How Scripting For Success Works

Welcome to Scripting For Success: Transform Your Life with Powerful Stories!

Are you ready to revolutionize your decision-making process and accelerate your journey towards success? Look no further, because Scripting For Success (SFS) is here to guide you through this transformative experience.

In a world where the best is the benchmark, and mediocrity is left behind, we understand that good intentions can often be overshadowed by old stories and negative self-talk. At SFS, we believe in the power of STORIES to not only set the stage but to etch your path to success in your memory.

Our approach is simple yet profound. Through daily journaling, we flip negative self-talk, turning positive statements into STORIES imbued with the energy of already achieving your goals. The mere act of reading these ZING stories has brought blessings to a diverse range of individuals, from executives and sales managers to charity founders and United Nations NGOs.

What makes our method unique is the ability to manifest your desires through intentional scripting. I’ve personally experienced incredible moments, from meeting my husband to collaborating with individuals I first envisioned in my stories on the same day I wrote about them.

Scripting For Success is not just a practice; it’s a movement designed to expedite your journey to health, wealth, and love by harnessing the incredible power of decision-making through the STORIES we tell ourselves.

Join our community and training to unlock the secrets of successful scripting, mentoring, and training. This is the place for you if you’re committed to a daily journal practice, tracking results, and using our mental and emotional clearing tools to stay in gratitude and joy.

Experience the joy of gamifying your career decisions, and revel in the connections, resources, and support that arise when you gain clarity in your communication with yourself and others.

Here’s the exciting part – our courses are absolutely free! Sign up for our private community, and dive into a world of transformation. But for personalized coaching to supercharge your journey, we offer paid implementation. This is how we keep Scripting For Success running and ensure that our community thrives.

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery, manifestation, and success? Join Scripting For Success today and let the power of STORIES transform your life.

Free Education, Paid Implementation

We do this in 2 ways – courses and coaching.

All courses are free, all you have to do is sign up to our private community.

Coaching is paid – that’s how we keep SFS running.

You can apply for coaching once you’ve been through the free courses.

We currently have 2 coaching offerings:

  1. ZING Method– 8-Week Program for Professionals Wanting To Use Future Pacing To Design And Track Personal Fulfilling; Creative, Phanthropic and Sales Goals Through ZING/ Joyful/ Quantum communication
  2. Quantum Collaboration – 8-Week Program for Professionals Who Want To Collaborate With Other ZING Method Graduates On Group; Creative, Philanthropic, Projects Such As Live Events, Movies, Books, StanUp, Podcasts
  3. More to Come…

What you’ll get from coaching?

  • A simple and revolutionary way to communicate with yourself and others and accelerate your creative, career and philanthropic mission
  • Visual and Audio instructions in the form of detailed video and written blueprints and templates
  • Worksheets, exercises, and quizzes to help you with your amazing goals.
  • Activating your higher faculties training to increase intuition (pattern recognition), confidence, joy and inspiring others to support your mission/ life’s work
  • Clear goals set for your communication with yourself and others to accelerate Creative, Phanthropic and Sales Goals
  • Be part of our vibrant media feed that accelerates goals, connections, conversations, and quantum results with as little as one post a week.
  • Group feedback on all your future pacing communication with yourself and others such as emails, business proposals, press releases, and sales scripts.
  • Unlimited ZING communication feedback (you send your ZING statements for review and we give you feedback about how your statments and energy match)
  • Our in-house teaching materials – videos, coaching calls, live events.
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