Co-Author And Rapidly Experience Profitable Conversations Better Than We Planned

With “Writer Of Our Lives” Ruth Anne Wood


Ruth and her award-winning clients have partnered with:

  • Women Caucasus
  • Veterans
  • The United Nations
  • US State Department
  • National Publications And Media
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Community Centers
  • Celebrities
  • Best Selling Authors
  • Award-Winning Artists
  • Film Makers


Simply put, we take the stress out of making decisions, partnering with the right people, avoiding stress and drama, creating massive profits and savings quickly gathering the right resources and connections. I will help you and your team

  • Eliminate annoying obstacles to success by changing your focus on what you really want.
  • Turn your stress and complaints into better decisions and communication.
  • Help you make profitable decisions with crystal clear confidence, and integrity.
  • Enable you to free up your time with powerful team and resource delegation and reorganization.
  • Save time by working with the right team, clients, vendors, and partners that align with your vision and quickly skip the rest.
  • Supercharge your decision-making and communication to generate dream-come-true support and cooperation.
  • Have real-time insight on opportunities and challenges and how to smoothly and profitably navigate.
  • No retainers- only pay a percentage of the real market value of the income or savings/results when you become a client. I save clients money and years of struggle that range from big purchase savings to big income growth by removing the limited beliefs and communication that stood in my clients’ way.
In the last two decades, I’ve developed the

Co-Author Of Your Life System™

My 5-step signature system is designed to work with the prospect’s own decision-making process to overcome ‘buyer’s resistance’ and convert them into high-paying clients without pushy and outdated sales tactics.



I only work with Decision Makers, Mission Driven Executives, and Founders with services that provide work to better humanity through effective communication and integrity, and I’m confident I can help and will never take you on if we’re not a good fit. This is what I look for:

  • High-ticket service providers offering services in excess of $5000 (coaches, consultants, experts, service providers, and training providers)
  • Your offer has some traction
  • Your offer is ethical and can produce the results it promises
  • Your marketing should be optimized to reach your target audience
  • You should have the capacity to take on significantly more clients


I have a 99 % track record of helping my clients create and make winning decisions that have saved them a boatload of time and energy as well as aligned them with dream-come-true business deals. As for the other 1%? I refunded their money within the first month because they weren’t serious about their stated outcome and wanted to go back to playing small.

I’ve worked with decision-makers, founders, leaders, mission-driven entrepreneurs, and high-achieving executives and NGOs for two decades.

I’ve developed a very deep understanding of how the mind of the decision-maker works when it comes to self-sabotage and having everything click into place once the right plan and communication are set into motion.

This insight led me to create my revolutionary Communication For Winners System which works by having my decision-makers test drive their ideal conversations and end results and remove any resistance to believing and communicating that result.

The whole mentoring experience is a positive one making time pass quickly and conversations, savings, partnerships, ideal projects, and clients show up in awe-inspiring, easy ways.

$10+ Million

Savings and Profitable Opportunities Generated By My Clients Using Communication For Winners System



  • Strategist And Mentor in the Professional Goal Achievement Arena For Executives, Founders, Professionals And Visionaries
  • Creator of the revolutionary Winning Conversations System
  • Helped Her Clients Make AND Save Over 10 Million Dollars
  • Serves On The Board Of Nationat And International NGO
  • Is A Visionary Who Helps Decision Makers Achieve Groundbreaking Financial And Mission Driven Results
  • Is A Best Selling Author, Exhibited Artist, Movie Producer, Playwright, International Lecturer, Mentor, Strategist



See What People Are Saying


“Some people wait their whole life for what we accomplished in three months.”

Cass Forkin
Founder And Authoirnd – Twilight Wish Foundation

‘The first time I worked with Ruth over a decade ago after meeting at a conference, in a matter of days she helped me avoid a lawsuit, find a place to live, deal with my sue happy ex that emptied out our joint bank account.

This time around, within a month of working 1-1 together she helped me with my mindset again to find a 7-figure plus dream job in sales working with high net worth clients and partnering with billionaires.”

Barry McLawhorn
Business Strategist

“During Ruth’s six week class I got a 30% pay raise, all my grown daughter’s medical expenses and childcare paid by my employer, and got inspired to teach my own Think And Grow Rich class.”

Cathy Boaz
Public School Language Teacher, TX

“Ruth has been a huge asset to our UN Task Force since our NGO became consultants to the United Nations. We also appreciate her work as task force secretary, online mentor for our university leadership program in China and being a facilitator on campus teaching our leadership students how to be conscious stewards of our world following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

Jerrie Uberele
Founder Of Global Interactions and WORLD ACADEMY FOR THE FUTURE OF WOMEN

“Thanks to the focus and mindset Ruth gave me I was able place in first place two out of three national English speaking and translation competitions, (the first at my university to achieve such an honor!). Thanks to Ruth’s mentoring I excelled in my student leadership role at the WORLD ACADEMY and got into my first choice university for grad school. Ruth quickly taught me about taking care of my health; mentally, emotionally and physically. I was able to soar above the drama and distractions not let petty essues get in the way of my intense 7 hour a day summer and break study schedule. All while staying positive during scary pandemic times”

Elina Jing, Bejing, China
English Tranlation Grad Student And Government Transcriptionist

“Ruth for making it happen now!”

Ken McArthur
Best Selling Author/ Filmmaker of  “THE IMPACT FACTOR”

“I came to Ruth needing help filling out my application to journalism gradschool and she quickly helped me with a bigger issue… Dealing with my abusive ex during a brutal divorce and protecting me and my teenage son. Long story short, Ruth helped me not walk away from collecting a setttlement and stay in my power with humor and grace. As a result I stayed the course and was awarded a 7 figure divorse settlement.”

Diane Renot

“As a first generation immigrant and hair stylist, I valued edcation for my three daughters. My husband and I are so grateful and still in awe how life changing Ruth’s ten week workshop was. Before it was over I had won a church raffle and was gifted a four year college education and room and board paid in full by a distant relative for my oldest daughter. Without Ruth’s class I would have never recognized and accepted such blessings and generousity!”

Maria Conner
Hair Stylist, Proud Mother

“During JV ZOO Prelaunch our sales were dismal. I was introduced to Ruth by a mutual friend. She immediately picked up on my complaining about the performance of our sales team. She had me do one exercise to focus on what everyone was doing well and write it down as their new job description. The next day, it was if a switch had been flipped and my team had done a 180 reversal. We went on to have record sales selling over a quater million dollars in our digital product!”

D. L.
JV ZOO Product Lanuch Sales Manager


“I dubbed Ruth ‘Writer Of Our Lives’ when what she wrote in creative writing came true a couple days later in science lab. I caught myself echoing the words the teacher used in her story as Ruth and her classmates suddenly figured out the lab experiment minutes from each other when they were stumped the previous class. Fast forward a couple decades and I’m proud to learn that her natural abilities has become a duplicatable, teachable system that has helped a lot of professionals and organizations.”

Steve Lamm
Ruth’s 9th Grade High School English & Science Teacher

“Our land wasn’t selling for over a year and Ruth had me write imaginary conversations with our ideal buyers. Things moved very quickly after that! We were happy to pay her and her brother a nice advance on their inheritence.”

Catherine Werth (Ruth’s Mom)
Texas Land Developer, Conservationist

Ready To Take Your Organization And Career To A New Heights?



Q. What does your ‘done for you’ closing service actually provide?
Q. My audience is in a niche demographic – are you able to sell to them?
Q. When I hire you, what conversion rate should I expect?
Q. What’s the difference between a High ticket closer and an Enrollment Coach?
Q. I can hire a High ticket closer or Enrollment coach myself – why do I need an outsourced sales team?
What is your call handling capacity?
Q. What are your fees?
Q. Do you charge a basic fee or retainer for your outsourced team?
Q. Why would you work on a commission-only basis?
Q. Do I need to provide leads?
Q. What preparation do I need to complete before you start selling for me?
Q. How quickly can you onboard me?
Q. When can I expect to see results?
Q. How do I know you’re using the best High ticket sales closers for my program?
Q. How can I be sure you’ll represent my brand in an authentic manner?
Q. Will you lock me into a long-term contract?
Q. Why should I hire you to outsource my high ticket sales instead of hiring a High ticket closer directly?
Q. I’ve had a very bad experience before with other High ticket sales closers, how can I be sure this won’t happen again to me?
Q. When should I consider outsourcing my High ticket sales?
Q. When should I consider outsourcing my High ticket sales?
Q. With such a large team how do you keep up the quality for all your High ticket closers?
Q. What are the other differences between you and other High ticket outsourced agencies?
Q. Do you offer your done-for-you High ticket sales service in any other languages?

Ready To Take Your Organization And Career To A New Heights?