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TAPPING AWESOME POTENTIAL Ruth Anne Wood, Set and Achieve Your Big Mission goals with PublishingRuth Anne Wood is the director of the publishing company Thriving Artist Press and of Scripting for Success. Ruth also runs an online community for authors and coaches to cross promote at JV ATTRACTION. Ruth also works with a best selling book agency to get her clients manuscripts published through large and mid sized publishers. Ruth is no stranger to writing, marketing and sell self-publishing books since 2003. She really took her author platform to a new level when in November 2009 she began producing a movie with award winning artists, journalists, charities and experts. Soon she became the producer of an online interview series; that uncovers what makes CEOs, best selling authors, millionaire entrepreneurs, award winning artists and national charities tick… especially how they became successful and give back to their community. Ruth can’t stress how important it is to build an author platform using these 11 steps and the 7 steps to launch your expert status and online community. Ruth takes the best manuscripts and platform ready authors and works with them in mastermind groups. Learn more at: Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy Group Coaching.

Cass Forkin, Twilight WishCass Forkin is the Founder of national nonprofit and is charge of managing board issues, chapters, volunteer coordination, fund raising: grant writing, event planning; attaining national corporate sponsors, brand marketing, individual donor appeals. Managed from start up through 6th year and national status. Cass Forkin is a healthcare executive and consultant with over 15 years experience; CEO/CFO; behavioral healthcare; hospitals, outpatient programs, and managed care contracting.  She has a MBA in healthcare administration and undergrad degree in accounting. Cass Forkin’s Specialities include:  Nonprofit management; healthcare administration; healthcare consulting; behavioral healthcare; managed care. Cass is the co-author of Twilight Moments, honoring seniors and making dreams come true.

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Publishing Your Own Book


    • What are the 11 costly, time wasting publishing, marketing and writing MISTAKES new and seasoned authors make?
    • How canyou avoid throwing away $100-$1000’s on failed publicity campaigns?
    • If you’re wise you’ll watch this video and learn from my mistakes

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Before I forget, here are the 7 steps I used to launch my online community and international interview series raising over $1000 within my first 2 weeks of conceiving the projects. It has helped me build instant credibility with the media, inspire my audience to invest in the project in advance and provide awesome contributions and work with leaders in the public relation, expert, self help and business arena. In a future video I’ll go over in more detail how the 7 steps helped me launch my global conversation and speaking career and build up my JV partners. Post your questions below so I’ll be sure to include them in my next video.

Create a co-authored project to launch your expertise/ career

  1. Be inspired by someone else’s big up upcoming media or worldly event

  2. Research your topic’s audience

  3. Choose a group product you want to create with others

  4. Commit to the group product creation and product launch dates

  5. Promote your event

  6. Create a community and product around the event that you can monetize monthly

  7. Offer product creation and promotion tools to your community

Write down your questions while watching the video and ask them during our call:

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  1. Mary Schaefer 12 March 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    I am looking to seek to find a publisher who would be interested in my work and writing and manuscript (mid-finish.

    What are the steps to this process, i.e., identifying publisher, letter format and what to send informationally for first contact and query (how to do the publishing query?), etc.

  2. Ruth Anne Wood, host of Live Your Peace 13 March 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    Hi Mary,
    You have a lot of great questions and I’d love to help you. The best way to do this is to set up a Author Breakthrough Strategy Session by phone.

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