Let’s Add Another 4 DEBT INTO ABUNDANCE students and continue turning all our Sales Rockstars Into Legends with Barry McLawhorn and Ruth Anne Wood!

  • Each student enrolled is for $5000/90 Days to hit the first $30K month goal
  • You are putting down a $5000 deposit today for a total of 4 students, to enroll each sales rock star.
  • After that, your amount due is $1,250/ every 2 weeks for 4 students for a total of 12 payments for 4 students.
  • I can send you another option at PayPal check out to add how many students you want to add for each transaction.
  • You can add as many sales rock star students as you want.
  • Barry C. McLawhorn has the option to enroll each new team member in Ruth Anne Wood’s Scripting For Success 90-day DEBT INTO ABUNDANCE program.
  • Each Sales Rock Star that is enrolled in this 90-day QUICK START MINDSET “DEBT INTO ABUNDANCE” program has an iron-clad guarantee.
  • The Scripting For Success “90 Day Guarantee” is for each of Barry’s currently enrolled team members who meet all the weekly assignment requirements that the students breeze through, which include:

Completing all of:

  1. Ruth’s mindset training modules.
  2. Attending all scheduled group calls or listening to the recording.
  3. Attending all scheduled private mentoring sessions with a Debt Into Abundance mentor on specific milestone assignments with a 24-hour rescheduling notice.
  4. Have 3 set closes per day.
  5. Hand in weekly Sunday survey assessments to support progress.


These rockstar students are in it to win it, and get access to all the tools and training required to hit and soar past the $30K/ month goal in gross sales commission income within 90 days.

There are no refunds. When the participant has followed the above criteria, yet hasn’t hit the $30K/month goal in gross sales commission income within 90 days, Ruth will continue to work with that fully participating team member, that followed the above requirement until s/he hits $30K/month in gross sales commission for the first time for up to an additional 30 day period for a total of 120 days.

  • There is an option to enroll in a year-long accountability/ mastermind program after going through this initial 90-day ASSET GROWTH/ DEBT INTO ABUNDANCE core program training.


  • An enrollment equals one team member for each DEBT INTO ABUNDANCE program.


  • This program is available for Barry’s sales team members at this $5K price point up to 365 days / August 13, 2023, a year after the first enrolled team member.


  • Any missed or incomplete payment balance of $5K from Barry C. McLawhorn to Ruth Anne Wood aka Scripting For Success will VOID this guarantee.


  • Ruth’s modules, resources; videos, worksheets, commentary, and group-specific assignments are added in response to our first official 90-day program and then made available immediately for the following students once the training sequence has been validated.


  • None of this material or company recordings regarding Scripting For Success and Ruth Anne Wood is permitted to be shared, sold, licensed, or repurposed without legal written consent from Ruth Anne Wood.


  • Ruth has permission to use the DEBT INTO ABUNDANCE sales mindset system with any other sales team and future clients in its entirety.

CLICK HERE TO START 4 SALES ROCK STARS M-F 7 AM – 8 AM EDT $5,000 down and $1,250 every 2 weeks for 12 payments

Thank you so much for your trust, integrity, vision, communication, and commitment!

We’ve got this!

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