Call 1:
Ruth Introduces 7 Steps to Big Mission Training

Call 2:
Ruth and Edie Discuss What It Takes to Create Your Big Mission Project

Make sure you have a place to take notes because this promises to be a content rich 30 year of marketing, publishing and product creation call.

Edie Weinstein, Bring Your Own Bliss Rev. Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW is a Renaissance Woman and Bliss Mistress who delights in inviting people to live rich, full, juicy lives. Her business is called By Divine Design, the title of which came to her in a dream. She is a colorfully creative journalist, interviewer and author, a dynamic and inspiring speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister, offering uniquely designed spiritual rituals and a PR Goddess assisting with promoting events and transformational teachers, healers, writers and artists. She speaks on the subjects of wellness, spirituality, sexuality, creativity, time management, recovery, body image, self esteem, stress management, re-creating yourself, caring for the caregiver, loss and grief. Edie is also known as a Joy Coach as well as a Cosmic Concierge since she is adept at helping people find what they need.

One of her favorite workshops to facilitate is called Cuddle Party which focuses on communication, boundary setting, relationship enhancement, intimacy and safe, nurturing, non-sexual touch.

She is currently writing her first best selling book entitled The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into The Extraordinary. A 20 year old journalistic vision came to pass in July of 2008 when she interviewed His Holiness The Dalai Lama. It was a potent reminder to never, ever, ever give up on our dreams. Her website is

Ruth Anne Wood is the director of the publishing company Thriving Artist Press Ruth Anne Wood, Set and Achieve Your Big Mission goals with Publishingand of Scripting for Success, a goal setting and achievement company that helps new and seasoned authors create group/ co-authored products such as books, plays, seminars and movies in ten weeks or less including her Live Your Peace movie that attracted the investment and endorsement of an Emmy award winning film maker, two time Oprah guest, national charity and over a dozen investors in two weeks. Ruth is an author, playwright, publisher, product developer, and goal-setting and achievement renegade. Ruth is available for signature talks nationwide. Topics include: Group Collaboration: How do attract instant credibility and media attenion for your Big Mission projects?

Is Your Guidance System Telling You About Your BIG MISSION? Is it saying, if I finish my book, CD, DVD, workshop….my expertise and passion will be recognized in my community and beyond? How can I be known by my passion and expertise and attract more of the fabulous clients I now serve? What’s stopping me from living my BIG mission? How do I get clarity around my passion and expertise? Do I believe the universe gives me everything I ask for and I just need to take action? Am I ready to stop making excuses about money or time to dedicate to my big mission? How do I make money doing what I love? Is the goal of getting my book published by a major publisher the most profitable one I can have? Is there something I can create in a couple of hours that will start making me money in the next month? How do I write, publish and market my products and services on a shoestring budget? For a limited time we will be selecting testers to our new CREATIVE COLLABORATION Online Classroom before it is released to the general public that answers these questions. Get two free gifts just for checking out what we have instore for you. The 1st gift is a video ($24.95) that discusses the 11 Steps Cass Forkin, director of Twilight Wish used to go from unfinished book to getting national media attention. The 2nd gift is an interview with the two teachers of the CREATIVE COLLABORATION Online Classroom. Listen if you like their teaching style and would love to learn from their successes. For ONE MONTH, for a fraction of the cost to enroll in community college- Get the chance to ask any question you have about self publishing, attracting media attention for your products and services, how to mobilize and build a community around your passion and expertise and how to afford to give back to your favorite charities in the process. One of your guides in this collaborative journeyis Edie Weinstien who was the original creator and co-publisher of Visions Magazine. Edie has interviewed and partnered with best selling authors for Amazon book launches, and has as one of her missions, to help people live bliss filled lives. Your other teacher is Ruth Anne Wood who has helped clients set financial goals and achieve them, write and publish books, interviewed best selling authors, particpated in Amazon book launches, produced a film with award winning journalists, authors, charities and film makers and helped her husband set and achieve six figure sales goals by his third year in business! Instead of spending $1000’s of dollars on success coaching, business training, advertising in 2010 take one month to test drive Ruth Anne Wood and Edie Weinstein’s online classroom for experts ready to offer your passion and expertise with a larger audience. Follow one action step a day five days a week. Don’t be shy. For the next month ask every question you have about marketing, self publishing and building a community around your BIG mission. How much is it worth to have these teachers answer your questions? Ready to remove more blocks that hold your income growth and confidence back? Wish you could afford this kind of career support at your finger tips? Be the first 50 to get your questions answered and links to the resources you need. -Active participants get featured on our website -Login to get daily 1/2 hour actions steps that help you learn how to create online products for your email and websites. -Get a copy of actual emails that brought an international peace project/movie with award winning cast together in 6 weeks. -Learn what projects and events captures media attention -Use free resources to find and invite award winning experts in your own industry to contribute -Partner with your favorite charities -Take action on the things that will make you money and stop doing the rest -Have a system to measure your financial, emotional, physical and spiritual success daily For a limited time test drive take this course for $150 plus F*r*e*e access to our monthly $97/month online forum of authors, publishers, media, business resources a market place to showcase your website. Ask Ruth and Edie anything you want about media, publishing and building a community around your passion and we’ll answer you or we’ll interview another expert who can. After that the community forum is $97/month for unlimited questions and marketing, media and training. (It beats spending $4500 for a three day publishing/marketing seminar.) Let’s face it, they just send you home with lots of stories on what didn’t work and boxes of training materials that you have to sort out on your own. After awhile, the enthusiasm wanes. Stop getting information overload and get your most urgent marketing, publishing and business building questions answered from the two spiritually guided teachers who know what it’s like to go with the flow and trust your inner guidance system. Part of the beauty of this opportunity is that you will work in Creative Collaboration with others who possess the desire and vision to have their dreams manna-fest. We are all YOUR biggest cheerleaders. Are you ready to make THIS the year to see it come to fruition? Click here to get your two free gifts

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  1. Cindy Greb 16 February 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    Yay, you guys! What a dynamic duo! Count me in!

  2. Ruth Anne Wood 16 February 2010 at 6:48 pm #

    Awesome! We can’t wait for you to join us!

  3. Michelle Halbsgut 17 February 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    Wish I had seen my mail sooner or else I would have surely joined you.

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