Ruth_Headshot_2011_croppedLeadership Talk with Elaine B Greaves w/ guest Ruth Anne Wood by Tough Talk Radio Network. Listen here!

Guest: Ruth Anne Wood is the CEO of Scripting for Success and she helps global leaders use the power of story to turn their ideas into reality. In her own life she has scripted her success meeting the 30/30 man of her dreams, win awards, speak on stage with superstars in her industry, overcome personal challenges, travel the world and have a 100% success rate helping her paid clients live their prewritten success stories, news headlines and conversations. She has also helped her clients write and publish inspirational and biographical books on their core passion and genius.

Elain B Graves, elainebgreaves.comHost: Elaine B. Greaves is co-author of the  number one best-selling book,Unbreakable Spirit: Rising Above the Impossible,  which she co-authored with New York Times bestselling author, TV-personality and breakthrough speaker Lisa Nichols and 38 other “Ambassadors of Fortitude.” The book is a living testament to the unbreakable, unshakable power of the human spirit.

Elaine is also author of the motivational book, A Season to Success: A Christian Perspective, in which she provided a framework to her readers to conquer their fears, live life to the fullest and achieve their own Season to Success. Elaine’s quest to make the most of her God-given talents has led her along several fulfilling paths of adventure.

She has been an attorney for more than thirty years and is an Author, Speaker and Leadership Expert.

As a trial attorney she honed her skills to become a dynamic communicator and built a successful law practice. As a Professor she used her legal knowledge and communication skills to motivate and educate thousands of students and as a Law School Administrator she positively impacted the lives of hundreds of future lawyers.

A Speaker and Leadership Expert, Elaine speaks on Success and Leadership Principles and coaches professionals and business owners on how to develop effective leadership skills, overcome self-imposed roadblocks and take decisive actions that produce success in the areas that matter most.

Explore Ruth’s powerful six steps to Experiencing Specific Desired Results with your conversation with yourself, environment and community.

Be one of Elaine’s fortunate audience members who is one of the first 11 who contact Scripting for Success at 215-872-5035 or for a personal strategy session on how to Create your Success story and live it! ($1000 value) Results have included saving a business, meeting dream come true mate, avoiding thousands of dollars in court fees and taxes when the fines and cases were thrown out all after Ruth helped create a winning success story on specific desired results using her trademarked formula for literally creating a remarkable legacy or solution in minutes.

“Scripting for Success is an ongoing process! Even in Oprah’s case she can download a Circle Map and write down her ideal feelings, audience size, demographics, Nelson viewers and specific emotions she intends to feel that are inline with her OWN network goals! You go Girl!”

Congratulation in taking the first step in “Jumpstart Your Remarkable Legacy”. Test drive the first module of this 12K program.

If you are ready for Breakthrough Success and to Script Your Remarkable Legacy you’ve come to the right place. While your goals are very specific to you, there is a Scripting for Success process we use.

Follow and embrace them to:

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Transcend physical, emotional, mental, media, or legal challenges
  • Align internal and external communication with (your self, community, media, ideal audience, loved ones, team and business partners…) to experience your desired specific measurable results.

Read about the six steps in How to Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy.

Here are the Modules to Script Your Remarkable Legacy – MODULE 1/6
1. Unleash you emotional engine to propel you toward your dreams.
2. Setting and KEEPING priorities to hold you accountable to your dream and attract it to you more effortlessly.
3. The automatic dream calibration that kills shiny object syndrome and leverages gravity to draw you to your dream.
4. How to empower your subconcious to filter, attract, and protect your DREAM even when you are sleeping.
5. How to magnify the effect of relationships to get anything and everything you want with less, time, effort, and work than you believe – and even how to do it successfully with no cash.
6. The magic of commitment.

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Ruth Anne, Thank you sooo much!”

Roxie Thomas“Barry and I required a multi-national, multi-cultural leader for a project that we are working on…wrote a script and less than ten minutes later met exactly that at 8 PM in a strip mall…International Investor, Real Estate Syndicator, and Financier operating in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and the UK…Ruth Anne, Thank you sooo much!”

Roxie Thomas, Atlanta, Georga

My Prosperous Week Overflowing with Ease and Joy”

Cheryl Adams, CEO Space“I just completed my copy of “My Prosperous Week Overflowing with Ease and Joy”! I did some tweaking and it feels really good! It goes with me everywhere.Rob and I can see how effective this process will be for so many that we know who are feeling like they are just getting by or missing the abundant life they are seeking to see manifest.This like minded dynamic duo enjoyed working with the “Innovative Genius with a big heart who easily enjoys a steady flow of multi-million dollar income generating projects working with like minded, high achieving CEOs”.We look forward to our next multi-million dollar encounter with you! Heart to heart Hugs from the inspirational and energetic woman of God who is full of love, peace and joy and who speaks a word of wisdom and prophetic prayer that imparts a change in those she meets. (Still working on this one liner!)”

-Cheryl Adams, Senior Director at CEO Space Mid Atlantic