Thank you to the Live Your Peace Cast/ Special Guests and Raving Fans!

Finally, I got to the interview page WOW! Am eager to listen when I finish my work. Would love to see a link from your website page…have searched and not found it.  I would also consider updating and eliminating directions and anything related to cost for sign up for workshop Including the comment asking about paying for workshop on home page. The main website and all the bios are so impressive you want to keep it all positive.
Is Live Your Peace coaching individually available.
Love you,


I am pleased-delighted and impressed by what you’re doing w. Live Your Peace
I am proud to play a small role.



It’s quite a project.

Once you agreed to participate it helped me to think bigger and gave me the courage to open the conversation up beyond
our local community.


(11/29/09) Live Your Peace” Workshop/Cast Member Kudos

Thank you to the Workshop Attendees/ Cast

I feel so blessed to witness such engaging, heartfelt, meaningful, uplifiting conversation. See you on the flip side ichael Moore as we offered solutions, vision, spirit, community, divine timing, play, silliness (brilliance). I’m eager to review and edit what Bill and Jason captured of our afternoon of intense improv! In the meantime please weigh in on these question:

Live Your Peace (Comments/Suggestions)

I recommend “Live Your Peace” be shared with the following:

Groups/Schools/Communities I belong to (Name/Website/Contact’s Name & Phone):

Websites/Online Communities I belong to:

Theaters/Media/Paper/TV/Radio/I belong to or have contacts:

List the Name and Contact info of the person who would make a great interview

Comments and Suggestions for: “Live Your Peace” film/ online game/ online community…




Mission Accomplished
Hi Ruth
You certainly accomplished what you intended – it was a very peaceful day with a lovely group of talented people – glad I was there
Blessings, Rochelle Shakti


With Love & Grace
Ruth Anne, I so enjoyed watching you in your role of facilitator/leader…your energy was so light, joyful, when you danced I felt your freedom, your joy. As you know, I had no idea what Sunday afternoon entailed. I appreciate all those present and the gifts they offered. Bill Jersey is a delight and a very generous person.
As I heal, I invite peace in, I was in process that day…thanks for allowing me to be a part of the afternoon.
With Love and grace, Susan

Kudos from Truck Driving Mama!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to put in my two cents worth, also. It felt great to be in that room with so many inspired people who have traveled so many paths of peace and who wanted to share them. Thank you, Ruth, for getting the whole thing going and to everyone who attended and participated.

At the risk of repeating myself to some of you, I want to announce the posting of my first music video, which was filmed by Bill Jersey and recorded by Dan Kliman. I posted it on my website:, and on You Tube:

Happy peaceful listening,



Kudos All Around

HI Ruth and Jason,

Wow, you did it. I can’t wait to see it. But mainly, we all had a great time. Such nice people there – the perfect group. Thank you for including me. I am so impressed with both of you.

Trish Gallagher

Hi Bill,

What an interesting afternoon! That was a lot of fun -not my typical Sunday. Thank you so much for believing in the merit of Ruth’s peace project and helping her to make this dream come true I think she has an amazing spirit and so much talent. I have kids close to her age so I am in awe of what she knows at such a young age. It is so nice to see young couples like Ruth and Jason.

You just kept things moving and light. I thank you for taking time from your painting, time with your lovely wife, relaxing in your beautiful home, (and sharing your sentiments about the first kiss and date, after 25 years of marriage.)

I look forward to seeing the Live Your Peace and the Truck Driving Mama videos, and also a re-run of the film that you shared at Circle many months ago. Hope you have a wonderful week planned.

With gratitude and admiration,

-Trish Gallagher


Real Love & Appreciation

You did a spectacular job yesterday of bringing out the best in us,embracing us with your own beautiful presence–and knowing when to get out of the way. I feel honored to have been in that room with such truly lovely people. I must admit there was a brief inner groan when we started with sock-tossing….and within two minutes even that felt inspired to me. Thank you. real love and appreciation, Nancy


Thanks, Nancy!

Yesterday and preparing for our time together was definitely spirit lead.



Downloading Peace Into Your Life

Thank you, Ruth. I really enjoyed it. What a wonderful thing to get together with so many peace centered people to play, share and listen to ways to help download peace into my life. It was great to be a part of this.

Keep up the good work.

(Friends are people who know the words to the song in your heart and sing them back to you when you have forgotten them.)

— Carol Kutlow


A Facilitator’s Dream Feadback

Dear Ruth…

Thanks… for BE-ing a wonder-full facilitator…

wonder-full creative Spirit…

and purveyor of Fun.

Lovingly…Herk and Karen


Transformational Ripples

Ruth & All,

The deepest joy of the afternoon for me was a great reaffirmation that peacemakers from all walks & works are serving Humanity by living and modeling their peace. I can see many pebbles (and stones from the stone-soup) creating the kind of transformational ‘ripples’ the world needs.

May we uncover the lasting peace that is pure unity consciousness. Being our True Nature, no words will even be necessary!

Gratitude to you and Bill and Jason for manifesting this gift of service!

playfully yours,

P.S. Of course, is perfect for the film and any link to continuing involvement 😉


Priceless Feedback from a Master Film Maker

First- Congrats on achieving Ur goal!
it was an engaging afternoon !
I was only disappointed that people except for peter had not prepared their brief statements.
So You’ll have a very large task cutting this stuff .
That’s why I’m writing.
first I hope you can find a way of inputting the video at a lower rez.
Otherwise you’ll have an enormous file to work with.

2)try to look first for what can become the core element of your video.

Since there is no story your are really composing a piece of music
with words, actions- reactions and literal music to constitute your “chords”.

I’m drawn to ‘Let It Begin With Me” as the theme.

with that in mind here’s a possible order- (don’t feel reluctant to using titles- they can float in )

A) hear the song
B) see a title- “We Started with who we were”
C) see people throwing socks saying why they are there
D)that ends with chaos and laughter
E)title “we each tossed something into the “pot”
music, crafts techniques and ideas”
F) see peter and Annabella playing–intercut with making cranes , playing with feathers demo of Tai chi
Dancing etc- an action seq. W peters and AW’s music as background- end w. peter ending his song to–
G)Peters one minute rap- followed by select comments from others with instrumental of Now there is Peace
If You don’t have it I’m sure Peter could provide.–On Piano or solo guitar.
then– how you structure short bites from the whole group is a tough one.
I’d normally select 20 or so of the best stand alone bites
no long presentations or stories– then edit those together with an emotional build.
When U have a rough cut – U can put it on my iDisk and I’ll comment
All the best


Very cool! It was fun wasn’t it!

Thanks for your editing feedback and participation yesterday! What a treat!!
Yes, I have my work cut out for me and am glad I have the focused goal of about a week to do the editing.

(Don’t have time to get too heady or be a perfectionist- Two things that have stopped my projects in the past)…
Just in time for the Nobel Peace award global online conversations!
Tomorrow Jason will set me up on his Apple software and I’ll start chunking scenes.
3-7 minute film means taking the essence/ highlights and going for the emotional grabbers first. Bill, I’ll keep you posted. 🙂



Sharing with Kindred Spirit
Wondrous day at Live Your Peace workshop. In a 3 hour time span, we spoke, danced, played, meditated, prayed, drummed, sang, wrote, hugged, strummed, BE-d our peace~ Thank you, sweet kindred spirits for sharing who you each are with each other and soon with the world. -Edie Weinstein

—————————————————————————————————————–BEFORE THE WORKSHOP

Rev up your peace engines as kindred spirits and peace lovers of all stripes gather this Sunday at Circle of Miracles in beautiful Bucks County, Pa for the extraordinary experience of Live Your Peace! Please pass this on to friends~ ♥ Edie Weinstein

Rev up your peace engines as kindred spirits and peace lovers of all stripes gather this Sunday at Circle of Miracles in beautiful Bucks County, Pa for the extraordinary experience of Live Your Peace! Please pass this on to friends~ ♥ Edie Weinstein

Spread Your Wings

Dear Ruth Anne, What a woman you are! It’s fantastic to continue watching you spread your wings, grow, extend and invite others to do the same. Hugs and blessings in all your creative endeavor.

Love you, Alice


Make Peace A Household  Name
Hi Ruth:  I can’t make the workshop but would love my essay posted.  Please let me know how I can do that.  Good luck with the movie. – Natalie Joy Kaye, On Demand Programs and Events, Newtown, PA
Thanks Natalie. Until we have our online membership site up and running with awesome essays, interviews, peace resource, please check out Natalie’s essay in our first co-authored collaboration Abundant Magical Lives, Insights for Passionate People. One of these 25 essays is guaranteed to bring about more peace, focused passion and prosperity in your life. -Ruth

Ruth, thanks.  It’s interesting that when I wrote this essay and suggested a Department of Peace, none was in the works. – Natalie Joy Kaye, On Demand Programs and Events, Newtown, PA

Natalie, you are a powerful manifestor! Keep living what you’re living, my friend. -Ruth


T-shirts Anybody?
eace not war
Empathy not hate Abundance not greed Creativity not destruction Everybody not just us Catherine Werth

WOW, awesome, Mom. Here’s my variation: Peace Empathy Abundance Creativity Everybody —————————————————————————————————————–
Inhale Peace Exhale Negativity

WOW, Ruth Anne!  What a great opportunity!  I would love to contribute to your project.  I teach a deep breathing meditation for creating within yourself what you want to experience, and releasing on your exhale what you want to release from your life.  When I’m teaching it, I begin with inhaling peace, love, and joy, and exhaling all stress, fear, pain, and negativity.

-Blessings on your project!


Katie McCorkle, Ph.D. Founder & CEO Balanced Heart™ Healing Center Balanced Heart™ Healing Center’s core values are openness, honesty, safety, service, equality, freedom, integrity, respect, acceptance without judgment, and congruence between thought/word/deed in a life lived.  The 10 Principles (©2002) which guide the way care is offered at Balanced Heart™ Healing Center are:

  1. Open your heart and TRUST

  2. Give and receive freely, WITHOUT ATTACHMENT to the outcome

  3. Create SAFETY for yourself and others

  4. Welcome everything as a BLESSING, especially when it doesn’t look like one

  5. See only GOODNESS (Love)


  7. Take RESPONSIBILITY for everything, no exceptions

  8. LET GO of what no longer serves you

  9. Have NO JUDGMENTS, so the truth can be revealed

  10. BE the MIRACLE you wish to create!


No One Teaches You How

Hey Ruth:

Peace should begin in the home. We are hard wired to fight but resolving conflicts peacefully is a learned skill. The problem is, no one teaches you how.


—————————————————————————————————————– Christine Exudes Love & Peace

Hi Ruthanne   miss you   this project is very cool  talk to you soon  missssss you   oxoxo christine

—————————————————————————————————————– Live Your Peace 10 seconds..a vibrant smile …may be in a mixed age group …face tells everything Adam Rizvi —————————————————————————————————————– Get out of Dreamland Hi Ruth, My message would be in the form of a few photos of my work as an artist—My message is simple and straightforward–Get out of dreamland—“No Justice–No Peace”   A world without Freedom, Justice and Opportunity cannot and should not be a world of peace. Do not expect the government to change your life–do it yourself. Slaves who depend on their masters to take care of them deserve to be slaves. Free men will fight for their freedom. Life without risk, is only existence. Those who put peace above freedom can only be slaves. Ronald Reagan said it brilliantly–“if you want peace, you can have it now– just surrender.” Thanks, pablo solomon Artist & Designer I am an internationally recognized artist known primarily for my drawings and sculptures of dancers. I have been featured in books, magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and film. Currently I live and work with my wife Beverly on our historic 1856 ranch north of Austin, Texas. Before acting as my full time muse and business manager, Beverly was a model and then in sales and marketing for Diane von Furstenberg, Revlon and Ralph Lauren. You can see my work at —————————————————————————————————————–

Healing From the Soul Out

Hi Ruth,

What a lovely and needed project! I am a psychotherapist who specializes in brining peace to victims of extreme trauma and abuse. As you may know, one of the lasting effects of trauma is uncontrollable rages. With a combination of therapy and stress reduction training I have worked with many individuals to bring them into a state of peaceful existence while healing the consequences of complex trauma.  I am currently writing a book The Trauma Toolbox: Healing From the Soul Out to teach people about core spirituality and integral concepts of peaceful healing.

With best regards, -Susan Pease Banitt, LCSW, Lotus Heart Counseling, Portland, OR


Peace comes when there is True Communication

If given 10 seconds to give a PEACE OFFERRING –

I would take 10 seconds to impart that

  1. Peace comes when there is True Communication – no matter whether is between friends, nations or cells.

This is why I would take 10 seconds to focus on the universal importance of communication. I would also provide a visual montage that shows how  from atom to Adam all things are birthed, live and depend upon communication – the communion of life.

Love the project – good luck with it!


Lynn Wilford Scarborough www.EmPowerCom.Us Author, Talk Like Jesus —————————————————————————————————————–

Let Your Light Shine Ruth, You’re amazing. What a free spirit mover and shaker are you !!!! I’m so impressed with how your creative juices propel you into projects so that everybody’s light can shine. David


5 Responses to “Kudos”

  1. Patricia Gallagher 11 December 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    HI Ruth and Jason,
    It was s \o much fun being a part of the special day. You and Jason woorked so hard, with all of the details, even down to having a scrumptious lunch for all. The time flew by and the conversation was so poaitive. I am so proud to call you my FRIENDS…..
    Trisha Gallagher
    the angel pin lady

  2. Ruth Anne Wood 11 December 2009 at 4:59 pm #

    It was a blessing to have you join us!

  3. Ruth Anne Wood 16 December 2009 at 4:22 pm #

    My favorite feedback for Live Your Peace came in today from a friend I’m interviewing this week. I just had to post this:

    “HI Ruth,

    I finally got a few minutes to watch your video with my full attention. It’s very beautiful! It feels like a peek into a little secret world of healing and is almost like a big people kindergarten of souls. I love it. Very good work. I think the editing and
    footage is very great and love the slow motion tai chi lady!

    look forward to our chat 🙂
    peace + love

  4. Ruth Anne Wood 16 December 2009 at 4:38 pm #

    Why do I love Eric’s feedback so much? I had almost forgotten the joy of creating the Live Your Peace games and my long time vision to put important high achievers in the room for three days and invite some of you to play dress up in the clothes that represent your childhood dreams.

    In this place of imagination where anything is possible take another look at the small and big challenges in your life and play with them from the perspective of an elementary school child. At that age when you pretended to be a fire fighter you want to fight a big, out of control fire for awhile and be the hero that puts it out and saves the day.

    Maybe you are now a respected physician who as a child wanted to be a classical violinist or rock star. What elements of that childhood dream can be implemented in your career or personal life now?

    Then there is the workshop for world leaders who attend global economic and peace summits having a day of child like dress up. In this refreshing perspective with children facilitating the games you are encouraged to think, play, imagine and feel bigger.

    To get more information about these Live Your Peace game workshops send an email to

  5. Thanks Peter. You too.

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