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Bonus 1:

($19.95 value) A copy of my book: Miracle Mondays; a step-by-step guide to quickly shift your focus from fear to love. It shows how to improve the manifesting power of prayer, goal setting and meditation and to design and focus on specific measurable legal, financial and relationship results.

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Bonus 2:

($499 value)

30 minute, “Miracle Monday” phone or skype strategy session

During the session:

  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision of the kind of abundant miracle rich life you want.
  • You’ll uncover hidden mental and emotional blocks that keep you from attracting more abundance, career fulfillment and miracles.
  • And you’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to finally step into your abundant, fulfilling life once and for all.

Schedule your Miracle Monday phone strategy session here to answer any questions you have or to go over the transformational assignments.


Bonus 3:

($150 value) An hour audio demo where I walk a business couple how to create miracles and dream come true results in their ideal week. As a thank you for the beginning of what I hope to be a prosperous, trusted, dream come true relationship for both of us, you can eavesdrop on a session I did with a couple a few years ago when I mostly worked with proactive entrepreneurs who had time to play around with their future rather than the emergency legal, financial and relationship cases that depend on fast turn arounds. This is the basis of my work that has evolved to working with people that urgently need my help fast. Script Your Ideal Week ==> 

Bonus 4:


A distraction eliminator that had clients in as little of 14 days meet their future mate and immediately recognize ideal business opportunities and avoid costly time, energy and money wasters.

Circle Map for Ideal Business Conversations (Follow along with this couple in writing your own success script on any topic you chose; ideal career, ideal clients, upcoming meeting or sales call, travel adventure…)

This same Circle Map can be used to plan and track the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual success of your ideal relationships and experiences with your:

  • significant other
  • blind date
  • prospective employee, business partner, investor, vendor, client or project
  • income and career path
  • heath, fulfillment and adventures
  • sales meetings

*After taking the time to add the ideal results you want on a mental, emotional and physical level, you’ll be able to effectively plan and track how you feel in the present moment and match it with the model of your ideal people connections, conversations, environment and experiences. The MIRACLE MONDAYS book and group support helps get people get even more lazar focused in turning around pending doom, dealing with the crazy makers around you and taking control of your destiny faster than writing a success story. This is some of the preliminary work I do with private VIP clients unless the clock is ticking and they need financial, relationship and legal transformations fast! Blessings, -Ruth Anne Wood


Unannounced Bonus 5:

(Value $1995)

The gurus are charging $1997 + for you to network with their clients and do joint ventures with other authors, coaches and problem solvers.

Start applying what you learned here to attract ideal business and promotional partners.


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  1. In this FREE membership get access to VIP interviews with leading authors and coaches
  2. Get your product idea, marketing material and/or product reviewed for free
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I’m not saying you’ll get these specific miracles, just the ones right for you.

Consider receiving a fraction of these miracles or in a different form that saves you years of suffering in your career, relationships, finances, family drama, finding your passion, saving on or being gifted things you desire and love… This class is designed to help you align your heart to more good already in your life and pay attention to your heart’s desires already created just for you, and these conversations, coaching and group support are here to speed up your focus and joy and on the blessings ready to be claimed in your life. Whether your asking for a break on bills or to land that next big account or get clarity around your big mission, the VIP Scripting for Success training shared in Miracle Mondays has a ten year track record of 99.99% success and our one refund was for just 50% because our student didn’t want to change her hectic business schedule, she just wanted to use our Scripting for Success heart opening mindset tools. Hummm… Want VIP help?

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Your family, company or organization to achieve record profits, connection between your family, team, prospects and business partners. For Questions Call 215-872-5035 or email   JV ATTRACTION LOGO STRIPsfs-logo-photo