Sales, Sales Management and Customer Service Programs

  • ‚ÄčKnow the First Meeting If the New Candidate Is a Supporting Role or Adversary To Your Hero's Journey
  • Be Recognized and Appreciated for Your Innovation and Leadership
  • Plan Track and Direct the Success of Your Business Conversations
  • Script Ideal Conversations in Advance: Before That Important Networking, Sales, Hiring, Vendor or Investor Meeting
  • Turn your sales team and decision makers into tuning forks and win/win magnets 
  • Positively Influence the Mental and Emotional Direction Of Your Meeting Through Preplanned Conversations
  • Transcend Financial, Legal and Career Challeges By Focusing On Your Best Case Dream Come True Scenario
  • Turn Customer Service Into A "Everyone's A Winner" Game Show

Ever noticed after a tragic event in the news Wiki has a definitive statement hours later in a tone that could pass as textbook history? Our conscious and sub-conscience minds are designed to lock in mentally and emotionally on these news stories. Ruth Anne Wood has a 99.9% success rate using her Scripting For Success process with private clients to help them overcome pending legal, financial and relationship issues by focus on the dream come true outcome. During this training, Ruth draws directly from her playbook Get Out Of Hot Water Fast to help her audience focus on their best case scenario with a current conflict, upcoming conversation or decision. If you and your people ever struggled with goal setting, calming the nerves during stressful times and second guessing win/win opportunities, this mentoring and training will rock your world. The only catch with this "get out of jail free card" is people won't believe you when you tell them you read a couple of statements out loud that that made your whole body sing with excitement just to feel good, and it changed your whole prospective and removed serious roadblocks as new options, attitudes and win/win choices emerged.