MISSION: To Make Each Other Multi-Millionaires


Alisa Kuker Ugalde
Simple Duplicatable Ways To Get Clients –  If you have the ability to help people, wait no longer, this is for you! With these simple immediate CLIENT FINDING actions you’re about to… Show off your expertise and stop waiting for website visitors. Talk to prospects, solve clients challenges and do what you love (without being sale-sy)! discover how you can find more clients by tomorrow. Yes, Alisa I’m ready.  My business relies on finding new clients!

 http://claimclients.com/thank-you-page/ need to update workshop dates.


Ruth Anne Wood
JVattraction.com – A free community for authors and coaches to cross promote, collaborate on projects, get product reviews and meet affiliate partners
LiveYourPeace.com – An in depth interview series interviewing authors, coaches, community leaders, artists on peace, passion and prosperity
ScriptingForSuccess.com – Parent Company for Book/Product Creation, Private and Group Coaching, Leadership Training, Live Events

The Show Host Blueprint with Ruth Anne Wood