Make faster more intuitive profitable business decisions starting with one sentence or less with THE ZING METHOD creator, Ruth Anne Wood!


If I had to save time and money making the right decisions the first time…


Or if I had to know right away if I was making the right or wrong decision…


This has worked for just about everything in my life… meeting my 30/30 man on April Fool’s 2004.


Traveling to over 20 countries and mentoring and teaching internationally, on expert panels and stages with industry leaders.


First, I think of my ideal end result, (even if it seems impossible now.)


In one sentence, I write the result I want to have.


I don’t worry if I don’t think I have the resources or I don’t know how I’m going to get the desired result.


Then I turn this one sentence into a news headline. (You know the ones that come across your news feed?!)


(To do this I write my desired result as if it already happened to me starting each word with a capital letter.)


(Even though the headline is about “me”, I write it in third person leaving out my name.)


Instead of my name, I write a title that describes a person with none of my past or current challenges as if I already achieved my desired result!


I’m doing this for the benefit of my subconscious who feeds on good stories.


For example, upon sharing this, I’m deciding on a house that I’m considering purchasing. Since my ideal outcome is the winning bid, my success headline goes something like this…


“New Real Estate Owner Loved The Incredible Deal She Got On Her New Investment Property!”


Next, I read the statement out loud.


I notice how I feel when I read it out loud.


If I feel good, then great it’s going to help me make the winning decision.


If I have a hiccup when I read it or have a negative reaction then I tweak the statement.


Next I read the statement every time I want to feel good about this decision.


I may discover the house doesn’t give me that same ZING or instant rush of positivity.


(If it’s the right statement, I’ll start to notice people, resources, conversations and opportunities that match my Success Headline.)


If I feel uncomfortable reading it or even get a sick feeling or have an upset stomach then it’s time to change the words in the Success Headline.


There are certain words that people put in the headlines or in their general conversation that block desired results especially in important conversations and relationships.


I was guilty of once doing that. I tried meditation, prayer, affirmations, goal setting, mission statements without much luck.


In my two decades of study and teaching this, I realized I was unknowingly usually words that actually give a reverse command to my subconscious. Doh!


For over two decades, I find out what the decision maker really wants and notice how they create all sorts of drama and roadblocks. Low and behold theses very roadblocks are in their well intended mission statements, goals, speaches, policies, contracts and marketing!


When my students send me their Success statements to read out loud, I notice right away which words are keeping them stuck. (Get a sample by emailing me your one sentence Success Headline at


I know this because they are “fixing” words instead of “already having” words.


I can literally FEEL where my students are confusing or blocking the command to their internal decision maker, inner genie or boss.


Sometimes it’s a song in my heart or I get a screeching sound in my ears.


Once these limiting words are replaced amazing things start to happen and it sound like music and a cup of soothing tea.


The words are written in a special way to bypass the inner critic that says,

“That’s not me yet.”

“That will never work!”

“Who are you kidding!?”


Notice how loud that inner critic is when you read your goals and mission statement before applying THE ZING METHOD!


All of the sudden, the decision maker starts to notice conversations, resources and relationships that match their ideal result and well crafted commands/directions/mandates.


Suddenly it’s a lot easier to make decisions because the same positive feelings you get reading the well-written success headlines are felt again when the right people and opportunities come along.


And when the wrong people or investments show up that internal tracker PINGS or ZINGS like a message notification and not in a good way, except it warms you of bad deals and partnerships so you can confidently avo


I love when it shows up as a deja vu feeling because the opportunity matches the Success Headline, Success Story or Success Statement.


What are some of the many ways these success headlines are used to make faster, more accurate, intuitive decisions?


These success headlines helps people achieve goals faster.


These success headlines help eliminate distractions and time wasting decisions.


Without a plan these winning opportunities are missed.


Without a Success Headline prospects reported feeling stuck working with the wrong people and buying or wasting time on the wrong stuff.


There’s a lot of shame, regret and expense involved with making the wrong decisions more than once!


These success headlines help the decision maker communicate better with their subconscious mind and others.


These success headlines train people on the team faster to follow the decision maker’s well crafted decisions.




Because the decision maker stopped sending mixed messages.


The success headlines helps turn bad situations around and saves time and money fixing mistakes or costly problems or drama.


Over time this decision making process helps reduce roadblocks caused by resentments of choosing the wrong relationships and regrets of missed opportunities.


How have these success headlines helped my clients and students make better decisions?



Email for client references.



When a sales team was underperforming during pre-launch the decision maker followed my advice to focus on the sales team’s strengths.


We co-authored success headlines that focused on these strengths.


It was like flipping a switch because the next day the sales team was on fire and the team leader saw a huge shift in their closing rate when he made a decision to focus on his sales reps superpowers.


They went on to make record sales during their JVZoo launch.




A married, immigrant, mother of three daughters with a modest hair stylist income made the decision to pay attention to more resources to pay for her daughters’ college.


Later in the week she won a holiday raffle at her church and she shared what she was learning in her class with me called, “Miracle Mondays”, with a distant relative.


The distant relative turned out to be on the faculty of a desirable college and offered to treat her eldest daughter to full room and board at their house as well as help her get a full scholarship to the college!


This education valued at 5-6 figures was a god send and showed up after 5 weeks of group calls and weekly assignments.


My student immediately recognized the opportunity and said “Yes!”



A marketing company was having trouble getting one of their clients to pay on time.


Infact they were going to count it as a loss. But, before they went to the collection agency I had them write a statement of their client suddenly cooperating.


Within the week the client who hadn’t paid in a while suddenly made payment in full without any emails or phone calls requesting they do so!


Did I mention much of my intuitive decision making is also telepathic?!



One of my clients was holding a grudge against her employer for not providing a promised pay raise. After they did the success headline for the desired income that same week the employer not only gave them the $2 raise but paid them for a whole year of missed income over the course of three paychecks!


(Full disclosure, this happened to me.)




A school teacher that wasn’t sure how she was going to pay her grown uninsured daughter’s dialysis expenses out of the blue was told by her employers that they were going to pay the medical expenses as well as child care for her grandson when her daughter got the dialysis treatments! What?!


In addition my student got a 20% pay raise and exciting job change that allowed her to teach and travel outside of the United States and this happened in a poor school district!




After another one of my longtime students made a success headline of ideal prospects he started working with a billionaire investor that reached out to him out of the blue.


With a background in oriental medicine, playwrighting, movement therapy and award winning story writing, this best selling author, produced playwright, exhibited artist, budding musical performer, international university lecturer and standup comic first used a theater exercises called “Walk About For The Soul” to help clients test drive and kinesthetically experience the results of a decision in real time. We would literally time travel mentally and emotionally to the moment the student felt they had the exact desired outcome! Then out of nowhere they would give a spontaneous monologue of their ideal life. Over the years I developed a way to get these fast, experiencial results by sitting still and have all the movement happen on the inside with that positive rush, ZING feeling!


A lot of my clients come to me with embarrassing or sensitive information around their finances, difficult clients, pending lawsuits, backstabbing exes, policy changes, product launches, tax audits, and it’s my job to help them get clear about their ideal results and co-design a decision in a way the subconscious will believe, accept and quickly implement.


If you are ready for a sample test drive email me your ideal result preferably in one sentence and I’ll help you identify where you’re making it more difficult than it has to be.


Go ahead, for a limited time, send me your biggest decision right now.


Who or what are you trying to avoid? What are you eager to embrace?


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