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Discover How To Trade With The Oldest Currency On The Planet - Harness The Power Mental, Emotional & Physical Focus, Vision & Love To Access Years Of Untapped Prosperity And Manifest Crazy Coincidences, Synchronicities & Blessings

Can you really change your your world by changing your conversations with yourself and others? Absolutely! Why do some people seem to have all the luck while others stay stuck? This tele-class teaches you some basic transcendent SuccessScript methods to alter reality to match the visions in your head and heart using the power of story and unseen forces that support life. 

People who experience the basic SuccessScript suddenly have a way to filter out distractions, recognize ideal win/win conversations and can track and measure when the right people and opportunities come along.



POSITIVE mental and emotional focus, vision and love

Use this currency for blessings, synchronicities and win/win relationships

Want to get ongoing support with creating lazar focused SuceessScripts? There is a one month $1 trial membership to the SuccessScripts community hosted by Ruth Anne Wood. 

Ruth's marketplace offering is an introductory group training that is live and recorded, specifically designed to create rapid success for eBarterExchange members. Ruth empowers her clients to access untapped abundance by crafting a mentally and emotionally laser focused Success Story.

It helps the client filter out distractions, quickly make win/win decisions, identify profitable vendors, select empowering projects and easily build ideal relationship opportunities.

Ruth starts with creating a one page SuccessScript to develop a story where the client can feel supported and stay positive, from a place of strength and gratitude.

*Ruth works with the client until a feeling of ZING energy fills the body and the client knows that they are mentally, emotionally and physically aligned with their SuccessScript.

Ruth’s clients quickly tap into abundance, notice déjà vu conversations, relationships and experiences that match their SuccessScripts. Clients report receiving unexpected opportunities in the form of deeper, quicker connections with business associates and family as well as dream career opportunities that they are easily able to recognize and seize thanks to the preplanning and new focus created by their SuccessScripts. Each client benefits from Ruth’s expert mentoring and the community support of the SuccessScripts ongoing group membership. Clients get weekly assignments and connect through exciting peer updates.

If you are ready to convert lost opportunities, and identify and access your true wealth, enroll in this introduction to SuccessScripts training to get specific measurable results in one area of your life, in less time than it would take to apply for a mortgage and move into your new home. For a limited time, schedule a bonus one-on-one call to get help with the creation of your first SuccessScript over the phone with Ruth Anne Wood, which you can then share in your new community. After the first month, choose to stay in the SuccessScript membership family with a limited time, low introductory monthly or yearly investment as long as you are getting invaluable ongoing training from Ruth Anne Wood, her panel of world-class experts and awe inspiring group member SuccessScript support.

Visit now to register.

About Your Trainer

Ruth Anne Wood is the founder and CEO of Scripting For Success, a personal growth company dedicated to helping people focus on what's already working in her clients' career, finances and relationships.  In 9th grade Ruth was dubbed "The Writer Of Our Lives" by her teacher when what she wrote in English class came true in Science Lab.

In high school her short stories became the basis of her awe inspiring trips around the world, hang gliding multiple times, speaking on world-class marketing panels, finding relief from severe scoliosis and the loss of her identical twin.

Ruth has gone on to interview and collaborate with world-class trainers and marry her 30/30 man that she had scripted two years earlier. With a background in Acupressure and Oriental Medicine and award winning writing she married her love for helping clients eliminate aches and pains in their love lives, finances, families and career. Change your Conversation △ Change Your World ▽. She has an online community of authors.

Ruth is also the author of Miracle Mondays, Done For You Miracles, Get Out Of Hot Water Fast and the co-author of You Can't Get It 'Cause You Already Got It and Achieve Anything Anywhere Anytime.

As Seen On:

​What People Say About Ruth Anne Wood

CASE STUDY #1  -  Ruth Helps Client Use A SuccessScript To Filter Out Button Pushing Dates And Quickly Attract "The One"

In five minutes, Ruth (a complete stranger at Starbucks) identified why I kept on going on first dates (after my divorce) with women who pressed my buttons. I was intrigued. In half an hour Ruth helped me write a success script of my happily-every-after love life with my dream woman. Within 14 days, I met not one but two amazing professional, sexy woman that matched the feelings and qualities I had in my SuccessScript. This was overwhelming and exciting. I quickly contacted Ruth, and she help me tweak my script so it was even more specific to my mental and emotional desires and I didn't have to choose which woman to pick. Cheryl and I bumped into Ruth a year later in the park and I proudly introduced Ruth. P.S. I used what Ruth taught me with Scripting and saved tens of thousands of dollars on our new home.

Dan Harvey, Ph.D. 
Psychology Professor

CASE STUDY #2  -  Ruth Helps Client To Create SuccessScripts To Quickly Put Out Fires And Have Big Wins 

Ruth Anne and I have been friends for a while and she has helped me many times with shifting my mindset around relationships and income with such miraculous speed it still makes my head spin. I've become an evangelist for Ruth for the help she gave me when I was in financial, legal and relationship crunches with my ex. Each time Ruth helped me craft my new story as if these costly emergencies were not even an issue and I was living my "best case scenario". And I would follow Ruth's advice and often times take a walk, clear my head after my freshly written relationship, housing, client, legal, new vendor... SuccessScript, Soon I'd get a random phone call or bump into someone that gave me a great place to live in awesome trade, paid me a record amount for my consulting work, or introduce me to my fiancee. Every chance I get, I use SuccessScripts before meeting with a potential client, investor, vendor or joint venture partner. I keep my old scripts around as a benchmark of how far I've come since Ruth and I first met at a networking event in Atlanta, and how powerful it is to use Ruth's proven formula for precise communication with myself and others.

Barry McLawhorn 
Internet Marketer 

CASE STUDY #3  -  Ruth's SuccessScript Student's 7th Grade Daughter Is Unexpectedly Gifted College Tuition And Housing

I meet Ruth at a friend's monthly spiritual group and signed up for her six week "Miracle Monday" introductory group training she crafted for our group after Ruth's talk. By week five of our weekly check-ins on Ruth's homework assignments, I had something very exciting to report! I had won the Thanksgiving Turkey Tray raffle. I was so excited at the event, I began sharing with a distant relative about the miracles in my life and Ruth's "Miracle Monday" class. One thing lead to another and a distant relative I hadn't seen in years offered to gift my eldest daughter (now in 7th grade) a four year college education and room and board in their home. I don't have to tell you what a financial miracle this is!

Sandra Mikuta  

CASE STUDY #4 -  Ruth's SuccessScript Client Changes her Story About Her Value And Attracts Her Dream Car In A Week

I thought I had to meet certain career goals before driving my dream car. Ruth helped get really clear about my true wealth and how it wasn't tied to a current job. She helped me realize how much value I've already created in my previous jobs, family and community. We anchored it in with a success script that I could read whenever I wanted to feel good. I did my homework and by our second weekly session I was driving my dream car. By the way the Jag is blue!

Nadja, Newhall  
Mary Kay Rep

​CASE STUDY #5 - Ruth's SuccessScript Client Transforms Her Relationship To Her Family & Finances & No Longer Suffers

Ruth has helped me over the years with her Scripting For Success process. Two times that really stand out was when I was complaining during our session about having to pay my recently graduated daughter's bills and boyfriend's alimony. Ruth helped me craft a one sentence SuccessScript and I was happy to report that my daughter got a job that week illustrating for Pixar and my boyfriend's ex wife had suddenly gotten engaged that week and my need to help him pay alimony was coming to an end! Another time I called Ruth late at night in a panic that my charity was getting a surprise next day audit and I was freaking out gathering paperwork. Ruth helped me calm down and script what I would be doing if this painful distraction wasn't an issue. The next day, the tax man turned to me and suddenly said "Oh, wow, I apologize, it looks like the IRS made the accounting error this time." Thanks Ruth for putting me in the miracle mindset the night before. 😉

Case Forkin  
Charity Founder

Now What?

1) The invitation is to: Schedule your first 30 minute Scripting For Success phone session at Request a link to Ruth's calendar.

2) During this first SuccessScript call you will collaborate with Ruth to create your happily-ever-after story/ SuccessScript in the area of Relationship, Finances or Career. (This is not legal, financial advice or therapy.) It's sole purpose is to help you feel good,  focus on what is already working, eliminate distractions and feel mentally, emotionally and physically aligned with your SuccessScript.

3) Once your first SuccessScript​ produces that ZING energy through out your body...

4) You will be invited to a private members area via a $1 month trial membership to discus your SuccessScript, get support and support other members, access an extensive library of 150+ luminary interviews on peace, passion and prosperity, track and share miracles, synchronicities, ah ha moments, win/win connections, increased luck, income and blessings. (You can cancel and leave the group at any time before the next 30 day billing cycle.)

Option 1: $1/one month SuccessScript Membership Trial      

Option 2: $47/monthly SuccessScript Membership (cancel before your next billing cycle under paypal profile subscriptions)

Option 3: $497/yearly savings SuccessScript Membership (cancel before your next billing cycle under paypal profile subscriptions)

*The invitation to join this sacred, confidential, supportive circle of SuccessScript Membership will be sent to you after the completion of your first SuccessScript session.