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7 Weeks of Miracles

CAREER – Public school teacher in Texas attributes abundance to the class; a surprise $10K+ raise, new job title to travel abroad and teach Spanish. The principal also offered to pay our MIRACLE MONDAY student’s uninsured 21+ daughter’s babysitting and kidney treatment all of which had never been paid for by the district.

FAMILY – The crazy back stabbing nightmare between siblings regarding the mother’s hospice care and inheritance stopped days later when we got client to clearly stated her dream come family situation rather than tearfully retell her family drama over and over again.

FINANCIAL – The internet marketer followed Ruth’s “Transform Debt Into Abundance” private skype coaching and made a list of all the unpaid favors, sample consulting, unpaid services and broken payment promises from big name marketers. He went through the process of letting go of resentments shared in MIRACLE MONDAYS. In the next 30 days he attracted a $30K marketing client.

HEALTH – Client cleared blocks around getting better and within eight weeks she got help that launched the process to reverse chronic childhood back pain.

RELATIONSHIP – In an hour session Ruth identified why the divorced Ph.D. Psychologist kept dating the same kind of button pushing woman. 14 days later after Ruth helped him write his happily ever after story, he met his dream professional woman. Years later they’re still happily together.

SPIRITUAL – The journalist going through a divorce with an abusive husband was almost going to walk away from her half of the multi-million dollar estate. Ruth helped her use humor and her 30-year yoga practice to center herself when her ex was full of rage. An amazing attorney entered her life and she got everything wanted with much more speed and ease!

VISION– Everything in Scripting for Success and MIRACLE MONDAYS begins with getting clear of your best case scenario end result and the intended emotional, mental, physical outcome.

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