Pre-Plan And Test Drive Your Success And Then Live It!

“33% of executive’s time is spent responding to crises or problems.” According to The Creative Group, a leader in matching creative talent with the best companies,

But it gets worse

Wage Income Is Not Increasing. As a result, the US Labor Department reported that average hourly earnings increased 3.7% in the past year. Unfortunately, prices increased even more during that time, so that real earnings in terms of purchasing power actually decreased 8%. And entrepreneurs competing in the private sector are feeling the same income, extended time investment crunch. Sadly, businesses offering game changing solutions for their clients have found themselves falling into the category of fee slashing commodity rather than transformational authority.

The Big Government and Industry Employers Have Cut Back on Hiring Yet They Still Need Outside Consultants.

Industry leaders who had the ability to make a real difference in their community and command top dollar are also falling on hard times. This makes the capital and resources available to expand and grow even more scarce and risky to these savvy entrepreneurs. This has shaken the confidence and the forward momentum of even the most highly skilled advisors and consultants who have seen a significant drop in their annual incomes and perceive less opportunities to grow their income.

Consultants are finding they only one time to make a great impression and are holding back on hiring, or taking on bigger clients because they don’t have the team partnerships and recognizable resources in place to compete. It’s harder to trust that employees, sub contractors and business partners will deliver what they say they will in a timely, professional, profitable manner.

Good News: Great Customers and Business Allies are Out There

What if there was a way to test drive those business relationships and project opportunities through strategic planning before you made any hiring or taking on new client decisions. What if you could actually map out the type of people and resources you wanted available to you and quickly recognize profitable business relationships within minutes of meeting you potential client, subcontractor, business partner or employee. Through careful planning and tapping into your highest aspiration as an innovative genius in your industry you were able to follow through with landing those big accounts with major global players. You could access those monetary, creative, time and energy resources of a bird of pray able to fly above the landscape and take in a much bigger picture with the ease and confidence of someone who already made the decision.

Hi, my name is Ruth Anne Wood, creator of Scripting for Success and I help innovative leaders with a big heart step more fully into their greatness by helping them test driving their ideal relationships, business conversations and experiences before they happen. Suddenly they are alerted when they are having that ideal conversation with a key person on their professional journey.

For over a decade I’ve helped people use focused, words, and emotions through the power of success stories, strategic conversations to aid the subconscious mind in filtering the costly distractions and alerting they were in the presence of their ideal business scenario. My motto has become, “Work with the best, skip the rest.” This has come in the form of knowing the very first meeting that they were talking to their ideal client, business partner, contractor or employee or team member. Fortune 500 business owner Ali Brown International states, “Ruth, has a 99%+ success rate helping her paid clients live the career goals and ideal relationships and lifestyle through the Scripting for Success TM.”

I’ve also been able to help business owners who had made poor choices, avoid lawsuits, transcend the headaches of troublesome clients who did too much micromanaging and were going way over budget with out of project scope demands.

In these situations my clients had the tools and my feedback to evaluate the situation and create a bestcase scenario plan. In some cases it was creating documents or stories in from the perspective of their adversary that helped dissolve the impending doom of lawsuits or drain on the companies’ precious time, money and emotional well being.

As odd as it may seem it’s harder to move forward in the growth of a company holding onto a smaller vision of oneself. The most rapid growth occurs when my clients put all the cards on the table and state their global legacy and bestcase scenario for their life and career. The power of stepping into a greater vision or legacy of oneself on the global stage has had the ability to engage audiences, clients and media for myself and clients more quickly than any gradual policy changes.

Clarify What I Want in My Life

Thanks Ruth for helping me to clarify in such a positive way exactly what I want in my life.” (14 days later) There is so much abundance. I really feel in sync with the Universe. The Universe and I are flowing together. My needs and intentions are being met in the most unpredictable and fascinating ways!  Love and blessings, Dan Dan Harvey, PhD, College Professor

Through the process of getting clear on exactly what you want for yourself, family, team, community and legacy activates, the new stories or scripted conversations acts as a filter in the subconscious mind. Clients have reported how rapid the changes have been meeting just the right person to move their vision forward.

Gift of Priceless Value

The experience of spending two hours with Ruth is almost indefinable. To create a future that I can live into that has all the passion, energy and foundation deep from within me is a gift of priceless value. Like an artist creating a masterpiece, her artistry with words chiseled away the excess leaving me as the master of my destiny, for all the world to see. Love, Richard Richard Mac Farlane, Financial Investor & Coach

It also alerts people who script their success if the new opportunity is a fit or will cost them precious, time money and energy. Back to the car analogy here’s a testimony from a female sales rep client of mine about a decade ago. She said,

Are You Tired of “No Pain, No Gain”?

I am realizing through scripting that I can achieve goals and fulfill dreams without experiencing the concept “No pain, no gain”. I am reminded that I am the scripter and creator of my life and that I can access and pay attention to the positive energies and divine guidance always available for me, while inspiring others. Through the Scripting for Success program, I am able to open my perspective and my mind, giving me the awareness of what I want and what is important, rather than trying to please or change others. Within a week of my first scripting lesson, I realized I had the resources to fulfill a longtime dream, which I thought was only possible after I met certain personal and financial goals. By the way, the Jag is blue. Through scripting, you are able to create your life the way you want it by valuing and honoring your priorities. Period. -Nadja Newhall, After just a couple weeks Nadja dubbed herself in her lush Scandinavian accent as The Facilitator of “Happily Ever After”.

Over the last decade I’ve helped people gracefully exit abusive personal and professional relationships always starting with the most important one … the one with yourself.

Ruth Is a Gifted Individual  Who Skillfully Empowers Me

Ruth is a gifted individual who skillfully empowers me to live a life of fulfillment and joy. Ruth’s incisive insight and clear and direct feedback allows me to develop clarity and the poise of mind necessary to manifest a higher kind of life. There are things one can do with a therapist to untangle the knots of the psyche- but Scripting for Success creates new threads of consciousness that are in the present to create a vibrant future based on one’s individual thoughts, feelings, actions and efforts. -Diane B. Levitt, Writer, Mentor

Maybe because I grew up with a family of engineers and married into such a family, I love working with innovative geniuses who have a major contribution to bring to the world. Yet when I first meet these people they are stopped by the limiting stories and conversations they have with themselves and others. Even in the very beginning when I was helping acupressure massage clients alleviate aches and pains on the table, it was their limiting conversations with their loved ones, boss, employees and peers that grated on my ears like an out of tune instrument at a high school concert.

Dubbed, “The Writer of our lives” for the stories she helps CEOs write before big meetings, sales conversations, interviews with the media, idea clients, audience and business partners now feels like déjà vu.

Turn your business failures into happily ever after success stories. And take the gems of past and current success and quantum leap to your best case scenario conversations, relationships and experiences.