Filmed Workshop Games!

Surprise – The Entire LIVE YOUR PEACE
Workshop/Filming is a Series of Games!

The cast/workshop participants are briefed about the games at the beginning of the day and then it is up to you the Cast Member or Director to choose the next game/activity you want/need/love to do with the group.

It’s done in the style of the hit improve show except not as over the top as the most hilarious episode of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” I’ve ever seen! (Brace yourself for side spliting laughter)

The Games

EXPRESS YOUR PEACE – You are invited to play music, sing, stretch, take breaks, snack, hug, dance, teach, help, share through out the day.

MIRROR YOUR PEACE – Stand in front of a partner and model each other’s movement, emotions, expressions and peace.

MOLD YOUR PEACE – You may use clay, you or someone else in a skit or human scupture, a group conversation or anything you need to gain clarity around living your peace.

JUGGLE YOUR PEACE – This is a break the ice activity that involves tossing soft objects such as rolled up socks, pillows, small objects around the group formed circle. The director tosses the first object to someone and the object is passed to a new person in the circle. Remember the person who you gave or received the object from because that pattern will remain the same through out the game. As the group gets in the swing of jugging, more objects are added including a word game that monitors the pulse of the group.

DEBATE YOUR PEACE-You may choose a team mate to be the voice of peace in your life as you work through your challenging: fear, relationship, experience,  (This is done in a safe, supportive, non judgemental environment. The director of LIVE YOUR PEACE will honor confidentiality and only use footage in the 3-7 minute film that show cases the best of the group activities. All cast/crew are invited to participate in the activities yet it’s not mandatory. Many of the cast/crew are trained facilitators in the peace practice and creating a sacrid, honored space for healing and expression.

FINANCE YOUR PEACE- This is a new exercise that involves restoring your peace around money and “loveraging” (as Mark Victor Hansen calls it) the power of love and generosity. Individuals fill in one or more blank gift certificates with your passion/service. Then the fun begins as we play with relationship building and real money.

LOVE YOUR PEACE- It’s a group check in and sharing gratitude for the unfoldment of the Live Your Peace experience.

SPEAK YOUR PEACE – One person introduces the speaker of the next activity which includes how you know the speaker and how you notice they express peace in their personal and public lives.

LIVE YOUR PEACE – It’s the highly anticipated 10 seconds of Living your peace directly to the camera. It could be in the form of a shared song, poem, joke, insight, riddle, art, silence, challenge, invitation, meditation, art, memory, exercise, tool…

*Many of these games originate from the director’s ten day workshop Jamin with Your Inner, private/group coaching and talks Scripting for Success ©1994-2010

3 Responses to “Workshop/Games”

  1. Annabella Wood 13 November 2009 at 10:05 pm #

    Hi Ruth Anne,
    Wow, a lot going on here. It all looks interesting, and I have no idea which one I will hang with. I want to try all of them. Is there a floater position?

    Also, FYI, the link to Whose Line is it Anyway doesn’t work.


  2. Ruth Anne Wood 13 November 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    “Whose Line Is It Anyway” link is working again. It may be too offensive for some people to watch but I couldn’t stop laughing.

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