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Let’s Make Peace a Household Word

Natalie Joy Kaye – July, 98

Natalie Joy Kaye

What a concept!  But how do we achieve this crucial and necessary goal?  First of all, I believe we must understand what are the dynamics and mechanisms that operate to produce household words.  Just how does a concept become mass produced and accepted?  What are the tools and vehicles that play an essential role in this scenario?  How does any new product become a household must?

I believe the answer to these questions is advertising and mass media promotion.  It is through advertising in our society that products, services and concepts become must haves.  I believe peace and the value of living peacefully have to become “must haves.  People must be convinced that it is essential. So the next question becomes how to advertise and promote peace so that it becomes a household word.

I propose an ongoing advertising and media campaign to promote peace using all the means at our disposal; i.e., newspaper and magazine ads, radio and TV spots and commercials, peace songs and peace videos, plays and movies dealing with peace, newspaper stories about people solving problems peacefully, television programs witnessing peaceful ways of handling conflicts then and now, a cable channel on peace.  Let there be a veritable flood of information and messages non-stop over every radio station and TV channel about the benefits of peaceful living.  Instead of billboards advertising smoking, suntan lotion, Burger King, etc. let’s create billboards and ads extolling the benefits and values of being at peace. Let’s create a hunger and a burning desire for peaceful life through our advertising and media blitz.

There is strength in numbers and perhaps an important part of this process would be to gather together all those individuals and groups who work for peace to explore the ways this powerful media campaign could be funded and activated and who would develop a successful plan of action and a timeline to carry it out.

Once we have achieved this, I believe the next step would be to acknowledge the need for and begin a campaign to create a Department of Peace.  It would need to be staffed with those individuals who had worked for the Peace movement and knew how to develop and implement ongoing programs that would further the cause of peace.

There are of course no simple solutions, but I believe if we have the vision, the courage, the willingness to trust, and the commitment to our vision

How do you make Peace a household word?

Natalie Joy KayeLive Your Peace interviews Natalie Joy Kaye, community activist and winner of several peacemaking awards, including the “Harold and Alma Abel Peacemaker of the Year Award” from Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 2001, the March, 2006, “Women Making a Difference Award” from the Soroptimists for her work in the community to empower women and promote peace and the 2008 YWCA Salute to Women Making a Difference Award.

Serving as the Community Outreach Director of the Peace Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Natalie helped bring together community leaders and organizations to collaborate on programs and projects such as the “Strengthening Community Relationships” conference and Peace Week Bucks County 2004-2006. In 2001, Natalie organized a committee for the “No Place for Hate” program in Newtown. Under her leadership, Newtown became the very first community in Pennsylvania to be certified as a “No Place for Hate” community.  She also was instrumental in starting the Doylestown and Bensalem “No Place for Hate” Committees.  Natalie currently has her own company, On Demand Programs and Events,  producing events that enrich, inspire and entertain.

Natalie Joy Kaye

On Demand Programs and Events

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  1. Blaine 7 December 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    Great interview with Natalie . . . and I’ve also enjoyed the other ones I’ve heard. Nice going, Ruth!

  2. admin 8 December 2009 at 12:26 pm #

    Thanks Blaine,
    Natalie is one of those people is a tour de force when it comes to bringing awe inspiring people together and creating positive change in a troubled environment. It’s remarkable what she and her team has been able to accomplish! -Ruth

  3. Felipe Tippey 5 March 2010 at 3:19 am #

    following the blog, great stuff!

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