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It’s your turn to discover the Secrets to Setting and Achieving Your Seemingly “Impossible”Goals In Record Time!
-Ruth Anne Wood, director of  Scripting for Success

Here are the six steps that I used to produce LIVE YOUR PEACE movie and attract a stellar cast including a two time Oprah guest, Emmy award winning film maker and national award winning journalist.

Be sure to take notes. Jot down what goal or project you want to start using this process right away!

Listen to: 6 Steps to Setting & Achieving Your Dreams

1. Energize your imagination to launch your dream out of the drawer
2. Make Your Dream a priority by setting up systems of accountability
3. Set specific parameters for your dream so you become a filter for only things that support your dream
4. Create anchors in your subconscious that alerts you when your dream is being supported. (mind maps, scripting, sensitive movement skills)
5. Organize your relationships in a way that fuels your dreams
6. Do what ever it takes to experience your dream now!

Process created by Ruth Anne Wood and Stash Serafin

Ruth Anne Wood, Director/ProducerCREDENTIALS: Stash Serafin inspires and teaches people on and off the ice and has appeared in the Stash Serafin, Sensitive Movement Coachnational media since the 1970s, skating with local and world-class figure skaters despite being blind since birth. Ruth Anne Wood is the director of IVE YOUR PEACE and through Scripting for Success™, a production company that helps clients set and achieve impossible dreams. She is the editor of the e-zine Script Your Success and of multiple books. Serafin and Wood have written YOU CAN’T GET IT ‘CAUSE YOU’VE ALREADY GOT IT.

AVAILABILITY: PA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Ruth Anne Wood, (215) 872-5035 (PA);; Stash Serafin, (215) 806-0799 (PA);; 3 minute B roll

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  1. Yvonne Kaye 11 January 2010 at 4:19 pm #

    I have known Stash for years. He was on my radio show a lot. I love him to pieces! Maybe I need to be interviewed and join this peace group too. Heaven knows I believe in it. I lived through WW2 firsthand and have alot to say!!!! Yvonne

  2. Ruth Anne Wood 11 January 2010 at 10:11 pm #

    Stash is awesome. Did you read our book on Amazon?

    As far as the interview, you’re on!

    Just fill out the online application and email it back to moi!

    How exciting!



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