Leadership Management Programs​

Harness The Power and Charisma with Ease Of Your Heroes When You Speak

  • Use Walk About For The Soul, literally a five minute theater exercise that transforms your limiting stories and beliefs
  • Scripting For Success Leaders are transcending company emergencies with one sentence Success News Headlines and writing the press releases they chose to read as if these financial, legal, career and relationship problems never happened.
  • Borrow the winning qualities of leaders in your industry, favorite movies and books for immediate shifts in performance
  • Harness and align the energetic qualities of your success script to feel an instant connection and validation you are at your desired place at the right time.
  • Eliminate all your past mistakes and limiting stories in your Success Script and only write about ideal outcomes as if they already happened.

Can you really harness the power, charisma from your heroes and role models? Maybe it's in the way she walks or the way he grooves? In any case with the right theatrical coaching from a director, mentor or keynote speaker, Ruth Anne Wood gets even the shyest participants with two left feet to easily drop the complaints, fears and self sabotage and quickly test drive their ideal experience of being more charismatic, charming and influential. How? If you can walk to one side of the room or stage without falling down and you can answer "yes" or "no" questions from the audience or trainer, you have what it takes to test drive and experience a more charismatic persona in minutes, which you can access very quickly before important meetings, interviews, presentations and conversations. Ruth Anne Wood’s Scripting For Success program looks at some the non-verbal ways we stop ourselves from effectively communicating. Now through the scripting process we have a way in minutes to improve mental, emotional and physical performance and then lock in these quantum leap results through a one sentence Success News Headline which can be read out loud when ever the user wants to feel good and connect with their ideal mental and emotional state. There is no need to memorize sales scripts when this process is fully utilized in the moment.

All the participants who have used this process have come across more authentic, likable, confident and extra aware of previously missed opportunities. Now fully present to them after using a series of fast acting focusing techniques they have tapped into the deepest desires of who they wanted and intended to be. Once this new character or better versions of a person is revealed, a couple key statements or scripts can recreate this physical experience just by reading these carefully crafted statements out loud until the body tingles with recognition and confident belief in this new state of being. They also knew in a moment if their script failed to capture their ideal state of being as a leader in their company or before that important meeting. Armed with this one page tool a whole company can quickly learn how to recreate this process for broad sweeping changes, one-on-one sales meetings or team strategy sessions. It has been used to activate the core genius and passion of its participants just before it's time to interact during that all important sales call, creative development meeting, talking to the press, hiring process or difficult family meetings.