Communication Skills Programs

‚ÄčKnow The First Meeting If The New Candidate Is A Supporting Role

In Your Organization Or An Adversary To Your Hero's Journey

  • Just like a computer tech, physician or mechanic who can spot patterns in their subject, create a check list of high performance win/win relationships
  • Tweak your ideal relationship check list before that important sales meeting, job interview or hiring outside consultants and investors
  • Make sure you have "how you want to think and feel about that prospect" on your meeting check list for instant recognition
  • When you notice these win/win qualities in the person talk to them as if they were already on your team and observe.
  • If you are already complaining about the prospect, applicant or potential investor at the first meeting part ways no matter how good the deal looks on paper. This is a time, money and resource saving gift from your subconscious!

Have you ever had a meeting where you weren't sure how you felt about the person? Did you push down those red flags that nagged at you, hoping that you could smooth them out later after the employee or vender was hired or contract was signed? Did you find yourself complaining about the meeting or prospect to a coworker or loved one afterwards? Things like how the person made you feel about the offered salary, pricing or commission are great indicators that can be tracked with the help of your success script during a meeting for fast win/win decision making. After awhile this check list that embraces your values and company mission will be embedded in you subconsciousness and you'll know quickly if there is a great match or cut your loses and move on to better leads. Or maybe the prospect complained about price but kept coming back to pick your brain or ask another follow up question, not valuing your time and expertise before making a decision. Our clients have learned to take that as a sign. With the right success scripts in place before that meeting, these uncomfortable conversations can illuminate the right partners and quickly eliminate time, money and company resource wasters. When this mental and emotional checklist is ignored during the meeting, decision makers have experienced buyer remorse after taking on a difficult clients or hard to manage employees or venders. This process has also helped avoid lawsuits, overpaying on time and material and even avoided fees during surprise tax audits. It has also reduced time and money wasted courting incompatible prospects.