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What Is Your Guidance System

Telling You About Your BIG MISSION?


And what are you telling your guidance system?

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Edie Weinstein, Bring Your Own BlissEdie Weinstein was the original creator and co-publisher of Visions Magazine. For more than 20 years, Edie has interviewed transformational leaders, including His Holiness The Dalai Lama, written articles for magazines and websites worldwide and has been published in anthologies of stories and poetry.  Edie’s work as a speaker and minister has been featured in various media outlets including radio, newspaper, and television.  She has provided PR and Marketing services to promote events and services.  One of her passions is to encourage people to live bliss-filled lives.Ruth Anne Wood, Set and Achieve Your Big Mission goals

Ruth Anne Wood has helped clients set financial goals and get money in a pinch, participated in Amazon book launches, produced a film with award-winning journalists, authors, charities and filmmakers and helped her husband set and achieve six-figure sales goals by his third year in business! A visionary writer, Ruth has guided clients in moving from idea to goal completion.

So we bet you are wondering:  “How do I get started?”

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How do I develop an info product?

How do I build my audience with product give-aways?

How do I start community building?

How can I know during the first meeting/date that  this partner/person is right for me and my big mission project or a time, money or energy waster?

How do I  reach out and invite movers and shakers in my niche to help promote me to their list?

How do I quickly research if my products will sell before even making them?

How do I get started publishing my ebook?

How do I focus my attention on my big mission?

Where do I get an ISBN#?

Where do I find which information products are hot sellers?

How do I spread my message for free with the help of new visitors to my site?

Where can I get the most affordable templates to build my professional website?

How do I create audio interviews?

here can I find guest experts to help me with my info products for free?

How do I do an Amazon book launch?

Why is building relationships  more important than the products I build?

Which two Scripting for Success exercises landed clients the most amazing cash flow and wonderful clients of their own?

How do I inspire my audience to invest in my project before it’s created?

How do I make my  projects a win-win for my clients, the media and charities?

Edie, what was it like interviewing the Dalai Lama?

Ruth, how do you know right away this is the right group of people to help me with my project?…

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Ask us anything about our system:

What exactly is The Scripting for Success System™ and what does it include?

It is a tool for setting and achieving your specific measurable goals by tapping into the vast resources you may or may not know you have. Through the scripting process, whether it’s a business, marketing or life/relationship plan, you will discover what is important to know before moving forward with any project or goal.

Here’s part A & B Part A: Goal Setting and Achievement (Scripting for Success TM)

  1. Energize your imagination to get more of what you want.
  2. Make your dream a priority by setting up systems of accountability to get what you want .
  3. Set specific parameters for your dream so you become a magnet for only things that you want .
  4. Create anchors in your subconscious that alert you when you are getting exactly what you want. (mind maps, scripting, sensitive movement skills)
  5. Do what ever it takes to experience more of what you want now!
  6. Organize your relationships in a way that gives you more of what you want.

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Part B: Marketing and Product Creation (Creative Collaboration)

Create a co-authored project to launch your expertise/ career

  1. Be inspired by someone else’s big up upcoming media event
  2. Research your topic’s audience
  3. Choose a group product you want to create with others
  4. Commit to the group product creation and product launch dates
  5. Promote your event
  6. Offer product creation and promotion tools to your community
  7. Create a community and product around the event that you can monetize monthly

*Post your questions about the above steps in the comment section below.

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