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The initial community will focus on:

  1. providing inspirational stories
  2. a place to network with others
  3. receive training on how to create products
  4. receive training on marketing your products

Now the survey data…

3. What kind of marketing/media training would you like to have available?

Response Percent Response Count
How to write and post attention getting stories
50.00% 10
How to make yourself attractive to the media and target audience
45.00% 9
How to collaborate with others to create profitable products and services
65.00% 13
How to build an online community
55.00% 11
Secrets to winning media attention
40.00% 8
How to create profitable information products in a couple of hours
30.00% 6
How to pick the right product partner to cross promote
45.00% 9
How to build your email list of responsive fans
45.00% 9
How to pose questions and ask for advice in the forum
25.00% 5
How to get feedback from many experts for less than the cost of working with one
25.00% 5
How to win business by posting great solutions/resources
55.00% 11
Show other replies (please specify)
10.00% 2

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3 Responses to “Design Your Own Community Results 3”

  1. Tom Padikal 6 January 2010 at 9:38 pm #

    Fair to say that:
    1) One can’t lift oneself up by one’s own bootstraps
    2) Staying in monologue is akin to being on a carousel – it’s fair to say you’re stuck.
    3) Being in dialogue has the potential to get you off the carousel onto a different trajectory!

    Which points to a need for networking!
    This also has the potential to generate a breakthrough in our collective consciousness (or “discourse”) as well!

  2. Ruth Anne Wood 6 January 2010 at 11:53 pm #

    So true, Tom!
    It all goes back to the guy in the Stone Soup parable. Something new is created when a community comes together to create something from the basic inspiration, adding to the stones in the pot. The rest is savory ingredients that make life so nourishing and life giving.

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