Live Your Peace interviews Jackie Tice

Jackie TiceAccompanying herself with guitar, rattles and Native American Flutes, multi-award-winning songwriter, Jackie Tice, communicates an inclusive global worldview through her mixed Indigenous Cherokee and Eastern European roots. With countless appearances at United Nations events and with performers from five continents, Tice’s unique Acoustic World Folk rhythms have solidified her reputation as an international artist bridging the relationship of Nature and Human Nature through her music.

Winner of the esteemed national Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Award, Indian Summer Music Award, Lehigh Valley Music Award and Silver Arrow Award, in addition to a Best Female Artist NAMMY (Native American Music Award) nomination, Tice is walking in the footsteps of other crossover artists like Buffy St. Marie and Bill Miller who interweave the spirit of indigenous philosophy into accessible folk, rock and jazz musical styles.

Tice’s songs have been used in films and commercials, and published by Random House Books and magazines. Her award-winning ballad, ‘The Marijo Tonight,’ was declared by Acoustic Guitar magazine to be “a guitar player’s ‘Piano Man’ and as bittersweet as John Prine’s ‘Angel From Montgomery’.” In 2009, she collaborated with composer Peter Buffet on the documentary, “For The Next Seven Generations.”

The founder and artistic director of All Nations Peace, this International gathering of Indigenous musicians from the Four Directions of the Earth presents concerts together as a World Tribal Peace Council.

Tice is on the prestigious rosters of the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts and Pennsylvania Peforming Arts on Tour as both educator and national touring artist.

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2 Responses to “Jackie Tice”

  1. Ruth Anne Wood 21 May 2010 at 8:39 pm #

    Jackie thanks so much for being our guest for Live Your Peace! It’s such a heart opening interview of what happens when you follow your guidance.

  2. Jackie Tice 21 May 2010 at 8:40 pm #

    Ruth Anne interviewed me for about 35 minutes the other day. Listen at the audio above – topics: my work at the UN, All Nations Peace, everybody has a purpose, why I trust LIFE!

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