2-Hour Introductory Success Scripting session

This is a private phone/skype conversation with Ruth Anne Wood to help create a blueprint for your personal and professional focus in the next six months. This is the first step in learning and developing the tools to make winning decisions, preplan ideal conversations and relationships. At the end of the private, confidential session have a statement that takes vision statements to a new level by being able to test if your goals and decisions are a mental, emotional and physical match or you are out of alignment to what you think you desire. Ruth will work with you to co-create a statement that will have you feel your whole body humming or zinging with joy and happiness, (a sure sign you are a match to your personalized personal and professional blueprint.)


2-Hour Introductory Success Scripting session ($500)


to help you hit the ground running and learn Success Scripting Basics.


Get the first  co-working SuccessScript group month free then month two billing begins each month at $97/month

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Monthly co-working SuccessScript group

This is for current or previous students/clients of Scripting For Success who want to be in the energy of daily email Scripting assignments and group support to write and share additional SuccessScripts and get feedback inside the confidential monthly SuccessScript group.

Monthly co-working SuccessScript group ($97)


(Does not include the recommended private 1st Scripting Session/Training $500)

(Cancel anytime on your Facebook profile. No refunds)