Get Out Of Hot Water Fast

How I Saved My Clients From Pending Financial, Legal and Relationship Problems In Less Than 30 Days With 90 Minute Conversations

By Ruth Anne Wood


What I Did and How It Can Work For You

The name of this book is “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast: How I Saved My Clients From Pending Financial, Legal and Relationship Problems In Less Than 30 Days With 90 Minute Conversations.”

TextJust wanted to let you know before we continue, please let me make it very clear that my results are not typical and may seem like a work of fiction.

Chances are we have not met… so I am not making any claims or implications that you will duplicate my results or achieve any results whatsoever. Also I am not a financial, legal or relationship expert of any kind.

I’m going to show you what worked well for me, and it’s my hope that you will be able to utilize some of the information that I share with you to get the results that you are personally after.

So if you’re looking for one of those “miracle” cures where you blame others for the mess you’re in and take ZERO accountability for “stupid legal, financial and relationship mistakes you made” this won’t help.

BUT – if you’re a “real person” who’s gotten a raw deal from someone you trusted, (and they’re wreaking legal, financial, mental and emotional havoc in your personal or professional life), then continue reading.

If you keep making costly decisions with one or a string of unreliable people who are in your family, you serve or work with and you’re kicking yourself for not seeing the early warning signs that now cost you precious time, money, energy, your good name and faith, then this might be for you.

Also if you pride yourself in putting other’s first, doing your best work, taking care of your own, building a good name, honoring your family and professional commitments, making a difference, helping the community and leaving a rich legacy.

Yet you regret the incompetent backstabbers you entrusted to; have your back, run your business, work for you, deliver quality, serve your family, partner for a specific or ongoing arrangement, and then they suddenly dropped the ball, stole from you, hurt your reputation, misrepresented you, blamed you, cost you a big account, stopped being dependable, threatened to sue you, became irresponsible, depleted your funds, reengaged on your legal and verbal commitments, put you in legal hot water, broke your heart, and put you in a fine kettle of soup this might be for you.

If you are ready to shift your perspective from a place of fear to love, ignore the crazy makers and drama for a few minutes; use your focused imagination to get clear on your ideal results, tune into your inner knowing/spiritual guidance, honor your desires and step more consciously and fulfilled into the role of fiction writer, director and the starring role of a dream come true life script this is for you.

I say fiction writer because the future is not here yet and you have a choice to continue down the path of pending legal, financial and relationship doom or create a new story that obviously hasn’t been written yet or you wouldn’t be in this mess.

In 2013 my average clients saw miracles in their finances, legal affairs and relationships and experienced better than planned results in 7-30 DAYS. And it didn’t matter if the need was to get a thousand bucks to keep their store front open before folding, receive more respect and appreciation from their family, receive an unexpected gift of four years of college and room and board from a distant relative, clear up misunderstandings with co-workers and clients, transcend the legal threats of crazy trouble makers threatening to sue, or get new clients to pay off sizable debt.

In this book, I’ll tell you how I did it and give you a plan that you can use too.

Part 1: Why You’re In Hot Financial, Legal, Relationship Water

The only way I can describe what happens when you treat the drama in your life as the only path and try to deal with the crazy makers that helped you create this mess is a:


And there are a few reasons aside from my personal experience that make me say this.

First, there is the cost of making bad decisions; picking an ill suited vendor, advisor, business partner, mate, care giver, service provider, client, work assignment or employee, (and unfortunately these same people you may have depended on previously showed early warning signs this time around that working with you was NOT a good fit):

Albert Einstein once said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

In this book, I’ll tell you how I helped people use powerful uplifting conversations and written statements to shift their attention away from their fearful financial, legal and relationship nightmares, and how they very quickly replaced them with a new loving reality that offered joy, victory, peace and dream come true results once they shifted their attention on what was working rather than the pending doom and mounting problems.

That’s right, they began to ignore their fears and started paying attention to what they loved and what their heart desired and then we created a laser-focused best-case scenario map.

The deeper clients stepped into the field of manifesting and quantum physics to address life’s urgent demands the more they jubilantly experienced an increase of opportunities, synchronicities and something that could be described as miracles:

“A miracle is a shift from fear to love” – A Course In Miracles

According to German theoretical physicist and one of the key creators of quantum mechanics, Werner Heisenberg, “The crucial feature of atomic physics is that the human observer is not only necessary to observe the properties of an object, but is necessary even to define these properties.” This what we did in our Get Out Of Hot Water Fast conversations taking stock of what once looked like worthless assets, connections, work and challenges built up over the years. When we took a closer look, my client’s were able to shift their focus on positive mental, emotional and physical resources, with a large inventory of untapped abundance. They leveraged past good deeds, volunteering, service to their friends, family, employers, failed business offerings and quickly with new conversations with themselves and others were able to shift their focus from the current nightmarish drama to their newly invented best case scenario story.

Theoretical physicist Werner continues, “This can be illustrated with the simple case of a subatomic particle. When observing such a particle, one may choose to measure — among other quantities — the particle’s position and its momentum,” which I come to witness first hand that the observer affects the outcome on a subatomic emotional and thought level and new options are perceived, A.K.A. manifested in the physical.

That’s when the conscious observers (who had recently had our 90 minute conversations where we realigned their mental and emotional desires and focus and documented it in a magnetically attractive, specific measurable way), started to overhear conversations that match our newly designed: story i.e. success script, or success news headline. Many reported a déjà vu feeling of all ready test-driving and approving these future moments on mental and emotional levels.

That way they could quickly dismiss or embrace their ideal opportunity when it came along without days, weeks or months of guess work. And when done correctly things clicked into place with instant recognition, confidence and laser focus sometimes within hours.

You probably hear every day that the “big thing” is “Positive Thinking”, right?

There’s something to this “Self Help- Positive Thinking”. According to market research it’s about an $11 billion dollar industry (in terms of money spent by individuals and corporate personal development costs).

And last time I checked, there was about $170 billion being spent on leadership curriculum every year. Yet how often do you hold in your hands a process that literally creates miracles in 90-minute conversations, and physically shifts one’s mental and emotional focus in a couple of seconds with proper review of the ground work laid during those 90 minutes?

The process you hold in your hand centers around carefully worded statements aligned with the subjects’ mental and emotional desires and beliefs. It’s designed to help the observer shift from fear to love and suddenly become aware of positive new choices/ communication patterns regarding their financial, relationship and legal dilemma, as if you once saw only the dots and now suddenly you can see the wave or your ideal path.

As a whole, people spend more on fixing problems than they do on avoiding them and making better decisions and systems to prevent relationship, legal and financial problems in the first place.

So while everyone else is trying to go through the physical, cumbersome hoops to fix the disaster wading through physical divorces, lawsuits, budget cuts, reputation management, firing and rehiring, bitter quarrels- The positive manifestor/ observer is trained at filtering out the trillions of possible scenarios around their pending doom and focusing on their best, most inspiring options.

(After all, a person brushing teeth has a trillion options of how to hold the brush, what to think during the teeth brushing episode, what flavor of tooth paste to use…) Yet for best, speedy results it’s time to decide your specific wave/ path. The approach taken in Get Out Of Hot Water Fast is the path of least resistance.

How? By focusing on the exact positive outcome you intended to be, do, have. They treated these past, present and future obstacles as something that didn’t stand in their way. (Did they brush off the fact they were stuck and have some serious challenges ahead right away when we first began the Get Out Of Hot Water Fast conversation? No.) Yet when they did make a shift in their focus it’s was as if they caught a glimpse of the silver lining, which somehow parted the clouds on a stormy, nightmarish day. And this led to my clients receiving record income, new found family and professional respect and adventurous opportunities.

Second, visionary, innovative manifestors focused on solutions and the desired end results rather than reacting to the heart aching drama at hand. That is something that does take some training and reconditioning. (On average it takes my clients twelve weeks to start doing it on their own and about five weeks in a small group and about 90 minutes focused on one major problem to start noticing a reality shift.) Most victims of poor legal, financial and relationship problems don’t have:


What happen when people work on the physical plane to resolve conflicts and don’t know how to shift their focus on what they really want?

As you know, there are a lot of financial costs and legal and relationship disputes. Let’s play with some numbers of doing it the hard way and costly way. According to CourtStatisics.org the average amount of attorney hours spent on Contract and Employment litigations (which among many problems include hiring or contracting the wrong people for the job) cost an average of 367-374 hours of professional legal counsel to bring closure to the cases. So with the initiate discovery, settlement, pretrial trial, post-disposition we’re talking a median price tag of $88K-$91K for some businesses to resolve poor hiring issues.

And for people who can not solve their domestic differences (because they didn’t script their ideal happily-ever-after relationships and monitor them along the way with their positive desires/intensions) the median cost of divorces range from $15K-$20K, which include attorney fees, court costs, parent education classes, early neutral evaluations and mediation costs. However that doesn’t include real estate refinancing costs, record deed and added hourly attorney’s fees. Talk about exhausting and heart breaking.

That means five to six figures is paid to resolve these conflicts and the legal professionals and clients expend hundreds of hours by solving problems on the physical plane.

But that doesn’t begin to touch on the:


A great thing about being able to transcending your legal, financial and relationship challenges is not having to dip into your savings or go into considerable debt. And the shame and guilt is kept to a minimum.

Once you step into this process of clarity and concentrated mental and emotional positive focus, Get Out Of Hot Water Fast clients begin to witness the amazing fluidity in which desired, helpful things seem to become naturally available to them including unexpected; helpers, money, opportunities, gifts, toys, raises, more clients, recognition, support, renewed joy and fulfillment and increased synchronicities.

“We’re about twice as motivated to avoid loss as we are to achieve success and gain, so we have to work much harder to focus on what we want to create, and not get distracted by fear and anxiety.” –Eban Pagan, Internet Marketing Maven

And unwanted distractions and headaches seem to go once you have a way to consciously turn yourself into a fast mental and emotional filter. This means you can immediately go, “This is a fit and that’s a time, money and emotionally draining distraction.” Can’t you just you hear the, ”THAT WAS EASY” button.

How costly are mental and emotional distractions? For starters they could easily steal your focus, deactivate sound judgment, deplete resources, offend and misinterpret communication, waste money and set you back on your desired path. At least, I’ve certainly experienced that in my own personal and professional life.

How can you turn yourself into a magnetic tuning fork for what you want and get help avoiding these distractions? After all the “crazy makers” around you that are directly or in directly making your life a crazy mess- there are also hypnotic distractions that deplete your time, health, confidence, resources and money.

Instead of trying to mend the broken pieces, step away from the madness of the crisis or setbacks at hand and do something pleasant and joyful that distracts you and gives you something positive and enjoyable.

Easier said than done. However the beauty of Get Out Of Hot Water Fast is you are more apt to stay out of troubled waters in the future with better tools for more quickly attracting and identifying desirable opportunities as well as getting alerted when this isn’t a good fit. So not only the people involved get helped now, but from this point forward so are you, as long as you follow the step-by-step process.

While the majority of the world is scrambling to physically make things happen, including fixing legal, financial and relationship problems that have spun out of control, others have succeeded and failed at using; hypnosis, prayer, affirmations, goal setting and meditation to focus their attention on their desires. However an ingredient often missing by the participants of these modalities that needs to be shared if you want to make good use of this training is:


So, how could pure focused thought move mountains and collapse time like the gurus preach? There are people touting the power of something called “law of attraction” but I never found anyone or thing that could help me purely focus my thoughts on my desired outcome without getting distracted during meditation. And when I tried “I AM” affirmations that stated qualities of health wealth and happiness it seemed to turn up the volume and trigger my nasty inner critic. You know the voice that is quick to chime in “That’s not me yet.” “Stop kidding yourself.” “You can get by with what you have.” “Others are so much worse off.” “Who do you think you are teaching this stuff on Getting Out Of Hot Water Fast?”… “Just because it worked for your previous clients in the last decade, does not mean you should stake your reputation on it?” Ungrateful little…! (Can you just see Homer Simpson grabbing his son Bart’s throat?) That seems to happen to me when I attempt to sit and meditate and say the traditional “I AM” affirmations.


I wanted a way to bypass the Inner Critic and be able to test-drive this ideal best-case scenario that my clients and I were after with our relationships, careers, families and finances before investing any more precious time, money or energy.

And I wanted a specific measurable system that could track the success of the desire or specific, measurable results we intended.

My background as massage therapist and student of acupressure/ oriental medicine starting while I was officially still in high school but had finished my senior courses the first semester gave me the perspective to observe the body and notice how thoughts and emotions created and released pain stored in the body.

(When people called me intuitive, I often smiled remembering what my IT husband Jason said, “I’m not so much intuitive as I am good a noticing patterns.” (It’s just like a computer engineer to say that. I know he’s good at both.)

Well, I was certainly noticing pattern in the way people moved, talked, smelled, (yes, it’s an oriental medicine five element thing.) People would come in for a massage and feel great after 60 or 90 minutes and then come back a week or a month later with the same aches and pains and complaints.

I began to listen to their stories and pay attention to patterns in their voice, posture, pace and movement that hindered or liberated the flow of their energy.

Here are some Oriental Medical patterns that indicate energetic strengths and weaknesses in the body, often detected before visible western medical conditions.

Now I suggest you don’t go up to your uncle Pete and strike up a conversation that he has excessive wood because he is often angry, complains about his liver from years of drinking and he smells a bit rancid. 😉

You might be wondering what nudged me into combining my love for story telling, theater and the healing arts. My initial process back in 1997 in my early 20’s evolved from an exercise I learned at a community theater class Mom and I took near her home in Sarasota Florida called “Walk About” perhaps referencing the aborigines in Australia. This final drama exercise of the evening that the audience/ participants witnessed was astounding.

First the female teacher/director had a seasoned male actor walk in a wide circle on stage. Then she told him how she wanted him shift his posture so that he took on qualities that were different from his own. The director would say, “Walk with a limp.” “Drag your leg.” “Slow down your pace.” After a minute or so, “Ok, good, carry a bloody knife in your hand.”

After the actor got comfortable in his new body he stood front and center and the audience members took turns row by row asking him “Yes” or “No” questions asking what ever came to our minds: “Are you a professional?” “Do you take pride in your work?” “Do you have a dog?” “Are you a hunter?” “Do you have a secret?” Then after the audience question period was over the actor resumed his tailored walk on the stage. On a subconscious level the actor during his ”walk about” had already absorbed and integrated these physical, mental and emotional qualities of his new character and stage presence.

Then the director told the actor to stop walking and come front and center again and share his story. What happened was nothing short of spell binding. I sat there thinking he must have taken months to create, develop and rehearse the subtle nuisances of his spellbinding monologue. In fact, his new posture and identity had been created on the spot. Our questions and director’s guidance created his subconscious focus, which spontaneously spilled out of his lips.

Mom and I tried the same exercise over sushi that night taking turns as the “director” and “subject” asking “Yes” or “No” questions. Right before my very eyes I witnessed my unrehearsed mother emerge as a convincing world renowned French director without any pause or break in her monologue.”

When I returned home to Philadelphia, PA after visiting Mom, I eagerly began to share this theater exercise like a fun parlor trick at parties. Shy and unsuspecting participants suddenly took on these new personas, maybe with a little less gravitas as the seasoned actor in Florida. Yet they still spoke convincingly of their new identity without any prompting during their monologue game that was thrust upon them by this budding “Walk About” enthusiast.

Sometime early in this fun process when given the opportunity to teach a continuing education workshop at “A Day For All Women” at the local college it hit me, “If participants could channel a made up character, what would happen if they were directed to generate a deeper part of themselves or dream come true persona. Could this be achieved just by shifting the way they moved, thought and felt?” Now this was exciting! (And this was a decade before I ever took training to be a coach) And that’s when the process became “Walk About For The Soul”. Then I had thirty women in my networking group pay me for a half hour acupressure shiatsu massage that included a half hour “Walk About For The Soul” session.

First I asked my subject, “What area of your life would you like to experience more love, health, abundance, joy, success, intimacy, support…?” The subjects usually told me about their challenges and I guided them back to the initial question. Then I directed them in a new body posture (which I was intimate with after their fully clothed acupressure treatment), and walk that brought to life their desired experience. The “Yes” or “No” question helped them make intuitive choices form their new physical perspective and they couldn’t waiver on a “Maybe”. In this new mental, emotional and physical state they had the opportunity to step out of their limited perspective and test drive their newly clarified ideal experience, and role play themselves in that happy, resolved relationship, having a booming remodeling business and 28 other new “happily-ever-after” stories.

A month later I casually checked back with my test subjects at the networking meeting and the complaints and dissatisfaction that were so present at the beginning of our “Walk About For The Soul” session were untraceable in their present conversation.

I made a big mistake during these first waive of free sessions.

Even though their updates were filled with market improvements that matched the new stories we created during our time together: The financial, career and relationship issues that we addressed in their thirty-minute sessions had become non-issues. The only problem was these subjects vaguely remembered our session and didn’t remember sharing their painful before story. In fact they didn’t recognize the shift or credit our time together with their new thriving, positive outlook. Does a change occur in a client if they don’t remember the change agent or that the pain was so central in their lives?

I loved helping clients compose their ideal success story, that snap shot or 3D Holodeck, a holographic environment simulator, (for you Star Trek fans) at the end of their victorious journey. Over the last 17 years the process for helping clients step into a new reality has been gradually less physical and more mentally and emotionally focused during private or group calls and live groups. (Except when Scripting for Success participants get really stuck and then I have them walk around to more fully get into that new desired space to test-drive their new reality.) Usually we can achieve the same results crafting their success script. My first business mentor was the one who acknowledged that I helped people by “Scripting For Success” which has became my company name and process. Thanks Beth Meininger!

That leads me to the key element of this whole “scripting” system, that helps the subconscious focus on what already feels good and allows for more expansion or attraction of that desired experience and feeling. The more we use all of our senses to focus the conscious and subconscious the more experience our desires.

According to Wikipedia, “The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.” According to pioneers of the law of attraction training it takes “68 seconds of pure-belief to equal to 2 million man-action hours“ -Abraham-Hicks” SAY WHAT?!!!

The power of the Success Script:

So, how do you control your focus to last 68 seconds of pure concentrated thought? “SQUIRREL!” to quote the talking dog in Pixar’s movie “UP”. That’s 1-2 commercials. One way is through this powerful…

Gift #1 – Focusing Tool:

Success Headlines have become the way to direct universal energy, and meditative statements that summon that universal power greater than one’s self to feel more love, joy, peace, acceptance, appreciation, trust, clarity and connection with the divine.

Gift #2 – Generating Focused Power:

The statement and story or “Success Headline” and “Success Script” as it’s affectionately called, draws the energy from around you and quickly allows you to focus the same energy on anything you want or wish in your own life that is causing mentally and emotionally distressing experiences. And the more you read this script the more powerful of a filter for distractions and magnet for desirable opportunities you become. I’m going to show you how to write this script (to feel good), thus syncing your inner and outer worlds.

Gift #3 – Mental And Emotional Focusing Tool

Often missed in prayer, meditation, affirmations and goal setting, the “Success Headline” and “Success Script” helps to generate the necessary Mental and Emotional focus to acknowledge one’s connection to “higher power” or the “present moment”. Or another way to put it is: the more you engage your senses, imagination and mental and emotional experience the more this vehicle for the intelligent force that guides our life matches our outside Hollodeck with our inner one. And the quickest way to measure when our inner and outer worlds are in syn is through the “scripting process” which also brings the brain and the body together, to help people release their emotional and mental concerns.

With the help of this mental and emotionally focused “success script” the mind and body are synchronized, achieving harmony and peace from the inside. In the mist of the raging storm such focus has been used to assist in the transformation of such disorders: depression, fear, panic, sadness, anger, and nervousness. It can also be used for cleansing the mind and spirit, and has been very effective for eliminating bad habits or addictions.

Gift #4 – Transcending Time And Space

This “scripting process” focuses on what feels good and is already running well in the subject’s life regardless of proposed past, present, and future obstacles. The mental and emotional focus that is achieved with this focusing tool helps to transcend time and distance (that gave the illusion of pending doom and problems). This personally engineered “success script” is used for healing traumas brought about by events in the past with out the burden of extensive psychiatric or medical treatment.

Gift #5 – Restoring Balance

The “success script” and “success headline” helps to unblock energy and balance it so it can easily flow through a person.

Gift #5 – Claiming Master Of Your Reality

While challenging things do happen to well-intended people, this ongoing scripting process helps to unblock energy and balances and redirect the energy to flow more easily through a person. This tool to focus mental and emotional intensions has the ability to reduce the intensity of the pain, and when applied sufficiently has caused the pain to disperse completely.

How Long Does This Transformation Take?

SPOON BOY: Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.

NEO: What truth?

SPOON BOY: There is no spoon.

NEO: There is no spoon?

SPOON BOY: Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.


How many hours are needed to create significant results?

“Researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.” – Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author of Blink, The Tipping Point, and The Outliers

Before we get into the proper mechanics of creating such a statement, one of my most frequently asked questions is, “How often do you read the script?” Let me answer that by sharing the power of pure concentrated thought and let you decide.

17 seconds of pure belief = 2,000 man-action hours
34 seconds of pure belief 2,000 X 10 = 20,000 man-action hours
51 seconds of pure belief 20,000 X 10 = 200,000 man-action hours
68 seconds of pure belief 200,000 X 10 = 2,000,000 man-action hours

That would explain why my clients and workshop audience get such fast results transcending their financial, legal and relationship challenges when they finally suspend disbelief and just focus on the success script that makes them feel good when they read it out loud.

It’s one thing to read the concepts in Get Out Of Hot Water Fast and quite another to, uncover the blocks that prevent you from quickly stepping into your “happily-ever-after”, “best case scenario” stories. (That’s why group support and private mentoring has been so powerful for my miracle makers in getting out of hot water in 30 days or less.) Continue to read my tricks of the trade married from my unique perspective.

Again, I ask you, how many hours are needed to create significant results?

“Love conquers all”

I can only tell you the steps and give you an overview of the training that helps people who want to: save years of therapy and turn around the conversations in their chattering minds, focus intensions on what they truly desire and help people be in a state of pure positive thought long enough to shift from fear to love. So the miracle is measured from the time you are in a place of fear to a place of love.

One of the most powerful exercises I have my clients do is read these stories out loud. Similar to a trained musician that can hear discord in the played notes, the same rings true in my ears when the reader of their story doesn’t fully believe parts of their story or success script. That’s when we go back and change the words that accelerate the feeling of test-driving the experience of fully embracing what they truly desire and love.

Once I convince clients/my audience to suspend doubt and belief for a few minutes and that in this story the past and future doesn’t exist, I help them find something that they can love and appreciate immediately.

This is no small feat when anxiety, fear, anger, resentment and stress grips tight on their mental and emotional focus with looming legal, relationship and financial problems.

The reason that it takes my clients, audience and workshop participants a good part of 90 minutes to make financial, legal and shifts is the first few minutes they spin their wheels describing and emotionally validating and defending the all consuming drama they feel powerless to change.

5 Reasons Why You Ought To Create A New Success Story/ Script


You are only limited by your imagination of your ideal experience.


When you read the happily-ever-after story that contains all you positive qualities and none of your fears, past mistakes or limiting beliefs it focuses the emotions and mind on what you can do well and what feels good. (Remember brushing your teeth? There are trillions of scenarios. Focus on your best scenario.)


You don’t write or read the success story to fix your life or the people and situations in it. (We’re talking purely quantum physics here. The observer affects the outcome.) We’re “fixing” our mental and emotional focus on to what we intend to be, do, have.


You create and read your script to quickly step into the mental and emotional state and discover if this story, outcome or result feel good to you or it needs tweaking.


You script is an excellent way to create new and reinforce old boundaries and standards of how want to be treated, what kind of relationships you want, how you want to communicate with others, how you want to use your time, how you want to feel in given situations and what experiences and stuff you want to enjoy. My clients carry their story or one sentence success headline in their purse or wallet and read it when they need a pick-me-up or want to prepare for a conversation or meeting.

For many years I beat myself up for manifesting what I wanted

While many of my friends were working long hours in their jobs with cool sounding titles like assistant, director and manager, I found out early on I was a n inventor, visionary and entrepreneur, and working for someone else at a desk with a set schedule day in and day out was not for me.

I found it much easier to drift off in imagination land and continue living vicariously through my short story and screenplay characters. The funny thing is they were eager to live through me as I soon found myself living these same very specific adventures that would have taken months to plan and years to save if I had done it “1. Do 2. Have 3. Be” model the status quo was trying to get us to follow.

When I was twenty-two I picked up a copy of Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which by the way was a sales letter for his book, Laws of Success. (Pretty helpful marketing copy, huh?)

In Napoleon’s book, he discusses the importance of controlling your own thoughts in order to achieve success, as well as the energy that thoughts have and their ability to attract other thoughts, a.k.a. emotions.

I did two exercises which by the way was the week I was visiting my mother in Sarasota Florida in 1997 and attended the theater class, thus planting the seeds for Scripting For Success/ Get Out Of Hot Water Fast.

Here Are The Two Exercises:

Exercise 1: State your life’s vocation.

I wrote it on the back of a napkin that my mom snatched from the server and later mailed me my rewritten words on butterfly note paper and placed in a gold frame:

My vocation in life is to: Share my healing vision of love and beauty through powerful art, writing, teaching and healing touch. –Ruth Anne Dilley, February 1997

Exercise 2: Write the amount of money you intend to have, the date you intend to receive it and what you intend to do to receive it.

I intend to receive $20,000 by birthday March 24th 1997 through my writing.

Little did I know that was the only traceable writing I did before receiving an unexpected inheritance check my from my late paternal grandfather’s estate. Needless to say this energy concentrated week of visiting my mother in Sarasota Florida shaped my path for years to come.

But here’s the rub,

The problem was when I went to those countless networking and marketing events it took me a while to explain everything I did. I was somewhat jealous of my husband who had a five second intro, “Hi, I’m Jason Wood and I’m a website designer with my own company Immersion Technology.”

“Oh really, I just started a business and could really use one of those.”

“I want to work with someone who can quickly help me focus on what’s going well in my life and have fun helping me transcend my legal, financial and relationship challenges really fast. Ruth, do you know anyone who can help me?”

As a matter of fact I know just the gal! 😉

For one prospect, I would tell them I was a “massage therapist”. The next “I helped people write, publish and market books”, another I told them “I helped people solve relationship challenges…”, ALL TRUE WITH SATISFYING, AGREED UPON RESULTS. I would watch my supportive husband’s loving eyes get wider across the room.

And the real kicker was I had everything I wanted yet I felt guilty that I hadn’t worked hard trading hours for dollars to earn what I had jotted down in my journals. It wasn’t until years later when I heard something to the effect:

“Charge the most for what comes to you the easiest” – Suzanne Evans

For me it way helping people focus on what felt good in their lives and get them to a place to transcend seemingly insurmountable mental, emotional and physical legal, financial and relationship challenges.

Then again, I’ve easily given away hundreds of Get Out Of Hot Water Sessions mixed in with my casual conversations not realizing I would help so many people save so much precious time, money and energy. I admit I had to learn to balance the bohemian, artist, healer part of me (that survived a year our of a back pack, watched my mom all the time doing major financial and career enhancing favors for people for her friends for free. So I tended to under value my offerings because they were fast, easy and long lasting.)

The amazing part was when I started to see all the stuff I was under valuing this gave me tremendous insight to help my baby boomer clients ages 51+ who too on average had been giving away somewhere between $200,000-$500,000 of goods, services, free expertise, labor, free places to live, unpaid over time, unreimbursed care for ailing loved one, working for the family business, giving away valuable services to business partners and prospects…

The cool part was when my clients started to tally all the unpaid value they had given the world we had suddenly unleashed a gold mine of untapped abundance that we could use to open the flood gates of more opportunities, unexpected financial gifts, significant savings, increased perceived value. Soon I was helping professionals making $100/ hours attract clients that paid $8,000 and $30,000 when 30 days earlier these people had debt that were in the 4-5 digits. Clients paying me 10% of their desired income and saving celebrated their new awareness of how fear, resentment, anger, frustration, unworthiness, guild, shame had previously blocked them from creating record profits and more easily attracting the people, places and things that matched their happily-ever-after success scripts.


How far did this Scripting passion of mine go?

I would write award-winning stories about things I thought were cool and began to notice fiction merge with reality. My hang gliding heroine August created video glasses for a science fair in a short story I wrote in 5th grade. Thanks Google Glass and Japanese Inventors who finally created their version of my “Colored Glasses” which I wrote about in 5th and then a 9th grade screenplay.

I wanted a tele-communications system to chat with family and friends which I wrote about in the story that featured two female cousins; one living in a space station and the other on Earth. Thanks Skype and Google Hangout.

I got to experience hang gliding three times and had that déjà vu feeling as I recalled my female protagonist August’s hang gliding in Colored Glasses. August’s high school friend Julie won a marine biology scholarship to exotic lands her senior year. Thanks high school Environmental club who unexpectedly chose me to represent the school in an all expense paid scholarship to study Conservation Leadership at Penn State between my junior and senior year.

Then Tutu (Hawaiian for grandmother), that traveled to over fifty countries before 85 gifted me an unexpected cruise of a lifetime to Indonesia for 20 days including the lands of the Komodo Dragons and Bali. This was a few years after I wrote about Julie in the short story Colored Glasses winning a “special expedition”. The tour company incidentally was called: you guessed it, “Special Expeditions”.

In 9th grade my very encouraging English/Science teacher dubbed me “The Writer Of Our Lives” (which by the way is one of my more cherished accolades), when what I wrote about in English class occurred in science lab days later when everyone struggling to figure out how to inflate a balloon in a glass flask with a straw the previous class all figured it out within five minutes of each other, like monkey ninety-nine. Mr. Lamm caught himself echoing the words of praise of the teacher in my short story and reported this to the class when he shared his journal entry a day later. Upon hearing this, a classmate asked me to write him a story about him winning the lottery and I told Ryan it didn’t work that way. I was yet to discover the science behind how to manifest through my intentional, mental and emotionally focused writing.

In high school I was offered a teen column in a holistic Lifestyle magazine called Visions and turned it down using the excuse that I didn’t feel I had enough life-experience even after living away from home 8th and 9th grade. A deficit in life experience was about to change.

I wrote three college applications for studies in the arts, writing and humanities but never mailed them. I didn’t want to be like my mom who graduated an English major from Texas U and Dad with and Engineering degree form MIT who ended up getting a divorce and not living happily-ever-after (despite doing “the right things”.

I also didn’t want to be stuck working in the same field all my life for someone else and figured if I was meant to be a transformational, sci-fi adventure writer I would find my way. Shortly after I returned in tenth grade public school when the Connecticut boarding school closed for lack of funding my parents split up. I moved out of my childhood home a mile away to my mom’s rented rancher closer to the center of town. That’s when I met my high school sweet heart “Tex” with a cowboy hat, moustache, motorcycle and a GED.

My senior year instead of going directly to college, five days after I returned from a twenty-day once of a life time luxury Indonesia trip that my grand mother had gifted me, I worked at a holistic summer camp called Omega Institute for adults that featured some of the best selling authors and luminaries I would later interview fifteen years later in my LiveYourPeace.com and JVattraction podcasts.

It was while doing house keeping at Omega and living in a tent I came up with curriculum for my ten week creativity workshop called, “Jammu’ With Your Inner Elves” following Vicky Noble’s Mother Piece tarot archetypes. This is the basis of some of the creative activities I have my clients use to Get Out Of Hot Water Fast.

Then I found myself taking a month long road trip to Boise Idaho with a girl friend who had just returned from a native American rally with two years of college under her belt. Our trip together turned into a ten-month odyssey living out of a backpack and relying on the kindness of strangers. After I finally settled down in a nice rental with a mom, dad and teenager to be “safer than living in a tent over looking the north shore in Oahu, the mom chased me around with a kitchen knife and stole my lap top for crystal meth. It was around this time my parents sent me a ticket back to the suburbs of Philadelphia. I begrudgingly got back together with my high school sweet heart after he returned from Fort Sill basic training in Alabama training to be a missile repair engineer. During a majority of this relationship we were using my college money to fix up a HUD repo that previous owners had raised cats dogs and chicken. While I loved “Tex’s” since of adventure, strength and great story telling we were lacking in the spiritual compatibility department a part of me that could easily access miracles and had gone dormant for years.

Then when I was 27 I was given a copy of “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and the first agreement “Be impeccable with your word”, hit home. I realized the part of myself I cherished the most was being stuffed in a spiritual closet. With in a month I ended the relationship with the high school sweetheart. This turned out to be the best, closest time I had with Tex as I made a commitment to always be impeccable with my word even if I was afraid of my loved one’s reaction/ judgment. Many miracles came pouring out of me as I did my best to share insights, premonitions of the man who had been my world and best friend for a decade.

In my new single life at 27 I had been doing senior homecare for five years and was trying to get my shiatsu massage practice off the ground. One day a friend sent an email announcing Marianne Williamson’s latest book, Every Day Grace.

That week I complained to my mom who had since moved further away to her childhood range in Austin Texas, that this best selling author had written the book I wanted to write about magic and synchronicities and that Harry Potter wasn’t the only one with magical powers. Being the ever-supportive mom and English major she suggested I write my own book.

I reminded her I had just moved out on my own, resigned from my senior homecare job just before my ailing client in her 80’s had croaked, with a month expenses in my checking account. Plus I was an Aries with a new idea for a book, project or invention every couple of days, (this was before they labeled people with ADD attracted to bright shiny objects so liberally.)

How was I possibly going to stay focused on writing a book while looking for a job or getting my intended career as a massage therapist off the ground? Mom reminded me I could get others to help me. That was in February and by May 9, 2003 I was standing next to Marianne Williamson at my interfaith church fundraiser that hired Marianne to speak for $10,000 and thanking her for inspiring my first compilation book with 25 co-authors who paid me to edit and publish their essays in an ebook called, Abundant Magical Lives; Insight For Passionate People. Marianne laughed when she read my friend Richard McLaughlin’s essay on teaching troubled youth called “Chicken Shit For The Soul”.

That was my first taste of helping people write and publish books and I rather liked it, (says the founder of JVattracton.com a free networking community for authors and coaches to cross promote and announce product launches.)

Less than two years later I met my husband Jason who was a 29/30 match on my “Meet My Life Partner” wish list, (the one I wrote in therapy before ending the high school relationship and discovering I only had a third of what I wanted. Jason got upgraded to my 30/30 man after we started Immersion Technology his own web design business and could have the level of integrity and service he craved at his last employer.

Jason and I met on the exact day I had written my guest book: April 2004, less than two months earlier. What inspired the journal entry? The excitement of going to house sit a mansion owned by the current president of a well know soft drink company with four other single gals inspired a quick drawing which included:

“The faintest writing is stronger than the strongest memory” –Chinese Proverb

Our four names with male ♂ and female ♀ symbols next to them and quick sketches of couples kissing on the beach and giving each other massages.)

The trip got postponed till September of that year but the energy of a relationship was certainly there for me. The day I met Jason I had made the conscious decision I was going to move on after two years since I broke up with the eight-year relationship. (I had casually dated but knew I hadn’t found the one.) After my shift doing massage at the chiropractors, I went to the mall and returned the ex’s Christmas present, PJ bottoms that could fit three of me. They had laid in the corner of my closet with its sales tags still on it for over three months. I traded those unflattering pajama pants in for some sexy Victoria Secret underwear. Then I trimmed up my pixie hair cut (I had chopped off my long hair just before leaving the high school sweetheart as a going into battle, doing something that scared me, act of courage.) at the salon and bought myself a heart necklace encircled with diamonds on them, all as a demonstration to the universe of how I wanted to be treated.

My roommate Janelle dragged me out on a Thursday night for Karaoke at Finney’s Bar. I ended having the best single date ever, watching Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore and eating dinner at the bar. My roommate was off socializing and attempting to fulfill her plan to meet every eligible bachelor and settle down in two years. My plan was to turn down every attempt she had to fix me up with one of her “sloppy seconds” and bump into the right guy. Plus I was finally getting to know and love my new life and myself with my first co-authored book on the market, Abundant Magical Lives; Insights For Passionate People and my new Scripting For Success business.

I even joked that I hadn’t gotten an April Fool’s joke all day. But that was to come. My husband and I like to joke that we meet around 11:11. I had just played my best game of pool ever, sinking three of pool balls in the pockets after a month of practicing what I had learned from watching Cruise and Newman in “The Color Of Money”.

I saw two well dressed gentlemen sitting at the bar stool and brimming with confidence after the pool game I went over and started talking to this one guy David who had recognized me from seven years earlier as “Miss Ruth” when I worked at a pre-school. I hadn’t remembered David but surely knew his charismatic Tony Robins like cousin who visited once a week to teach the excited pre-schoolers gymnastics. Wow what a memory.

Then David introduced me to his neighbor Jason who happened to be drinking a Blue Moon on a blue moon. My girl friend who dragged me out to Finney’s bar that night and I enjoyed talking to these guys so much during karaoke night that we invited them back to our apartment after the bar closed for Red Baron pizza. Did I mention Janelle and I lived on Wood street and Jason Wood lived in an apartment three minute walk from mine in the alley that walked past the very same row of Victorian houses I said I wanted to live near when I decided to move back to my home town eight months earlier? In my “Meet My Life Partner” wish list I wrote. “He loves to cook!” I should have written he loves to cleanup. 😉 “We are mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and economically compatible.”

I wanted a partner who loved adventure, spirituality, people and travel and had a clean-shaven face and wonderful speaking voice. Speaking of travel since 2005 our honeymoon in Italy in July 2005 we’ve travel to England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Portugal, Spain, France and Mexico and hosted and stayed with over 40 people around the world through CouchSurfing.org.

In one of my success scripts I wrote a mock event bio with a line up of ideal marketing gurus I intended to speak on the same stage. I placed my picture and talk title, bio and description among theirs on my computer. Within a year I was giggling as I found myself the last person to come back from lunch setting on panel during a business “hot seat” make over session right next to one of those six “gurus” I had in my mega super cool mock dream team speaking event.

So NOT having the 9-5 J.O.B. and dropping out of community college my third semester hasn’t stopped me from manifesting what I want, in fact I’m only restricted by my negative emotions and limited imagination.

Text Box: That’s why I’m such an evangelist for people quickly getting results. That’s why I’m such an evangelist for people quickly focusing on what they want, NOT what they think is possible. And being spoiled in the massage industry where people feel transformed in 90 minutes or less I wanted those same quick results in my Scripting For Success, Get Out Of Hot Water Fast sessions.

Oh and as you can probably guess I’m very visual, kinesthetic and empathetic. I don’t like to see or feel people’s pain so I wanted something my clients could benefit from right away and apply to all areas of their lives during and in between sessions.

Here’s a big one: I wanted people to be able to save tons of time, money and energy using my services and thrive myself. That’s when I started applying the mind, body, spirit stuff I was using as a licensed massage therapist and wellness consultant. When people started crying unexpectedly on the table I seriously wanted to shut them up and feel good quickly so we could get on with them enjoying the massage. A bit self-serving I know. Hey, I’m not big on conflict or talk therapy. So I created a process that once you understand the steps and trust the mental, emotional and physical science it works like a charm.

“In string theory, all particles are vibrations on a tiny rubber band; physics is the harmonies on the string; chemistry is the melodies we play on vibrating strings; the universe is a symphony of strings, and the ‘Mind of God’ is cosmic music resonating in 11 dimensional hyperspace.”- String field theory co-founder Michio Kaku

What Is The Scripting Process?

Step 1

Stated earlier, I ask my clients where they want more positive qualities and experiences in their life such as more joy, fulfillment, peace, confidence, health, security, adventure, passion, abundance…

Step 2

Our conversation about more positive experiences they desire is often interrupted by painful; financial, legal or relationship problem they have. It’s my job to get a brief overview, reading on the client’s focus without getting bogged down by their dramatic sob story, and move as quick as possible to Step 3.

Step 3

Our conversation helps them transcend the problem like an alien spaceship air lifting them and their vehicle over a traffic jam. (I was going to use helicopter in this scenario but realized it wouldn’t adequately convey the supernatural quality of this momentous occasion.) Think about, “If the past or the current circumstances were not issues what outcome would you want?” I usually have to repeat the question a couple times because they are still in defense reactive mode of trying to fix the problem using the same mindset that got them in the jam in the first place. Make Einstein proud.

(I distinctly remember this dumbfounded reaction when a dear friend and client called me late into the evening and told me her business was unexpectedly being audited the next morning. She was franticly organizing legal documents and tax statements. We spent the majority of our time using our imagination considering the best-case scenarios to this tax nightmare. After letting her go on about the shock of the incident, it was my job to help her shift her emotions and story from a place of anger and fear to love, playfulness and gratitude.)

In fact many new “Hot Water” clients haven’t considered what their life would be like if this entire time, money and energy sucking challenge disappeared. The wall they were leaning on or spoon they were holding suddenly disappeared. While I am a business strategist who can walk them through the marketing, income generating steps, I find this a tedious, most often wasted task of trying to come up with action steps to “fix” the problem until we get them out of mental and emotional hot water. We can do all the strategic planning in the business, financial growth phase, not in the emergency, see no way out phase.

Step 4

Around this time we take inventory of A.) What is working in their life right now, B.) Some victories they’ve had in the past on any topic, and/or C.) If they can’t think of any victories or things going well, then we turn to role models in the media, books, movies and borrow their personality and mental and emotional strengths. (Remember the actor in the Walk About shifting his persona and story?) We start to create a statement that reflects the best possible outcome for the situation. We don’t need to know the steps, we just need to know that it feels right. Then we create a statement that might be read in the newspaper after my client’s victory.

The next day the frantic business owner told me that during their morning’s meeting the tax auditor discovered he had made an accounting error and deeply apologized. I was relieved for the dear friend and that my Get Out Of Hot Water Fas” success ratings remained in high standings. 😉

Step 5

Now let’s discuss how you know your success script is an energetic match to the results you desire. The best way I can describe this testing step, to know if your success headline is an energetic match to your desired outcome is the following: When you read the headline or your story out loud to yourself, or to a friend or mentor, you get this tingly feeling all over your body as if you were actually reading that dream come true headline about yourself in the news. (Of course there is a way to craft this statement that is more powerful than affirmations and prayer in outwitting that conscious and subconscious inner critic, and I promised some guidelines to help you achieve this.)

Success Script Guidelines

(This is just one of the powerful “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast” tool!)

1. Write the success script in third person using “he”, “she”, “they” “it” pronouns.

2. Leave out any specific names of a person, company and only describe their desirable qualities. These qualities can be unique to your dream person, company, equipment, opportunity, JUST LEAVE OUT THE NAME. This is so you focus your attention on what you want while being open for something better/ more ideal that comes along.

This process doesn’t work to manipulate or fix the person, place or thing, just to help focus on the best part of what you want (the positive qualities).

(Within weeks of my client finally taking out his ex’s name in the relationship story, that included the code title he cleverly inserted in her name’s place, he was introduced to his fast to be engaged fiancée that matched his description more completely. In fact a mutual friend saw his script and introduced the now happy couple.)

3. Write it in past tense as if the event already occurred or your life is already set up the way you want it with the situation resolved and your reward already delivered.

(This is where some of the “Get Out Of Hot Water Fast kicks into high gear.)

It’s essential that you remove or leave out certain words from your story that blocks your ideal result. These are what I call TRANSITION WORDS. These aren’t what your English teacher told you to use to connect one idea to the next although it’s suggested you use those too in your communication.

These are the words or statements that put “roadblocks” or “detours” to your desired results because it adds steps along the way to goal. These words indicate that you aren’t where you want to be yet.

Even though our brains process 400 Billion bits of information a second, things go more in our favor when we can notify what bits of information we consider important to our desired end result.

That’s why we use the success scripts to help filter out distractions and focus in on the snapshot at the end of the race or climb to the top of the summit. With this scripting preparation our brain, which thinks in pictures and emotions, can process data that’s relevant to our pre-written story.

Eliminate these TRANSITION words: “was in the process of”, “was going to”, “had made plans to” “after she got money for” these and any other statements that have you doing something before you get what you want. Leave out the process in the script. Don’t try to figure out the steps to getting what you want in this particular exercise. Just write how you feel when you have everything you want and after all the steps are complete. Leave the strategy and 10,000 man hours up to higher power.

Transition words are tricky buggers because at first read it appears that these descriptions are staged in the past tense and already happened. On closer examination note that you have to do something before you get the result you want. Why make extra work for yourself?

And while we’re on the topic, please leave out, “Then I got a grant proposal interview for my dream job traveling to the Arctic, Subarctic, tundra, boreal and mountainous regions saving the endangered Caribou who were more of a threat to the endangered plant life. I’m waiting any day to receive my grant approval.

In that statement you have to get through the interview and grant process before you get the results you want. You are also speaking ill of the Caribou who you are about to form an intimate working relationship.

Instead describe what happened after all the resources were in place and you are standing in the field with the majestic prize before you, leaving out the details of how it happened. Tell the story of how wonderful you feel working alongside the Caribou among the beautiful wildlife.


“Ground Breaking Work By Passionate Wildlife Expert Positively Transforms Rejuvenated Caribou Community”

4. The most important element of your one sentence news success headline or detailed success story is including lots of emotion to convey how you feel when you are living your happily-ever-after victory.

Why is emotion such a key element in the story or headline? It’s your GPS, roadmap and guidance to system in this entire Get Out Of Hot Water Fast System.

My clients are grateful after they inserted positive emotions in their business plans. That way they could quickly identify their ideal vendors, joint venture partners, supporters, employees and profitable opportunities upon the first meeting by the way they felt meeting them. When these new opportunities and connections come along that match your story you can compare how you feel at your first encounter with the way you feel reading your success script out loud. If you don’t get that déjà vu, I read, saw or heard this somewhere, electricity coursing through your veins feeling that you felt when you wrote your success script then that means a better opportunity is just around the corner or go back and tweak the script till you feel that surge of live coursing through your veins.

(One of my first Scripting For Success subjects, a professor with two PhDs in Psychology was having an awful time dating after his divorce. Within five minutes of our unexpected first time meeting at Starbucks I pointed out he was dating the same women over and over again that pressed his buttons and that’s why he didn’t make it to the second date. Within 60 minutes we had a new relationship script for him, which left out all the words, and statements that blocked the flow of meeting his ideal women. 14 days later he excitedly check in with me letting me know that he had two amazing, gorgeous, professional women that matched his success script that were just as crazy into him. I told him he was a powerful manifestor and to make his success script more specific. When I bumped into them at the park a couple years later the winning gal and client still looked like they were thrilled with each other. I got formally introduced as the one who helped bring them together.) Which reminds me…

Take out QUALIFIYING WORDS. These include idioms: “kind of” “sort of”. You want to use words that are crystal clear in describing what you want. Don’t confuse, misinterpret or slow down the scripting processes. That’s why peppering your success headlines and success scripts with strong positive emotions are helpful in eliminating grey area, vague statements.

When I first sat the professor down to write about his ideal mate, he was so use to meeting woman that weren’t a match that I could tell he was settling for the safe “request” or script. For example he said, “I want a woman that’s kind of good looking.” I stopped him right there. “Man, kind of? How about “she was a hot, sexy, gorgeous professional woman who made me feel like a young man,” I schooled. “I can ask for that?” he sounded surprised. “Absolutely,” I encouraged, it’s your happily-ever-after story.”

Step 5

I tell my clients to read this statement NOT TO FIX ANYTHING just to test drive that energy or feelings, (as you would your dream car at the dealers).

Reread the statement anytime you want to feel good and remind yourself of your new focus/ end result.

How do you know if your statement is the right one for you?

We are all tuning forks and filters of reality. (See String Theory)

Where do people get stuck in this process when they try to solve legal, relationship or financial problems alone?

1. People get very emotional describing the relationship, financial or legal problems and come from a place of fear, anger, being stuck, rage, hopelessness, depression, helplessness, pending doom, regret, self pity, shock, shame and sadness.

2. People have trouble stepping out of the fear and the seriousness of the current legal, financial and/or relationship drama in their lives. They blame others and feel trapped on this path. They don’t yet understand how using their imagination or understand the power of having fun to create a new best-case scenario, miracles, shifts from fear to love.

What is needed for the miracle to shift from fear to love?

This comes about from stepping out of the current drama and coming from a place of playfulness, joy, excitement, delight, love, celebration and emotions one feels when the best case scenario is fully experienced. Since the future is always in the future and the present is all we have, the best we can do is trick our awareness in thinking it’s living a happy, rewarding best case scenario. In this Get Out Of Hot Water Fast session people get to test drive and step into the experience of what it’s like to experience what they desire. Sometimes during this test drive clients discover what they thought they wanted doesn’t feel right. Talk about a great way to save tons of time, money and energy not going down that previously intended path.


(At first people find it difficult and ridiculous to pretend everything is amazing or going to be fine when they have focused on regret for the past and fear of the future. Yet that is the first step to make the shift towards creating a financial, relationship or legal miracle.)

3. Once people have the opportunity to get clear on their best case scenario and get in touch with their ideal feelings in that experience- it’s time to create a story or a news headline to help anchor in the ideal results in the person’s mind, body and spirit. This is a statement I created that reflects the best possible outcome for the subject in the situation. The statement is designed to help you feel great and connect with these happily-ever-after emotions that are present when you get your dream come true results (which your emotions perceive is happening right now). The statement is not designed to fix the situation. It’s just designed for the subject to feel good when reading it.

Unlike affirmations that state: I AM… the Get Out Of Hot Water Fast statement is created in such a way that bypasses the ego mind that’s good at arguing, “That’s not me yet.” “ I Am not wealthy” “I am in financial and legal trouble”, “That’s impossible.” “I can never get those miracle results.” “Things are too messed up to fix.” “I’m doomed.” “I don’t have the money, energy, time or resources to fix that”, “My awful legal, financial and relationship fate is sealed.”

Why the “Get Out OF Hot Water Fast” process works:

In every moment there are over a trillion possibilities for your next future moment. This includes the everyday task of brushing your teeth. You might do it basically the same way each time, yet you don’t have to. You could brush your teeth right after bungee jumping. It’s up to you to decide what feelings, thoughts, and conversations to focus on in every given moment. (Ryan Stewman a millionaire at 24 told me during a LiveYourPeace.com interview that every morning he does a happy dance in the mirror the get emotionally pumped for the day.) You might have seen the pre-schooler on youtube do the amazing happy dance in the mirror every morning.

The new stories and news headlines we co-create in the beginning of our mentor, client relationship are designed to help you focus your mind body and spirit on a new set of conversations, feelings, choices, opportunities that you had not considered in previous moments.

We loose our power when we react out of fear and base our decisions on our current unfortunate reality. Choose instead to positively impact rather than react.

We gain our power when we use our imagination, gratitude, and focused intentions on what we truly want.

How does this affect our finances, legal issues or relationships? Since we are not in charge of fixing any of those things all we can do is focus on the things in our life that are working and feel really good. (I’m starting to feel some push back from this last comment. Go ahead in crisis mode and try to take charge.)

Instead, step out of the tug of war of trying to fix the old reality or slide back into worry and fear and “do what ever it takes to feel good.” – Abraham-Hicks

Through the Get Out Of Hot Water Process, our new “what if” playfulness is like the caterpillar inside the cocoon whose body turns from sold caterpillar to a jelly like substance with no definite form in the transformation phase. During that time we get to choose to grow our wings or stay stuck and die in the caterpillar form bound by the gravity of the current situation. Or we can choose to emerge as the butterfly that can fly above it all to a miraculous new reality.

How To Recognize and Embrace Miracles More Quickly


When you get inspired act on it. You don’t want to be the guy at the next gate when you check out of here asking the powers of be, “Why didn’t I get more help?” only to find out that the two rowboats and helicopter were meant for you. When you get an idea to call someone, send a thank you note, ask for help, reach out and it.

How Do Miracles Appear?

Financial, Legal and Relationship Miracles usually appear through opportunities with other people in the following ways:

1. People buy more from you.

2. People gift you.

3. People praise and recommend you.

4. People thank and appreciate you giving you the courage to share more.


Get inspiration from others on what miracles are possible. Go online or to your local library and watch videos, read books or listen to podcasts on people’s financial, legal and relationship victories. One book I’ve enjoyed reading while writing Get Out Of Hot Water Fast is Bouncing Back: The Life of Bill Bartmann about a guy who started out with all the disadvantages of kid growing up in poverty with lots of siblings and two parents busy working and unable to keep little Billy out of trouble. Yet living on the streets, becoming a traveling carnie, getting in gang fights, being told he’d never walk again when his back became paralyzed falling drunk down a flight of stairs as a teen, dropping out of high school and working a hog butchering factory were all fodder and valuable skill sets to make fortunes in a couple industries.

While I suggest you leave all this out of your success scripts and headlines, it’s an inspiration to read how Bill Bartmann who had epic failures and amazing success as a lawyer, real estate investor, oil man and debt collector, didn’t back down when he was faced with the same seemingly insurmountable challenges being confronted by corporate bullies; the head of labor unions, banks, IRS and big Wall Street lenders. Not only is Bouncing Back: The Life of Bill Bartmann a great read, my brain is already formulating the epic screenplay.

When you read biographies of pioneers like Bill where they are literally the David’s creating new opportunities in a world of Goliath’s, it naturally triggers some of your own bold miracle generating success headlines that may not have seemed possible rectifying your current relationship, legal and financial nightmares even a couple pages or moments earlier.

That’s one of the reasons I love interviewing captains of industry especially the natural born story tellers; best selling, high earning authors in coaches for my LiveYourPeace.com and JVattraction.com podcasts.

Myths of Getting out of Legal, Financial and Relationship Challenges

Myth number one is that Scripting For Success only works when things are going well.

Myth number two is once you are faced with scary legal, financial and relationship challenges your goose is about to be is cooked and it’s going to be a struggle to climb your way out.

If you learn anything from these Bill Bartmann pioneers of industry biographies, just when you think you are painted into a legal, financial and relationship corner with back stabbing, incompetent help that’s just before big paydays, opportunities and growth.

Myth number three is you are stuck in your current circumstances.

I noticed this early on in my marriage when Jason was in his second job out of college doing two jobs for barely enough pay for one as the lead programmer and head of the IT department managing the other programmers on top of his own work. The servers they had were hosted an hour away and after working all day Jason was expected to drive to Bethlehem and fix the servers that went down in the middle of the night. His beeper went off more times than most doctors our first two years of marriage. He no sooner put out fires in the IT department and the company would have massive growth and reoccurring income generated through Jason’s programs in the website hosting department. I suggested Jason ask for a larger stake in his bosses company and they just laughed.

These surges in growth came with bigger new problems for the hosting department that Jason seemed to handle without much sleep. Jason also didn’t like the way his last employer made contracts based on the maximum the customer could pay without consulting the staff about timelines or what was really needed. A couple Friday evenings I found Jason curled up in fetus position on the couch overwhelmed with the fires he had to extinguish that week and upcoming weekend.

I told Jason for six months, “If you are going to be in this much pain why don’t you resign and start your own company with the integrity and service you so desperately crave.” Being the pragmatism he wanted to have at least six months savings before leaping out onto his own. I reminded Jason that I had lived out of tent and occasionally slept on park benches and soup kitchens (listening to hell and brimstone sermons before a meal) so I didn’t need much to survive.

When Jason finally agreed to start Immersion Technology Inc. we went over the business plan he had wrote and I encouraged him to reword statements that reflected we were already doing this in our company rather than in some uncertain future date. This really helped Jason hit the ground running, that and taking a year long sales training course on consultative selling, where he listened to the prospect’s pain and came up with a solutions his clients wanted to solve the technical problem.

When Jason finally did resign, it took six months and three full time employees to fully replace him. On Jason’s way out the owners offered to pay Jason the salary they promised him when they first recruited Jason from his first job out of college. O.K. maybe it wasn’t that bad, but close. It was time to raise Jason’s standards.

The first thing we did was go on a ten day vacation around our wedding anniversary the week of June 18th 2007. We had friends over our house for our monthly potluck parties which we started a year earlier during our new house warming party and just kept the second Saturday parties going for a good two years. It guaranteed we got to see friends and have a much cleaner house at least once a month. As the last of our guests were sipping drinks on our patio we told them they could lock up, we were leaving for vacation at 10pm that night.

With a look of surprise we told them we had the bikes, suitcase and tents loaded on the back of the car and our first night of our adventure started an hour away in Bethlehem, PA camping on a high school for the 24 hour Relay For Life that raises money for cancer. The second and third night we camped in the Catskills and went to an international high school video festival because it was raining none-stop.

At the festival we meet one of the ladies who was painting by the lake with her nature group the previous day. Then we explored the town of Albany NY and stayed with a professor and her husband who worked as a newspaper night editor. Their baby and preschool gymnast were perfect for our first CouchSurfing.org hosts. Then we stayed with a recent college hospitality industry graduate in tents and he showed us all around the fancy Lake Placid resort community where they held the Winter Olympics in 1932.

We brought our own portable grill and cooked our gracious host a feast. Then we stayed with French Canadian in Quebec who proudly showed us his custom made home (he was about to sell after a divorce) while we dined on delicious food with lots of red wine while listening to romantic conversations understanding every sixth French word including stories with his five dear friends about the construction of his dream house including; bringing a black smith out of retirement to create iron rod spiral stair cases and getting the massive church doors that opened up to his bedroom loft and Jacuzzi tub.

Myth number four is you have to wait for others to validate you and pay your dues.

I had all these judgments about how my dreams of speaking on stage, traveling the world, working with dream clients who need fast turn arounds was going to look and feel. For a long time I wrote off my experiences a flukes including; those gurus I followed just happened to speak at a local and cross conference I was at and my amazing experience hadn’t matched my dream. The $20,000 and trip to Indonesia was given to me by family so how powerful of a manifestor am I really if I didn’t come up with the job to earn that trip and $20K on my own. The people I helped get four and five figure of additional revenue that week were already meeting with business and spiritual advisors for months so how much did our 90 minute Get Out Of Hot Water sessions really speed things along?

I had all these all these preconceived notions of what success was; a certain number of clients, work X amount of hours a week, being featured in the media and doing so many radio interviews. I even thought I wasn’t successful enough because I was only interviewing Oprah, NY Times, Forbes and Fox Business experts and not the ones featured on those shows. O.K. now we all can have a good laugh.

I also had this critical self sabotaging feeling that even though I apprenticed with top marketing and personal development leaders in the world somehow I was less than for dropping out of community college my third semester and choosing a career in health and wellness still in high school that I still love. And of course that decade and a half of helping people write and publish books online and with major publishers wasn’t as good as having a framed diploma in The Humanities, (Hey, I didn’t want to box myself in.) I mean who’s going to accept backpacking around the world, being married a decade to my best friend, helping my husband and I start and grow two successful businesses and using this scripting stuff to recover from chronic childhood back-pain as penance for failing out of my third semester of college Spanish, Speech Class and Anatomy. (And I couldn’t even use my broken Spanish in Barcelona Spain because they spoke Catalan. Doh!)

None of these myths or self-sabotaging beliefs are true whatsoever because in my own struggling I’ve helped my clients have experienced with such huge returns on their investment that they stay with me for a long time and some of these results include:

1. Got dream JAG for less than current car payment before the second class

2. Dissolved heartbreaking ongoing family inheritance drama in days by shifting focus

3. Saved thousands on legal fees when a bogus court case was thrown out with a one sentence statement

4. Saved hundreds of dollars on a much-needed vacation

5. A tax collector apologized for their accounting error during next day tax audit after a panicked client called about a surprise audit for their business

6. Had a relative unexpectedly offer to pay for teen’s entire college education and a place to live for four years (worth $80K-$100K).

7. Turned luck around and couple won a photo shoot and 42” flat screen TV

8. Attracted the clients needed to saved their business from closing that week

9. Met their dream woman described in his Success Script less than 14 days

10. Easily connected with their ideal high paying, easy to work with clients

11. Got an unexpected $10,000 raise and travel abroad expenses paid as a public school teacher, and medical bills and babysitting paid for her daughter’s kidney treatment in a seemingly poor school district even though the daughter aged out of insurance coverage

12. Turned from fear to laughter and strength in an abusive divorce and stopped being bullied out of her share of a multi-million dollar estate

13. Had customers late on bills suddenly call and make payment in full

14. At the final hour got a place to live for free for a couple fun, odd jobs

15. Got a flood of new business once we tallied $200,000+ of unpaid work from family and previous overtime salaried work

16. $100/ hour therapist unexpectedly got paid $8000 for 80 sessions in advance without additional marketing

17. Sat on an expert panel next to the very idol who inspired her success

18. Quickly found dream house for excellent below market value price

19. Leaders in her industry began suddenly asking to work with her

20. Got back together and lived abroad happily married with ex girlfriend

The Opportunity

Everything that I’ve told you probably seems really easy, doesn’t it?

Just write down the exact results you want even if all hell is breaking loose, and then ignore the drama and feel good about having what you want.

It’s probably like, “It’s been proven that people that write down their goals make more and have more fulfilling lives than those that wander aimlessly through the highs and lows of their life with out a clue on how to monitor their thoughts, emotions and painful or rewarding events in their lives.

Well it’s easy to you because you are a spiritual, open minded, scientifically curious, professional, savvy person who does your best to play by the rules and are an avid student of success training and personal development.

Unfortunately there are people around you that are not so conscious and let’s say bold. They don’t have all the necessary skill to hold it together and they have flexible moral and standards that have undoubtedly infringed on your pursuit for your birthright of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

You’ve also had your string of synchronicities, successes, times of acceptance, fun strolls through your favorite communities bumping into fun and interesting people while munching on something delicious as time whizzed by.

You may have even forgave the people who you entrusted in your personal and professional life after they broke promises they made to you or went out of their way to stiff you… or even if it set you back more than a bit.

And the conversation we had about scripting your success to get out of hot water fast made sense, you know you can’t bring this conversation to many of your conservative linear thinking circles.

Yet you can tell how much of this stuff could have a practical application in dealing with your current situation and help you be more proactive in creating more ideal relationships, financial successes and staying out of legal hot water in the future with that whole mental and emotional filter we talked about earlier.

So here’s the thing. This very same method I just outlined to you is what I personally used to help my clients generate income that far exceeded their previous monthly income. Yet despite the steps I laid out before my audience, people without the consistent mentoring and group support fail to recognize miracles or enjoy a steady, increasingly abundant flow of financial, legal and relationship blessings even though they are all around them.

Let’s take the hairdresser and married mother of three whose family was unexpectedly gifted with $80,000-$100,000 commitment from the distant aunt and uncle who out of the blue (while she was taking my class) offered to pay for the eldest daughter’s college and a place to live. That opportunity had been there for a while but the “miracle focus/conversation” hadn’t happened yet.

What if this mother beside herself with gratitude from the lessons and support she received in our weekly training was hung up on having to manifest that $100,000 to pay for her daughter’s college. (Hey, this hairdresser still might be hung up about trying to figure out how they are going to work hard to pay for the other two daughters, now that her seven-week class with me has ended, although I gave her enough training to continue this process. What’s cool even though the hair dresser wasn’t one of my four figure a month clients she still got massive benefit being introduced to this Scripting For Success System.

How much of a financial miracle did this hairdresser receive? Mind you miracle come in different shapes and sizes?

According to Salary Outlook First the median hair stylist makes less than $22,500 a year, which is just twice the federal poverty level. At a 15% tax rate without any deductions she’s pay $3,750 in federal taxes.

Let’s pretend the hairdresser makes $22,500 and after paying 15% in taxes ($3750) she has $18,750 for the year. Since she has her husband’s salary they decide half of her annual income, $9375 goes into their daughters’ college fund. Without any special interest baring account the current tax and income rates it would take 10.5 years for her to save for her eldest of three daughters and 33 years for all three.

These relatives gifting the eldest daughter close to $100,000 in education and room and board was indeed a financial miracle.

What are some of the things that lead to this financial miracle?

Being in a supportive “miracle” group who actively:

1. Set specific measurable intentions

2. Met for an hour weekly to align with feel good intensions

3. Class exercises to boost wellbeing and awareness of manifested desires

4. Discuss being stuck and getting feedback from participants and myself.

5. Sharing with the aunt and uncle gratitude over the miracle group

6. Inspired generosity in her aunt and uncle and class mates.

7. Was open to financial miracles and gifts

8. Graciously accepted the promised gift of $100,000 for her eldest daughter’s education when it showed up.

It’s not that hard, it just takes practice and positive reinforcement.

The fact of the matter is helping people focus on what is working in their lives and giving them specifically tailored financial, legal and relationship success scripts has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and it happens over and over during each 90 minute talk, private session, live event and late night emergency phone calls. (You know who you are.)

For most of my clients, within a couple of scripting sessions they are able to go through the process themselves with laser focused results.

Yet whether they have a huge income or are living paycheck-to-paycheck they still wondered how to get to the next level.

Some of them were running a household, local community organizations, were the go to person in the group or had employees and did business internationally. They knew in their heart of hearts how much more power, joy and fulfillment they could experience with the ability to transform their pending financial, legal and relationship setbacks and transcend to the next level of record breaking success.

Letting the incompetent, underhanded trouble-makers in their personal and professional life pick away at or blatantly destroy their peace of mind was just sickening and no longer acceptable when they knew there were resources at their fingertips to rise above these costly, nagging, health draining challenges.

With scripting, it only took me less than 30 days to help my featured 2013 clients and student mentioned earlier.

Getting Out Of Hot Water Fast used the Scripting process to quickly build a strong enough mote around my clients’ sand castles at high tide. And it was exciting helping people make that leap to playfully create more desirable castles inland, as the waters rushed their motes.

Even though I mentioned being able to manifest specific measurable things to save businesses, pay huge college bills, avoid huge pending lawsuits my clients have realized the value of having a creative mastermind to waive their magic pen or stroke of the keyboard to literally shift the conversations of the media, co-workers, vendors, family members as suddenly as if they had called ACTION to the theatrical script In their hands that we energetically designed in 90 minutes or less to Get Out Of Legal, Financial and Relationship Hot Water Fast.

While my clients couldn’t see who was running the stage lights and projector at the theater of their lives, the work we did together trained them to sense and feel important upcoming scenes and gave them insight on how to create the director notes and step into the leading man and woman in the comedy of their lives with confidence and exhilaration.

Yes, it’s true there were many ways they could have let life continue to rob them of all life had to offer. Yet with a few strokes of the keyboard and pen their biggest financial neglect switched from under valuing themselves to realizing how much they had contributed to their communities and how to harness that untapped abundance for a sudden influx of jobs, saving, raises, projects, profitable partnerships and dedicated new help. Soon they were generously giving like a rock stare on a mental and emotional level from the previously untapped $200K-$500K of good will and offerings they already invested in their families and communities over the last 5, 10, 20, 40+ years. That’s one of the ways they suddenly had an influx of cash or unexpected financial gifts or miracles around more fulfilling work and play.

Also the incompetent, underhanded trouble-makers that once plagued them and threatened to set their finances, savings, reputation and business back became non issues as they shifted their focus on the things that were working in their daily lives and mental and emotional awareness.

With that said, it’s just sickening when you know there are resources at your fingertips to rise above these nagging vicious relationship, legal and financial cycles.

Aware that this is a common problem that crosses all races, social class and ages I just went out, found some people that needed help; I helped them, and got paid. You can implement what I’ve shown you and help others who are stuck because they are focusing on what’s not working. You can begin to change how you talk to these co-workers, staff, family members, prospects, contractors and give them new success headlines to switch their negative self talk to powerful positive mental and emotional focus that drives your vision forward.

Heck, kids get it. When I gave a talk to the junior high Youth Toastmasters I had a line that lasted past my scheduled talk. These pre-teens were so eager to share their success headlines personalized around their MVP Super Bowl, scientific and business accomplishments.

And all you really need is an open mind, a willingness to commit to an end result, a clear idea of how that best-case scenario would make you feel and a written statement that pleases and tricks the subconscious mind that what you want is already here in the present moment.

LAW OF THE UNIVERSE: If there is a desire the result exists. I guess that’s why jewelweed often grows next to poison ivy .

Imagine members of your family and organizations taking time before important conversations to script for success.

Before that important sales call or parent teacher conference your sales force or significant other jotted down their victory headline of how they felt during the exchange, a technique they witnessed you doing.

And you learned how to suspend fears around how you were going to get what you wanted to either receive the money you wanted or were gifted the people, places and things to have that dream come true déjà vu feeling experience.

The amazing part is the scripting process only requires Skype for private and group support calls, a laptop, a legal pad and a pen. Occasionally I get fancy and use a calculator. Those are pretty much my tools with this business. Very low stress, very low tech to measure you has the finances, experience and relationship your heart desires.

Resolving conflict and being proactive in the future doesn’t have to be a social, economic, family, retirement or career nightmare.

In over a decade I’ve been sharing this stuff I only had one four figure a month take me up on my 100% money back guarantee and she insisted I only give her back half of what she paid because the Scripting for Success was so valuable. Looking back I admit I did a poor job of listening to my gut during our free get acquainted session with that one and have since tweaked my ideal client script. Lesson learned, right?

It’s also funny how people I’ve helped Get Out Of Hot Water with legal issues come to me for relationship and financial challenges even though it’s using the same universal resources and mindset training.

Last but not least, the fact of the matter is – and I’ll prove it to you here – scripting is easier to do than, suing someone, getting a job you hate, dealing directly with disgruntled employees, family members and clients or paying for everything you want out of your savings or paycheck.

Recap of Keys to Scripting

Alright, so, just as a quick recap, here are some key points so far:

5. Scripting is MUCH MORE practical, time, money and self respect conserving than giving into the crazy makers in your life.

6. As a result the more you practice asking for what you want with carefully worded scripts and put that pure concentrated thought on autopilot once you have a statement that makes you feel all tingly when you read it.

7. The time-savings of knowing exactly how you want your conversation with a new contact or long time connection including how it feels, sounds, looks, smells is “gold Jerry, gold”.

8. You don’t have to struggle with writing goals, saying “I AM” affirmations or sit still trying clear your mind and concentrate on your “nothing” meditation.

9. You’re not limited to how much credit you have or money in the bank to summon exactly what you intend to receive whether it’s meeting an ideal client or having a distant relative surprise you with dream come true generosity.

10. You’ll become a faster manifestor as you encourage and inspire others by the way you communicate your positive intensions.

All of these things represent why Scripting is a huge opportunity for us right now to make a tremendous positive changes in our lives, families, communities, in our relationships and finances, and it doesn’t matter if you are running a multi-national company, a start up, work for a company, are unemployed, run a household, are back packing across the country, still in school or retired. Having the ability to have pure focus on your best-case scenario even when the powers that be are flinging big time mud in your direction you still have control of your most powerful resource: your mental and emotional state of being.

Oh and you don’t have to be Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Richard Branson to have a heart directed mission and make a significant difference in your community.

If you are waiting for the conditions to improve in your career, relationships and finances before you go inside and really connect with what you want you might never get the results you want.

It’s up to you to interrupt costly patterns, create new ones and do it in the most direct way possible – get crystal clear on you best case scenario moving forward starting now. When heart centered leaders set positive intensions and create miracles in their finances and relationships it sends out a ripple effect, elevating the community. Start with creating one success news headline before you have that next important conversation or face the pending issues of your current reality. Positive thinking is a 70 billion industry for a reason. People need you to get out of hot water fast and continue building an inspiring legacy… now is your time.

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