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Heart and Soul Cutting Edge Leadership Trainer Dov Baron helps boost mega sales and confidence around corporate selling, Michele Blood uses light activation and meditation to boost productivity and fulfillment, Living Smart and Well radio host Inez Bracy helps build confidence and revenue for women, Inspiring Entertaining Speaker Patrick Combs inspired the masses with his corporate team building, Ute Arnold provides structurally corrective and emotionally balancing psychotherapy and bodywork,  Wellness practitioner Susie Beiler helps restore focus and energy, Win the race of life at 180 MPH with motorcycle champion Nadine Lajoie is a visionary speaker on building fortunes, Emotional Freedom Technique Global Summit founder Lori Leyden works with quickly eliminating fear and anxiety and skyrocketing productivity and workplace fulfillment, Renowned Publicity Expert Jill Liblin helps promote corporate clients wellness programs and community outreach, Sian Lindemann leads a wave of Indie Artists and speaks on running a multi-million dollar company, The Tapping Solution with creator Nicolas Ortner demonstrates a profitable 5 million dollar model for community health education, Live Your Rich Dreams with Tom and Penelope Pauley who offer record sales meditations and training, Develop Efective Communication with John Rasiej, Connect with other health centered organizations with expert networker Heshie Segal,  Increase productivity with the Pittbull of Personal Development Larry Winget,


Belonging / Self Esteem / Social

Corporate Wellness Makeovers logoAngelika is an Internationally traveling musician that provides music in hospital and corporate centers, New York author Jessie Barth clears emotional blocks with powerful books and speaking, Shane Belceto a blind man inspires and motivates your team and extensively works with Teen CEOs, Best seller Scott Blum has over a million subscribers on his health and wellness resource site, World-class musician Deb Chamberlin offers healing inspiring music, Hayhouse British Best Seller Jude Currivan offers global perspective and resources on health care, Grammy Award Winning Musician David Darling works with medical patients, Happiness, Performance, Motivational Speaker Jim Donovan helps with confidence and wellbeing, Licensed psychologist Nancy Dreyfus PhD mediates family and company drama, Spiritual guru Bob Doyle provides purpose and passion employee training, New Thought Artist and Musician Karen Drucker provides humor and vision for illness recovery and aging, Twilight Wish Founder Cassy Forkin works with seniors and military vets, Team of Angels Trisha Gallagher offers inspiration to hospital patients, military and seniors, Svetlana Gradess creates wellness through transformational art, Life Coach for Women Paula Gregorowicz creates wellness plans, The Heart Code author Laura Matson Hahn gives a bigger picture on our health care system, Awesome Adventure Women Michelle Halbsgut improves health with outdoor, team building, self confidence building outings, Artist Adventurer Nanette Hartwell builds moral, Lyn Hicks shares simple productivity boosting daily wellness practices,  Creative Shaman Rebekah Higgins uses art to help employees restore focus, productivity and passion, Artist and Peace Corp Veteran Karen Hoffman works with seniors, Spiritual and Small Business Consultant Paul Hoyt helps to connect businesses and our wellness resources,  Department of Peace Advocate Natalie Joy Kaye offers corporate mediation, British/ Dr. Rev. Yvonne Kaye is a Bereavement expert and entertaining wellness speaker, Spiritual Musician Jody Kessler transform company moral with heart centering music, Man of Forgiveness Azim Khamisa helps gangs, corporations deal with painful transition and loss, your greater life purpose, One Red Paperclip guy Kyle MacDonald entertains employees on how 16 trades starting with a paperclip got him a house, Charter School teacher Bonnie MacAllister gives insight in helping the health and well being of our future leaders/ teen, Richard Mc Laughlin works with troubled youth and provides valuable parenting skills, Success Author Carrol McHenry helps with wellness mindset, Photographer and Spiritual yogi, Catherine Jansen brings insights into wellness from 40 trips to India, Jessie Marushak modles a medical health center with caring volunteers and staff, Clarity, Wisdom and Harmony comes with Cheyenne Mease, Treasure Inside Moviemaker Joel Metzger taps into the bigger picture with meditation, Millionaire Christian Mickelson helps transform company mindset and profits, Extreme Mike shares his fearless adventures despite being paralyzed, Lady Morgana shares love through sanctuary, yoga and healing community, Wellness Educator Lynne Okaily offers resources for improving your health and DNA, Akashic Record reader Cherie Lyon helps address past life issues, Live on the Fringes with Melody Rose Parker and her amazing recovery after car accident, Robert Place offers spiritual health guidance through custom made Tarot cards, Possibility Coaches Chris and Jon use their corporate back ground to transform the health, profits, team building of challenged companies, Inner Contessa Luisa Rasiej give women that irresistible confidence, self care tips and glow, Make Your Healing Matter Dawn Richerson shows how to make your health a priority, Paris Middle East Conflict Resolution Expert Frank Romano helps mediate company drama, Anxiety and Depression Relief with Acupuncturist Matt Roessler, Independent Wealth Creator and Trainer Jason Myers has a network of superstar health and wellness providers, Inspirational author Jeff Rivera models the healthy life style living in Costa Rica, Aura Rose expresses healing beauty art and medicinal homegrown herbal remedies, Clear Energy with Rev Vincent Salvatore Michael Scioli, Learn conflict resolution with Peace Center Director Barbara Simmons, Access the Alchemy Of True Success with Jaden Sterling, Recover from major tragedies and losses with Super Juggler to Truck Accident to Inspirational Speaker Kit Summers, Boost self-esteem with trainer Molly Sunshine, Listen to healing solo percussionist, composer and collaborator Tom Teasley, Access Inner Peace with Transformational author Betsey Otter Thompson, Feel connected with UN musical performer Jackie Tice, Reduce stress by learning communication skills to help your youth experience more health and inner peace with Christa M. Tinari, Laugh about aging and life’s health setbacks with Comedian and Medium Carole Tollen, Access a greater connection with stress reducing prayers and angel communication with Reverend Mike Wanner, Blissfully Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary with Edie Weinstein,  Learn about ancient medicinal practices with Spiritual film producer Michael Wiese, Get a second chance at your dreams with Truck Driving Mama and musician Annabella Wood who did a truck driving trip with an 82 year old across the country, Listen and learn from teacher and Grammy Nominated Spiritual Performer David Young, Get centered with Zen Sessions meditative performers and more…


Health Education

Corporate Wellness Makeovers logoSheri Barnes uses kettle bells and trademarked fat burning weight loss system,World renowned medical intuitive Martine Bloquiaux maps out a nutritional and exercise plan to treat undetectable and full blown illnesses, Revive Your Drive with Susan Bratton help restore your libido, EFT specialist Pamela Bruner helps reverse chronic pain and emotional trauma, Spiritual Humorist and Reverend in training Janelle Chambers offers rejuvenating breath work, Best Selling Spiritual Author Alan Cohen helps manage stress and wellness, Awaken the Feminine with Reena Dessai offers yoga, mediation and fitness, Celebrate Your Life with Liz Dawn Donahue brings together more of the top personal development health and wellness experts, Traveling Shaman Joshua Duncan shares proven wellness practices from Russia and Peru, Energy Therapist Diane Eyer PhD boosts energy, focus and productivity, Licensed psychologist Barbara K Folts offers a bigger life picture,  Teacher in Consciousness Kayla Finlay repair major health challenges remotely, Intuitive Teacher & Best Seller Dr. Judith Orloff offers Emotional Healing, Medical Physicist Dr. Tom Padikal shows how companies can save a mint by employees generating our own inner pharmaceuticals,  Inna Segal shares the secret language of our bodies, Study overcoming adversities with world-class figure skater blind since birth Stash Serafin, Learn Tai’ chi with Spiritual Pilgrim Rochelle Shakti, Reshape your health and destiny with personal trainer Michael Shoeman, Focus on the healing energy of love with ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ jewelry co-founder Dane Short, Study with holistic medical Doctor Mark Wiley