Sometime you have to write your inner critic or in this case a guy
with fowl mouth language who crosses your path a letter of

The power of this is the people that ruffle your tail feathers and
have you doubt for a minute your purpuse, passion and commitment to
service can then be put in perspective. (You may have to read your
stack of kudos or testimonials to cheer up but it’s worth it!) 🙂

The other gift is if you really consciously respond to each
criticism that makes a bit of sense you have yourself a nice sales
letter you can use!

Fancy that!





If you pay close attention to this email I’ve outline over a dozen
ways to move forward in your business!

(The first person who outlines/posts all the tips I offer David
after his thought provoking post (which I deleted due to
phonographic insults) gets all your questions answered first

during an upcoming Big Mission intro call ($250 value)

(The truth is at our lowest we dish out far worse!)

A Letter to a Fowl Mouth Critic

Hi David,

Thanks for the correct spelling of “Occam’s Razor” on my FAQ page.

One thing I’m learning is if I waited to get everything perfect
before I published it I’d never get it done. lol.

For years that prevented me from getting projects completed.
(It’s actually an issue I have with my Hollywood screenplay right
now) It didn’t help that the Hollywood producer said he wanted it
perfect before sending it to Meryl’s and Denzel’s agents. As I get
less scared about stepping into my dreams as playwright more blocks
will be removed.)

I’ve learned so much from the wonderful community of support I have
built around me.

It’s been my experience that it’s surprisingly so much faster,
cheaper and easier to have my audience/ (or my mother who reads
everything from Austin, TX) correct my mistakes or ask for
clarification than pay expensive staff or VA. I’ve done
both and the overpriced consultants didn’t catch everything.

I love what Ali Brown (recently named fastest growing fortune 500
company) said at a Dan Kennedy seminar a few year ago:

Take action. Get your stuff out there. “Have you looked at some of
the stuff Glazer/Kennedy puts out there,” Ali says.

“Does anyone proof read this stuff?!!” But I guess that’s what Dan
Kennedy means about shoot and then aim.

Would Microsoft be a tenth as successful if they just sold one
“perfect” version of windows and created something entirely new?

I’m in the process of building my teaching resources right now
since for years I was in the doing mode for clients and for my own
projects. I’m embracing more about leveraging my time and helping
more people at once.

Recently I made the big leap to start teaching online the people
who are ready to learn parts of the self publishing industry.

I realized my passion wasn’t talking about peace like in my Emmy
Award winner shot documentary. It was doing and teaching others
about doing group projects. That’s how I quickly created my first
co-authored book, play and movie. Hey, now crowd sourcing is
getting big!

Why did it take me so long?

We’ll for a while I was feed up with the so called gurus who I paid
$4500 for an authors/publishing three day workshop and the list of
smaller purchases and online training courses goes on. (Much to my
husband’s chagrin).

In fact these products just sat on my shelf or computer desktop for
a while until I found a project I was actually passionate about
pouring my energy into and using these now valuable resources.

Thanks for the side ways compliment but David, a guru anything I’m not.

*That’s my big discovery since October 2009 when I hit a wall in my
career. I was depressed I hadn’t finished my screenplay after
almost eight months of plugging away at it (I know doctors spend
much longer on their craft. Good thing too.) and then was given
constructive criticism from a Hollywood script writing coach to
start over and rewrite it. Isn’t that why I hired her?

Then when I got the inspiration to create a movie around a one day
workshop called “Live Your Peace” things started gaining momentum

Still I resisted creating resources around publishing and positive
mind set.

I mean how do these people really make money? Is it through
marketing and publishing?

Or teaching marketing and publishing? (Don’t hate the player hate
the game, right?) Is it cheating to teach what you love? For a long
time I thought so. But the truth is, I love the game of marketing and
publishing. I love helping national charities, sports writers, coaches,
teachers, visionaries get your message out there in a big way.
It’s a puzzle I enjoy piecing together. My audience
has these pieces and I have the others. How do they all fit?

The $4500/chair big name millionaire author guru I mentioned
earlier who helped Rich Dad Poor Dad and Chicken Soup for the Soul
on the map openly admitted he never published a book before through
a traditional publisher but would know how to do it if he wanted to
go through the exercise. (Does he know money is in the teaching not
in the publishing, or what!)

What can you teach to your audience in multiple formats:
Ebook, audio, mp3, CD. video, post cast, tele-class. live event?

That’s what Mark Victor Hansen and them teach in their author

Come to think of it – We teach all of that too! lol 🙂

It wasn’t until my Client Attraction coach, Fabienne Fredrickson
told me to stop hoarding what I’ve learned and share it with people
who are my ideal clients, (people just starting out in self

It’s this audience that I choose to guide and offer helpful
solutions. It took me years to learn how to work with best selling
authors, crank out audio, build online communities.

David, maybe you thought the free book template and publishing
check list wasted your time. Sometimes something like a free
publishing check list and publishing template has a sideways effect
that gets people going. How?

You may look at it and say, I know all this stuff. I could have
thrown this information together.

Great. I hope this inspires you to take action!

Print out what I wrote.

Make notes in the margins of the products and resources you want to
create. Write your questions and bring them to the next Q & A call.

Do I have all the answers. Of course not!

Would I love it if people who got my free tools ask me specific
questions so I could help them and build more products to help?

Sure. Of course. That’s one of the keys to building great client

You’ll get a chance to do this at our up coming free intro Big
Mission call: Wednesday evening February 17th 8-9pm est
Register here:

Why haven’t I started charging for the content on my site?
-The interviews with the “Live Your Peace” guests
-The six minute trailer to Live Your Peace movie that took time to
-The six steps to setting and achieving goals-
an interview when you opt-in that highlights some things that
worked for me?

I’m in the product creation process and what better way to test
what people want is to invite you to have a conversation about what
you want.

Do you think big internet marketing Frank Kern spends money on
product creation first?

No, he gives most of it away on his blog for free, gets feedback,
repackages it and sells it back to his fans.

You can do this too.

It’s about building a long term relationship with people you really
know you can help.

On March 24, my birthday my friend Edie and I will begin our new
creative collaboration BIG MISSION coaching program.

In the mean time we have a free intro tele-class coming up soon.

If this seems to airy fairy than this program is probably not for

If you have a constructive comment that does not enter into a
pornographic cry for help like the last two posts I deleted
I’d be happy to answer it and I’ll leave it up for others in the
community to read and comment.

Let me know if there was something specific you needed help with
regarding publishing and marketing or mindset training.

I work better with specific questions.
The check list and book template  might spark some questions.

Like Bill Cosby said and I’m paraphrasing:

I don’t know the secret to life but I know it’s not trying to
please everyone!



Ruth Anne Wood
Scripting for Success

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