How to have the right people lining up to work with you!
Attract your ideal clients and joint venture partners.

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Who are we?

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Both of us created our businesses independently because we are passionate about supporting coaches, speakers and authors to clarify their message and work with ideal clients so they can have more fun and make more money. So we are the perfect fit to be JV partners, right? Or are we? Not always, and that’s what this webinar is about.

It takes more than just having a shared goal to make for a good partnership that works. And in this webinar — we’re going to talk about the dirty little secrets from down in the trenches that others won’t tell you about. We’ll talk about what CAN and does happen — when you align with someone who is not your ideal JV partner or client, for that matter!

Why would we lump potential clients and JV partners into the same conversation?

Because either way, you are persuading/selling them on why they should work with you while qualifying them to see if they are even a good fit for you. So it’s much the same process and conversation.

Once you get clear and confident on how to express what you offer, you will easily attract more of your ideal clients, have them see your value and pay you more money. You will save mental and emotional energy, avoid frustration by knowing if it’s a fit or not and have more confidence to say yes or no quickly, whether to a prospective client or a JV partner wanting to work with you.

Join us for this no-cost webinar that could end up costing you a whole lot of money if you miss it!

Thursday, April 10 at 10:00a.m. Pacific and 1:00 p.m. Eastern

During this live conversation you’ll quickly discover:

  1. Joint venture leadership skills – How to know when to say “No.”
  2. Why it pays to “Follow your gut – no matter what!”
  3. How getting clear and confident on the right words to position and promote your business effectively makes you more money.

(A confused mind says “No!”  If you are confused yourself, how can you get your message across to others so the right people will say “Yes?”)

You’ll Easily Understand:

  • What really happens when you are afraid to say no.
  • What to do to make way for the right thing to come along.
  • Why you’ve got to like and trust your JV partner even for one call
  • What stands in your way if you don’t follow your gut and why trust this early warning system in your body
  • What happens when it should be a no, but you say yes anyway.

Clue: How do you know? A little voice, a feeling in your gut, you get anxious, not excited about doing the work, feel overwhelmed, buyer’s remorse before you even hang up the phone…

“Discover How To Have The Right People Lining Up To Work With You!
Attract Your Ideal Clients And Joint Venture Partners.”

We’ll guide you through ways to:

  1. Get clear and confident on the right words to position and promote your business effectively – from the start.
  2. Manage your Joint Venture expectation – chances are you aren’t going to know them well. Your JV partner is not a mind reader. Get clarity from them.
  3. What if it all sounds good to start and then it goes South. What do you do?
  4. How can you turn lemons into lemonade.
  5. Recognize the signs – don’t ignore the red flags.
  6. Follow your gut – no matter  what.

You’ll want to be sure to listen till the end of the call for two very special offers to support you!

3 “Takeaways” whether you’re talking to a potential Joint Venture partner or new client

  • How to know when to say “No.”
  • “Trust your gut – no matter what!”
  • The person with the strongest conviction prevails!

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