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$1 test drive/for a month of goal setting and achievement results

Now you can ask a question about the setting and achieving your goals though the Scripting for Success TM six step process and we’ll post an audio or video in the community forum. As a bonus you’ll get a great pool of powerful joint venture and networking opportunities and tools amung the growing membership to move your personal and professional goals forward at the fraction of the cost of hiring us for private coaching. Instead of paying $975 for a one-on-one results oriented day session to help you set and achieve specific measurable results, we’ll directly answer your questions and provide the necessary relationship building resources to you for no additional charge than your flat monthly Scripting for Success membership fee which is 1/10 the cost. And you’ll have access to these powerful resources 24/7.

Stash Serafin, Sensitive Movement Coach


Listen to: Ruth Anne Wood & Stash Serafin
Authors of You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It!
Partnered with Emmy award winning producers of movie.

Now Announcing!
The Completely Revised And Updated Brand NEW…
“Scripting for Success Goal Setting & Achievement Online Community!”

From The Desk of Ruth Anne Wood:

For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping people like you set and achieve ALL kinds of dreams in their lives.

I’ve helped people attract…

  • Money

  • Cars

  • Soulmates

  • Better health

  • New careers

  • Dream homes

  • Completed Projects

  • And much more!

And I can help you do the same. The key is for you to be ready. (And it looks like you are.)

Just the fact you’re reading this short letter tells me you want to set and achieve your BIG goals and/or experience some dramatic change in your life. So congratulations for taking inspired action.

To be right upfront – I’m living proof that you can manifest anything you want in EVERY area of your life. I took a year off from my coaching practice to get my own childhood dreams out of the drawer as a Hollywood playwright. My defining moment… In the middle of a ten week tele-class coaching high achieving go-getters who were achieving their education, travel, career and relationship goals set at enrollment I put myself on the line. l had set the goal of getting the rough draft of my movie script I had dreamed about completing for eight years. I made everyone else’s dreams a priority including helping my husband launch his six figure IT business. (Until we commit to our heart’s desire we can help everyone else achieve success; relatives, boss,professional organizations with such finesse and yet feel like failures that we don’t have enough time, courage, money, know how to “strike out on our own”). And that’s the biggest mistake achievement “wanna be’s” make. Trying to figure it out all alone.

The lack of commitment for my own passion robbed me long enough of my joy, confidence, delight and passion. And thinking I could figure it out without a coach with a track record for the success I craved. Now I’m working with former HBO, SNL, Showtime writer/producers to learn my craft while being fully present and committed to clients’ continued goal setting and achievement success. Now, I can enjoy my travel adventures with my husband and work with coaching clients guilt and resentment free knowing I am connecting with my higher calling as a spiritual, comedic playwright and story teller that knows something about getting out of your own way and hiring the best and commit to be your best.

There’s nothing like helping clients set and achieve their dreams in the drawer for 10, 15, 30+ years  in the drawer.  In fact, you’ll be surprised at just what you can accomplish IF you just take that first step forward — just like I did.

And I want to help you do just that — starting today! Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. I mean STARTING TODAY!

Let me explain…

For the past six years I’ve been teaching people how to set and achieve goals through a program called “Scripting for Success TM.”


With these six steps:

Six Steps to Use what you have get more of what you want:

  1. Energize your imagination to use what you have to get more of what you want.

  2. Allow what you want to be a priority by setting up systems of accountability
    to use what you have to get more of what you want

  3. Use specific parameters to feel what you have to get more of what you want.

  4. Create anchors in your subconscious to use what you have to get more of what you want. (mind maps, scripting, sensitive movement skills)

  5. Organize your relationships in a way that fuels what you already have to get more of what you want.

  6. Do what ever it takes to experience what you have to get more of what you want.

Test drive for one month tools designed around these tried and true six steps through a trail membership for just $1. And then for the cost of a StarBucks coffee a day $97 to help get unstuck from your most pressing goal setting and achievement challenges. I’m taking this $1 offer down in couple days. Would you risk loosing access to these results cited below?

The results were incredible.

Here are JUST A FEW of the results people reported (many more below)…

  • Manifested a six figure income of $103,000 in less than two years of starting a consulting business

  • Getting a new title in a public school that paid to travel and teach abroad and cover costly medical expenses

  • Getting a brand new Jag

  • Taking their dream vacation with their own resources

  • Relieved of costly alimony payments from ex

  • Experiencing freedom from overwhelm, and negative thoughts

  • A newfound sense of worth

  • Healed past relationships giving them trouble

  • Health improved without any medication

  • Found their life’s purpose

  • Received physical healing from back pain

  • Received money that was totally unexpected

  • Attracted the IDEAL JOB CAREER

  • Reconnected with family members

  • Improved relationship with their children

  • Cleared barriers and conquered limiting beliefs

  • Accelerated the manifestation process

  • Communicated with clients that filled practice

  • And there’s way more!

Now, here’s the good news for you…

I’ve taken the original program, completely updated it, and made it FAR MORE dynamic than ever in my BRAND NEW program, just released, called…


Test Drive for only $1

As you know, I’m a BIG believer in setting specific, measurable goals and infusing them with the clear intentions, passion and a system of accountability to your coach and team. I’ve learned that you need to be 100% ‘clear’ to achieve any real, long-lasting result you want. If you have any counter intentions within you whatsoever, little or big, whether conscious or unconscious, you will NOT be able to achieve the long-term results you want.

So you may be wondering how you can get ‘clear.’ How do you get jump over hurdles and at lighting speed, right to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve or how to spot positive relationships, opportunities and know if they are right for you from the start without wasting time. energy and money going down a dead end street? You need a “Scripting for Success TM Coach” that has helped people from Speakers, Marketers, Spiritual Teachers, Healers, Consultants, Directors, CEOs, retirees, product developers and stay at home entrepreneurs – to teach you how to set and achieve your seemingly impossible goals and get unstuck just when you need it most.

Sign up for a trail membership for just $1 and get the coaching that private clients pay 10 times as much for monthly one-on-one goal setting and achievement tools and resources that train you to have conversations and organize your relationships to get your desired specific measurable results starting now! Know with focused clarity what you want and how to track your success and measure your success along the proven six step goal setting and achievement process.

There is no application process or long coaching evaluation forms to fill out.

Get your questions answered in a timely fashion and use the collective consciousness of a growing community of successful goal setting achievers to guide your ship to your chosen destination on your terms using the resources and tools you currently have.

No need to go back to school or pay $1,000’s of dollars on therapy to resolve mis-communications with loved ones, clients, disruptive button pushers. Instead get the tools to tap into lazar focused clarity and specific measurable results.

Before I go any further, I must mention that there’s an investment. This is not a free program. In order for me to put this program together and give you the highest quality delivery, it required certified professional hand-picked coaches, extensive preparation, and a huge investment on my part. We’re talking about life transformation.

If you want to learn more about how you can attract money, JOBS, health, love, careers, relationships or anything else using our BRAND NEW “Scripting for Success Gosl Setting and Achievement” online success community with no strings attached, take a few minutes and sign up for our $1 trail period for a month and then just $97 after that. Even my first years of coaching clients paid me over $300/ month to get the results you can read below. How much more Is the pain of missed opportunities, failed relationships, hurtful family conversations, loneliness, costly mistakes and injuries depleting your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bank account? If your unmet goals and challenging relationships are costing you more than your favorite  beverage at your local coffee shop $3.75/day. (My clients say “Ha!, try $1000 or $1,000,000 in missed opportunities before I used Ruth’s Scripting for Success tools.” This includes singles missing the love of your life or business professionals missing that power partner right under your nose that’s costing $1000’s in lost revenue.

The sad reality for many is those who neglect to prepave or script their success end up spending $1000’s on divorce or financial litigation or hiring the wrong employee that cost $1000’s in lost productivity and incompatable values. The good news is you’re in luck. Thes six steps infused through out our online goal setting and achievement training works day one to eliminate the confusion, and give you the neccessary emotional, mental, physical and yes spiritual data needed to track the success of a meeting the compatibility relationship you seek personally or professionally day one of your membership (if you apply these online training tools). That’s huge in saving time and STOP from getting steered off course from costly distractions and bad investments; financial or emotional!

Take inspired action today and experience first hand how transcend your seemingly impossible personal and professional relationship goals in business and create your passion filled, awe inspiring life.


Ruth Anne Wood

P.S. I’m more than walking talk when I recommend coaching. I’ve had coaches as far back as I can remember. I have a personal business coach, writing coach, and my own life coach.

P.P.S. Please read this entire page including the testimonials about my previous Scripting for Success program and the great letters I received from people of all walks of life. Read below to learn more.
Here’s what people said about Scripting for Success TM

I Implore You to Work with Ruth

Ruth takes the seeds of inspiration that her clients present; helps them find fertile soil in which to plant them; guides them to feed, water, nurture and fertilize them; and cheers along with them when they blossom into an exquisite garden. Her encouragement of my work as a writer has manifested a phenomenal harvest. In a six month time span, I have moved from writing for one publication to writing for seven publications as a free-lance journalist. Yahoo! She shares in the success of her clients like a proud parent would. I implore you to work with Ruth! You’ll be thrilled with the results. -Edie Weinstein-Moser, Writer, Speaker, Interfaith Minister, Social Worker

Met My Soul Mate Just Like the Script Said

Earlier this year, I decided to contact Ruth to try something different.  I was divorced 3 years ago and was having no luck meeting someone new.  I had tried many of the internet dating sites, blind dates and matchmakers.  No matter what I tried, I was just not meeting the right person.  I have to say up front, that I am an Electrical Engineer and Ruth’s work does not fit into my logical way of thinking.  I decided to try scripting anyway, because I had nothing to lose.

At first, Ruth helped me make a list of what was important to me.  Next, slowly but surely, Ruth helped me envision my perfect relationship.  After developing many scripts that described who I was looking for and the perfect scenario for living the rest of my life, Ruth suggested that I boiled it all down to a few sentences.  I took those sentences and made a little pocket reminder with those words.  Ruth asked me to read these words many times per day every day of the week.  At first I felt silly doing that, but it became a daily routine for me.  My work with Ruth concluded over six months ago, but I continued to read those words. Finally, I started to live those magical words and just one month ago they came true exactly as they were authored six months ago.  I met my soul mate just like the script said and she is everything I have been looking for.  The most amazing part is that she just showed up in my life with no effort on my part.  I have no doubt that reading this script over and over again put me in the right place spiritually and physically for me to meet my soul mate.  I can’t thank you enough Ruth. –Michael Cristofalo, Electrical Engineer

Power to Change the World

Dear Ruth,

What we have accomplished in three months’ time could take some people their whole lives. I am able to share my light with others to change the world in a positive and uplifting energetic manner and share God’s hope with those who need it most, knowing it is through spiritual guidance. I accept all the goodness and plenty of it, without struggle, knowing that I am in the right place and connected to heaven and earth. Great job!  Love, Cassy -Cass
Forkin, Director of Twilight Wish Foundation

The Sky Feels to Be the Limit

My coaching sessions with Ruth have been such a rewarding experience. I cannot begin to put into words how meaningful our sessions have been. First of all, Ruth has guided me in a very gentle, and nonjudgmental way to allow my true self to shine through all of my beliefs of limited thinking. I have been able to raise my vibrational awareness to beliefs that will serve me rather than squash my real potential and talents within myself. The sky feels to be the limit, maybe beyond the sky if I dare to dream, imagine and act in harmony with my true nature and my real self. Thank you, Ruth, for helping me to activate my resources and move beyond those hidden blocks that sabotage my real inner nature. Stash Serafin, Sensitivity Skating CoachTM

Ruth Is a Gifted Individual  Who Skillfully Empowers Me

Ruth is a gifted individual who skillfully empowers me to live a life of fulfillment and joy. Ruth’s incisive insight and clear and direct feedback allows me to develop clarity and the poise of mind necessary to manifest a higher kind of life. There are things one can do with a therapist to untangle the knots of the psyche- but Scripting for Success creates new threads of consciousness that are in the present to create a vibrant future based on one’s individual thoughts, feelings, actions and efforts. -Diane B. Levitt, Writer, Mentor

Are You Tired of “No Pain, No Gain”?

I am realizing through scripting that I can achieve goals and fulfill dreams without experiencing the concept “No pain, no gain”. I am reminded that I am the scripter and creator of my life and that I can access and pay attention to the positive energies and divine guidance always available for me, while inspiring others. Through the Scripting for Success program, I am able to open my perspective and my mind, giving me the awareness of what I want and what is important, rather than trying to please or change others. Within a week of my first scripting lesson, I realized I had the resources to fulfill a longtime dream, which I thought was only possible after I met certain personal and financial goals. By the way, the Jag is blue. Through scripting, you are able to create your life the way you want it by valuing and honoring your priorities. Period. -Nadja Newhall, The Facilitator of “Happily Ever After”

Gift of Priceless Value

The experience of spending two hours with Ruth is almost indefinable. To create a future that I can live into that has all the passion, energy and foundation deep from within me is a gift of priceless value. Like an artist creating a masterpiece, her artistry with words chiseled away the excess leaving me as the master of my destiny, for all the world to see. Love, Richard Richard Mac Farlane, Financial Investor & Coach

Clarify What I Want in My Life

Thanks Ruth for helping me to clarify in such a positive way exactly what I want in my life.” (14 days later) There is so much abundance. I really feel in sync with the Universe. The Universe and I are flowing together. My needs and intentions are being met in the most unpredictable and fascinating ways!  Love and blessings, Dan –Dan Harvey, PhD, College Professor

Build On the Positive

Scripting for SuccessTM is the evolution of therapy. It builds on the positive instead of dissecting the negative. Ruth’s direction and refinement of my focus brought me into my wildest dreams. -Sarah Gray, BA, CMT

To get help getting your dreams out of the drawer call 215-872-5035
or e-mail Ruth at:

Test Drive a full month of Personal and Professional
Goal Setting and Achievement Resources for $1

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