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“Miracle Mondays Is a Program With A Lifestyle Improvement System With A 10+ Year Proven Track Record Of Helping Participants Receive What The Heart Desires The Fun Easy & Spiritual Way. Join Ruth Anne Wood In An Interactive Online Experience…”

7 Weeks of Miracles

Turn Yourself Into A Super Magnet For Profitable Relationships And Opportunities And At The Same Time Filter Out Distracting Time, Money And Energy Wasters

Have you ever:

  • Got divorced?
  • Had to fire the wrong employee?
  • Chosen the wrong business, joint venture partner?
  • Invested in the wrong business mentor? Hired the wrong vendor?
  • Threatened with a lawsuit from someone you once thought was a good fit?
  • Paid too much for a house?
  • Struggled to move to the next level of success?
  • Been cheated and lied to?
  • Kicked yourself for not seeing the signs from the beginning?
  • Had a falling out with a friend, love one or family member?
  • Lost faith in yourself or a higher power?

How much have these poor decisions and missed opportunities cost you?

Imagine giving each one a costly price tag:

Divorce = legal fees + heart ache + pain on family and friends + dividing assets

Fire employee = lawsuits + unemployment + insurance + training

Wrong business partner = (a lose of) assets + reputation + income

Wrong business mentor = time + increased debt + shame + confusion

Bad vendor = (poor) reputation + service + (wasted) time + money

Been sued by client/ ex partner = hassle + expense + time

Overpriced house = more debt + work + repairs + regret

Stuck in career = confusion + frustration + lost opportunity

Cheated and lied to = anger + consequences + pain + mistrust of opportunities

Not seeing the signs from the beginning = guilt + grief + anger

Had a falling out = lost connection + resentment – joy – love – happiness

Lost faith = lonely + depressed + stuck

Wish you could quickly know during a conversation if you were talking to the right person that matched your desired partnership/ outcome to receive big time?

Or quickly knew if you were talking to another time, money or energy waster to save big time on mental, emotional and financial headaches?

My clients certainly are grateful for the tools in my book, online training and peer support group MIRACLE MONDAYS that helps transform people clouded by past and current mistakes into larger vessels of joy, prosperity, forgiveness, synchronicities and peace.

What change of perceptions do you want to invite in your:

  • Wellness
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Relationships
  • Professional
  • Financial Life in as little as 7 Weeks?


Join Ruth Anne Wood and interactive online participants for 7+ Miracle Mondays:

  • Ongoing classes posted in our online community and resources are accessed in the comfort of your home on your digital device.
  • Appreciate the ability to post questions on the exercises, requests for miracles and support on the online forum.
  • Celebrate the relationship and communications you’ll have with other participants in forum.
  • Notice desirable experience while being part of the Miracle Monday community without the participation of challenging or negative co-workers, clients, associates, vendors, employees or loved ones.
  • Come as yourself instead of waiting for the perfect time in your life when you’ve got it all figured out. (This process has helped clients quantum leap from nightmarish problems to dream come true relationships, fiances, career and lifestyle.)
  • You are welcome in the class even if you don’t have the most calm, happy, perfect home life. You’ll get help clearing emotional blocks and creating a new dream come true future (in fact quickly clearing these mental and emotional traumas through new levels of appreciation and forgiveness has created some of our participants greatest results.)
  • You don’t have to have your ideal work or career figured out to attract more financial abundance weeks or even days of beginning this training, not years.
  • You don’t have to tell others about your deep dark secrets or attend therapy sessions.
  • We focus on what’s working in your life and use powerful tools to clear shame, guilt, hurts, anger, scarcity, poverty, lack, procrastination, loneliness, frusteration, self pity, low energy, stress while lovingly inviting the balanced, feel good emotions.
  • You don’t have to change careers or go back to school to have unexpected jumps in income although we’ve had students have miracles around having the finances to pursue a more fulfilling career or pay for college.



“A miracle is shifting from fear to love” – A Course Of Miracles

Do You Like To Receive What Your Heart Desires The Fun Easy & Spiritual Way?

You’re Not Alone!

These clients came to Ruth with challenges and desires. Through writing short statements called “scripts for success” they aligned with their heart’s desires with the help of our heart opening exercises. The coaching, group calls and forum helped them step into the feelings of what they desired and shifted from what they thought was possible to feeling good about what they truly desired. Our students quickly shifted from fear to love. Here are some of the blessings our Miracle Monday students have enjoyed in very short periods of time: The details of our private companies and clients are kept confidential. All clients are promised a 100% money back guarantee. Only one of our clients in over a decade has asked for a refund and has insisted we keep half of the payment because of the valuable mindset meditation and success planning training we provided!!

I don’t know what miracles you want to experience. How Miracle Mondays Group Helped Some Baby Boomers Turn These Mental And Emotional Debts Into Unexpected Blessings After:

Getting a mentor and group support to:

  1. Focus on what was working their life
  2. Notice how much they resented giving in the last 5, 10, 20 or 40+ years and transform those resentments into gifts
  3. Finally got help quickly letting go of fear, anger and resentment towards themselves and others
  4. Release mental and emotional financial blocks
  5. Got crystal clear on the most desirable experiences and financial/ relationship outcomes
  6. Created a mental and emotional opportunity/ blessing alert system, a déjà vu feeling to know when the person, opportunity or experience matched their desire outcomes
  7. Quickly recognized and enjoyed financial/ relationship opportunities and knew how to quickly avoid costly time, money and energy wasters

Here’s what happened within weeks and even hours of private clients working with Ruth and/or doing the MIRACLE MONDAY coaching and weekly assignments:

Sandels Barbados

  • Got dream JAG for less than current car payment before the second class
  • Dissolved heartbreaking ongoing family inheritance drama in days
  • Saved thousands on legal fees when a bogus court case was thrown out
  • Saved hundreds of dollars on a much-needed vacation
  • A tax collector apologized for their accounting error during next day tax audit
  • Had a relative unexpectedly offer to pay for teen’s entire college education and a place to live for four years (worth $50K-$100K).
  • Turned luck around and couple won a photo shoot and 42” flat screen TV
  • Attracted the clients needed to saved their business from closing that week
  • Met their dream woman described in his Success Script less than 14 days
  • Easily connect with their ideal high paying, easy to work with clients
  • Got an unexpected $10,000 raise as a school teacher and medical bills and babysitting paid for her daughter’s kidney treatment
  • Turned from fear to laughter and strength in an abusive divorce and stopped being bullied out of her share of a multi-million dollar estate
  • Had customers late on bills suddenly make payment in full
  • At the final hour got a place to live for free for just a couple fun odd jobs
  • Meditated on unpaid work done years ago and got a flood of new business
  • $100/ hour client unexpectedly pay therapist $8000 for 80 sessions
  • Sat on an expert panel next to the very idol who inspired her success
  • Quickly found dream house for excellent below market value price
  • Leaders in her industry began suddenly asking to work with her
  • Got back together and lived abroad happily married with ex girlfriend

Debbie Dusylovitch“Danny won a 42 inch flat screen tv and I won a photo shoot for some portraits. Good week” -Debbie Dusylovitch, DebbiesHomeCooking.com

Get weekly audios, miracle training coaching conversations,facebook group and your questions answered from Miracle Monday’s leadership trainer Ruth Anne Wood.

During these “Miracle Mondays” you are inviting a shift of perception, a.k.a miracles:

  • Harness the power of meditation andvisualizing
  • Create specific measurable orders for Higher Power
  • Eliminate costly, painful distraction
  • Increase your ability to win prizes and contests
  • Have ideal conversations with loved ones
  • Clear blocks and resentments
  • Be open to greater income miracles
  • Organize the people currently in your life or you are soon to meet as ideal supporting roles as you step into your dream come true starring role in your life.

Module 1: 

Create a mental and emotional blue print for your physical and spiritual miracles to help you eliminate distractions, focus on what is working and shift from fear to love.

Module 2:

Calculate your mental and emotional debts, (the value of things, services, time, money, energy, investments, loans, unpaid overtime, free labor for a family member/an ex). These are resources you’ve given others that you still hold anger and resentment or feel you have been cheated in some way. For the average 51+ baby boomer I’ve worked with these mental and emotional debts tally between $200,000-$500,000 of mental and emotional debt.

Module 3:

Start to clear blocks around money, self worth, receiving, deserving, allowing through forgiveness and gratitude.

Module 4: 

Transform this mental and emotional debt into gifts and blessings. Start mentally and emotionally tithing like a rich celebrity and witness an increase in financial, career and life purpose connections, adventures and miracle.

Module 5: 

Organize your current and future relationships in such a way that they suddenly become more accepting, helpful, entertaining, empowering, profitable and transformational

Module 6: 

Communicate with offending parties and loved ones through a spiritual meditation/ conversation that actually has participants of this module transform doom and gloom; legal, financial and relationship circumstances ito miracle outcomes with out talking to them face to face or them even knowing that you are doing this heart transforming work.

Module 7:

Start transitioning from putting out fires to creating a life filled with blessings and miracles that match your happily-ever-after desires. Ruth Anne Wood Private clients have paid 10x’s this amount to access these Scripting for Success tools and coaching that facilitate miracles. With this special you don’t have to invest: $Four figures A Month Like Ruth’s Private Miracle Clients It’s just $197 a month for regular members and $97/ month or 50% savings for Miracle Monday Members to train and network in the same community for a limited time. In the decade of Ruth’s practice only one client asked for money back. Ironically the client insisted Ruth only refund 1/2 ($1000 of dollars) back because she got so much value in the first month of going through the Scripting for Success process (that you learn in Miracle Mondays). Leslie Boardman

“Ruth if I knew this is what you were teaching I would have paid for your VIP private coaching six months ago!” -Leslie Boardman, LeslieBoardman.com

Who is this for?

  • People who have given a lot to their family and community and want to reap the abundance locked within them
  • People who are professionals who are stuck at a current income
  • People who are better givers than receivers
  • People who spiritual but struggle with prayer and affirmations
  • People who are ok receiving gifts from the universe without working harder
  • People who want to be aware of opportunities and blessings
  • People who have experienced miracles (a shift in perception) and want these moments more often
  • People who help other solve problems for a career or business
  • People who are open to spiritual adventures
  • People who love self exploration and claiming a more desirable future
  • People willing to get clear about what they want and take inspired action

Who is this NOT for? Miracle Mondays 3D cover

  • People who like to do everything themselves and refuse to ask from help from others and higher power
  • People who think miracles is just something in an ancient religious text or late night religious TV
  • People who have given up on their dreams
  • People who think everyone else around them have to change to be happy
  • People who think they have to have their financial, family, career life all together before they invite more shifts of perceptions, successes and joy
  • People who don’t like to network or come together in groups and get the vibrant support and feedback of others
  • People who don’t have two hours a week to design and pay attention to ideal conversation, experiences and opportunities
  • People who’d rather pay four figures a month for private mentoring

Ruth is author of a couple published books including her most recent one:  MIRACLE MONDAYS: How To Create Financial, Career and Relationship Miracles In 60 Days Or Less Using The Power Of Positive Focused Stories.

“Thank you all for being my inspiration to let miracles in” Carol Snyder, SnyderCounseling.com

Carolyn Snyder


“Miracle Mondays” makes a magnificent gift…

(Say that out loud 3x’s fast!!) the gift of receiving more blessings!! There is no money back guarantee, just the ability to cancel membership at anytime. Our students typically do one or two of these exercises really well and skip most of the homework and get the results you’ve read here! For Questions Call 215-872-5035 or email ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com

If you are just going to download the training that has contributed to these mentioned results and then cancel your membership right away don’t bother. The community and support to focus on what’s working and taking big leaps of faith from a place of confidence and love verses fear and scarcity is the real magic behind these miracles. The real transformation takes place for a majority of Scripting For Success students and clients are between 6-10 weeks when they are confident in the powerful process of predesigning their ideal relationships and finances and start to experience deja vu, synchronicity, ideal, dream come true opportunities that match their focused weekly assignments.


Decide Today And Get:

Bonus 1:

A copy of my book: Get Out of Hot Water Fast, a step-by-step guide to quickly shift your focus from fear to love. It shows how to improve the manifesting power of prayer, goal setting and meditation and to design and focus on specific measurable legal, financial and relationship results.

Bonus 2:

30 minute, “Miracle Monday” phone or skype strategy session ($500 value) During the session:

  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision of the kind of abundant miracle rich life you want.
  • You’ll uncover hidden mental and emotional blocks that keep you from attracting more abundance, career fulfillment and miracles.
  • And you’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to finally step into your abundant, fulfilling life once and for all.

Bonus 3:

An hour audio demo where I walk a business couple how to create miracles and dream come true results in their ideal week ($150 value)

Bonus 4:

A distraction eliminator that had clients in as little of 14 days meet their future mate and immediately recognize ideal business opportunities and avoid costly time, energy and money wasters. (Priceless)

I’m not saying you’ll get these specific miracles, just the ones right for you.

Consider receiving a fraction of these miracles or in a different form that saves you years of suffering in your career, relationships, finances, family drama, finding your passion, saving on or being gifted things you desire and love… This class is designed to help you align your heart to more good already in your life and pay attention to your heart’s desires already created just for you, and these conversations, coaching and group support are here to speed up your focus and joy and on the blessings ready to be claimed in your life. Whether your asking for a break on bills or to land that next big account or get clarity around your big mission, the VIP Scripting for Success training shared in Miracle Mondays has a ten year track record of 99.99% success and our one refund was for just 50% because our student didn’t want to change her hectic business schedule, she just wanted to use our Scripting for Success heart opening mindset tools. Hummm… Want VIP help?

Ask for special group training rates for:

Your family, company or organization to achieve record profits, connection between your family, team, prospects and business partners. For Questions Call 215-872-5035 or email ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com

I understand the class special is a limited time 50% savings offer for Miracle Monday Members

Purchase come with a 5 day trial and you account is billed monthly. Membership can be cancelled at any time. This offer also comes with a generous money back guarantee with proof that you did the assignments for 90 days that are available in the members area. Special live training and Q & A calls or online chats are announced to members.