Scripting for Success partnered with Nomad CEO’s “Instant Author” Marketing Program. Before this business relationship, each client’s book took 10-20 x’s longer to create, layout, publish and market than the “Instant Author System”.

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Have you noticed the esteem and regard given to authors in our society? Authors are automatically considered experts! Perhaps it’s because there is a connection between being an “authority” and its root word “author”!

For most people, even if they thought they could write a book, it remains a distant wish. It requires extraordinary time (and talent) to make the end product passable as a book. Plus – it is not inexpensive! Besides, most people just don’t see themselves as an author.

Despite these objections, modern publishing techniques and ghostwriting practices now make it permissible, possible, and desirable for anyone to write a book. Becoming an “Instant Author” with Nomad CEO is the quickest way to publish your own book and begin enjoying the many benefits that come with being an author.