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Lana McAra - The Prospect Profiler™
Lana McAra
The Prospect Profiler™
Ruth Anne Wood - Scripting for Success ™
Ruth Anne Wood
Scripting for Success™

Lana McAra, The Prospect Profiler and her guest Ruth Anne Wood, “The Transformational Strategist”

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Thursday March 8, 2012 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

Tell your friends who have traded time for money and are wondering how to attract high paying clients who pay top dollar for transformational results

Take the guess work out of:

  • What to offer
  • How much to charge
  • How to find your ideal prospects
  • How to close 1/5 on a strategy call

  • Discover why you are doing your prospects a disservice by charging so little for your passion and expertise.
  • Why the value of your service has nothing to do with how much time you spend with a client and all about the problem you solve.
  • Why doing business with someone you know like and trust is less important than someone hiring you because you can quickly identify their problem and strategize their solution during a strategy call.
  • Why selling your clients on your low priced products is actually malpractice and robbing them of the real solution.
  • Why they are more likely to ignore or hire someone other than you down the road for much more when they are ready to invest in a solution.
  • Why investing top dollar in your self is the quickest way to raise you fees and attract high paying clients.

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