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You have started on an amazing adventure and will never experience the world the same!

7 Weeks of Miracles

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  • The miracle is they may come on a Monday or any other day of the week! Our very first class in this coaching/ transformation series started on Mondays and the name stuck!! 😉
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Consider During The Class What change of perceptions do you want to invite in your

      • Wellness
      • Spiritual
      • Emotional
      • Relationships
      • Professional
      • Financial Life in 7 Weeks?

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Join Ruth Anne Wood for 7 Weekly Modules

        • You don’t have to get in your car to come to class
        • You don’t have to miss a call, recording are available an hour after class ends
        • You don’t have to have the people who are pressing your buttons take the class with you
        • You don’t have to change or fix anything, (Just come as yourself)
        • You don’t have to have a calm, happy, perfect home life to do clear emotional blocks and create a new dream come true future
        • You don’t have to have your ideal work or career figured out to attract more financial abundance in the next 7 weeks
        • You don’t have to have your emotion issues resolved to have big breakthroughs in these 7 weeks
        • You don’t have to tell others about your deep dark secrets or attend therapy sessions. -We focus on what’s working in your life and use powerful tools to clear shame, guilt, hurts, anger, scarcity, poverty, lack, procrastination, loneliness, frusteration, self pity, low energy, stress while lovingly inviting the balanced, feel good emotions.

Receive the class audio and assignment in your inbox then connect with your Miracle Monday peers online for discussions, stories and support.

During these 7 Weeks invite a shift of perception, a.k.a miracles:

          • Harness the power of meditation and visualizing
          • Create specific  measurable orders for Higher Power
          • Eliminate costly, painful distraction
          • Have ideal conversations with loved ones
          • Clear blocks and resentments
          • Be open to greater income miracles 
          • Organize the people currently in your life or you are soon to meet as ideal supporting roles as you step into your dream come true starring role in your life.

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