $97/mo Success Scripts members forum. Here you will get help with one thing… with Scripting For Success founder RUTH ANNE WOOD

Create winning SuccessScripts that you can measure instantly if you desires/ goals/ intentions/ conversations/ communications are in alignment to your: mental, emotional and physical state. The intended result is to feel great when you read the Success Scripts out loud.

If you don’t feel that rush of positive energy when you read your SuccessScript out loud we’ll help you in the member’s area until you do. Then you get to share all the conversations, opportunities, awesome relationships that match your SuccessScripst in the member’s area. Members report getting that déjà vu feeling of immediately recognizing that win/win conversation, opportunity or ideal relationship! When those feeling matches your SuccessScript awe awesome things happen when the Scripting process give you that hindsight 20/20 feeling and confidently make your decision and take inspired action! How does that feel? Now you can get that laser-focused “feeling good” sensation inside the SuccessScripts member’s area!


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