“A miracle is a shift from fear to love” –Course In Miracles


Use this 30 minute BONUS session to focus on one situation.

Infuse your; finances, career or a relationship with more love.

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Once They Started Using It Their Decision Making Was Quicker, More Intuitive And Rewarding

Sometimes we don't know a good thing when it's staring us in the face. People tend to second guess the golden opportunities right in front of them and hastily pick the wrong, purchase, business partner, joint venture, romantic interest, vendor, client or employee even if reflecting back all the signs were there.

And these mistakes in picking your next money pit house, former job, ex business partner, ​fired employee, separated mate ain't cheap... often time these mistake run in the 5-7 figures. Ouch.

Fortunately there is a way to experience the right opportunity at the right time... PLAN FOR IT!​

And not just making a physical list of everything you want... pre-plan how you want to feel or what you want to notice when the right set up is staring you in the face. ​What price would you put on your peace of mind to: heighten your mental and emotional senses and filter out what you don't want?

Be prepared to experience more:

  • Awesome conversations
  • Deja vu moments
  • Increased joy
  • Surprise gifts
  • Confidence
  • Income opportunities
  • And blessings

It's based on your willingness to deep dive into this program. It's designed to help you feel good and set your mental and emotional focus on the good feeling and thoughts in your life...

It lets you know right away if the prospect, vendor, relative, blind date, investor or joint venture is a win/win fit or not right for you... Saving you tons of money in missed opportunities or costly mistakes.

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Download Circle Map Fear to Love Miracle Template

ACTIVATE YOUR HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER STORY IN MINUTES after creating this mental and emotionally aligned success blue print. You don’t need to be psychic, go to therapy or change anything about your physical self to start getting results. Use this mini Scripting session to co-create a road map for a specific mental and emotional focus. No more “Squirrel!” or bright shinning object on the topic of your session. By the end of these five minute focusing exercises know right away if the next conversation, love interest or potential job or project is a match thanks to your “Success Headline”.

Ruth Anne Wood, Host

Experience that déjà vu feeling after your Scripting For Success session where you quickly start to overhear or be engaged in synchronistic conversations or meetings with your ideal mate, business partner, client, joint venture partner or transformational business opportunity.

Some client examples include: Getting an unexpected gift valued at $100K for her daughter's college from a distant relative, having a bogus court case thrown out the first day of trial before incurring expensive fees, having a tax collector apologize for an accounting error during a scary next day audit, a disheartened divorcée having no luck with second dates meeting two ideal women in 14 days that were crazy about him that matched his Happily-Ever-After relationship story, having a $100 client turn into an $8,000 client days after the two hour Scripting session... and decade more of Happily-Ever-After Scripting stories!

After creating this mini-success script, know right away if the present moment is a match to your specific desire or to put your focus elsewhere thanks to your Success Script. This helps you act with confidence alerts you that you are at the right place at the right time. And if you’re not sure, reread your personalized Success Script quietly to yourself to get back into your ideal mental/ emotional state.

During this mini- session walk away with a mentally and emotionally aligned success map or Success Headline that makes your whole body buzz with delight and recognition when you read it out loud. And if your whole body doesn’t buzz with joy and acceptance we’ll quickly tweak it so it does. Recognize that same feeling weeks, days or even minutes after your Scripting For Success session every time you step into your ideal vibration and reread your Success blueprint out loud. "The observer affects the outcome".

DISCLAIMER: This process isn’t designed to fix anything… just to help you feel good in the moment and quickly recognize and tap into synchronicities and miracles all around you.

“A miracle is a shift from fear to love.” –A Course In Miracles.

Ruth Anne Wood, LM is a licensed massage therapist that offers: Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Craniosacral, Sports Massage, Myofascial, Reflexology, Level 1 Reiki, Prenatal and Hot Stone Massage at EmpowermentOfMassage.com with a home office in Doylestown, PA. Ruth began professionally helping people with aches, pains and life stresses in the mid 1990's. Ruth is also the founder of “Scripting for Success” an runs JV Attraction, an online community for authors and coaches. With empathy, passion, skill and deep intuition, Ruth integrates many modalities in her work as a Shiatsu Practitioner, Author, Live Your Peace Show Host and as a Certified Life and Business Coach and leadership trainer. Ruth's passion is to help her clients feel their best in every mind, body and spirit connection.

To contact Ruth Anne, please email ruth@ScriptingForSuccess.com.
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