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Get Ruth’s Library collection: Done For You Miracles, Ideal JV Quick Start, Debt Into Abundance, Miracle Mondays and Get Out Of Hot Water Fast. They are more than text books, "they are rabbit holes into whole worlds that have interactive communities with members passionate about these subjects and are generously discussing, sharing resources and feedback at mastermind levels."

Get Out Of Hot Water Fast!

In this quick, engaging read, Ruth Anne Wood walks readers through the mental and emotional science of effective communication. How? By pulling back the curtain on her transformational Scripting For Success process. Get the detailed steps in how to win friends and influence people in good times and avoid or reverse the damage of pending financial, legal and relationship problems during times of personal or organizational crisis! Do you find yourself at the mercy of incompetent or aggressively hard to work with clients, co-workers, business associates or legal and financial establishments? Stop the suffering and get out of hot water fast! If you are ready to get your way by playing a powerful new game that makes decisions in advance based on your ideal result and then helps readers learn more about Ruth's coaching process of how she helps her clients get out of hot water fast and have game changing results... 


Discover the single biggest factor in eliminating stress and boosting your health …even if your health has taken a downward spiral for months. Switch on your internal radar for pending danger or harmful partnerships, business deals and situations saving your tons of precious time, money, resources and saving your good reputation with a simple tool for quickly increasing your sensitivity on the “THIS AIN’T FOR ME” meter … Discover the secret to this two-step formula that works even if you’re not good at: luck, prayer, mediation or goal setting.

Everybody knows you’re supposed to see things though, play by the rules, finish what you started even if it’s hurting you, right? WRONG! Ruth's private clients’ and students' best victories have come from ignoring the drama and changing the conversation through this game changing, decision making process… 


This multimedia e-course gives a powerful introduction to the seven steps Ruth walks her clients through to access personal untapped abundance. The average baby boomer 51+ has contributed vast amounts of unpaid time, money, energy, products, services and resources to members of the community and never get the compensation, recognition, career advancement, tax right offs and satisfaction that comes from being a celebrity or wealthy philanthropist.  The average baby boomer has contributed between $200,000-$500,000 of paid goods or services thus untapped abundance. Though this seven step process discover how to actually harness the energy of these offerings 5,10, 20, 40+ years after making these unpaid contributions to sick loved ones, unpaid overtime at work, hours, weeks and years not paying yourself for the odd jobs done in your business from accounting to office cleaning that aren't in your core paid skill set or you've done begrudgingly for years.


Follow these seven modules to come up with product ideas that appeal to your ideal clients, super affiliates and win/ win joint venture partners. Follow the step-by-step guidelines of meeting generous joint venture partners, getting the attention of superstars in your industry and using their knowledge, connections and resources to build an engaging, profitable interactive online community. Complete with a library of interviews from 6-7 figure product launch leaders take lots of notes as you put together your first or next product, sale funnel and community of raving fans and customers.


This is a quick focusing workbook with fill in the blank statements to help prepare for important upcoming conversations. It helps you actively plan and track ideal personal and professional conversations. It's a great tool to use before that important first meeting to know quickly your compatibility with a prospective client, employee, investor, teammate, investor, joint venture partner or even a blind date! Go through this once and refer to it over and over again to plan and track your ideal mental and emotional state around a new contact or project. Use it to know very quickly if you ideas, energy, focus and values are a match or will probably lead to a costly time, money and energy suck.

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7 Steps That Rapidly Attracted More: Income, Gifts, Fulfilling Relationships, Career & Significance, To My Clients Through More Intuition, Integrity & Influence

(by ignoring ALL the conventional wisdom!)