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About John Rasiej,
Developer of the
Speak Louder Than WordsSM System

(first of all, it’s pronounced Ra-shay but don’t worry, He’s heard all sorts of variations)

John Rasiej, Speak Louder than WordsWhat puts John in a position to help you?  He’s probably not all that different from you, starting out as a painfully shy kid. He was taught (and practised) that children are to be seen and not heard. Add in a hard-to-pronounce name which was always stumbled over during introductions (thus laughed at) and you could imagine his fears of getting in front of groups at school.  Not saying he had it worse than others, that was just his experience.

Over the years he knows this held him back — He would go to meetings but wouldn’t network, being too hesitant to meet people.  He could write like gangbusters so he became a master of writing reports. But on those occasions when it came time to present those reports they would seem just okay.  He knew he was offering more but not getting the results.

Things took a turn for him when he took up acting over twenty years ago.  He was fortunate enough to find a training program with a unique approach to making sure the characters were dynamically connected.  Soon thereafter John ventured into directing plays and applied the same approach to his actors.  John found it worked wonders every time.  Some of them would come back to him later and say they’d been able to use some of those same skills in the business environment.

And John noticed that over the course of time, his communication skills, both individual and in public settings, had improved as a result too.

The steps that were working to connect actors on stage weren’t limited to the theatre environment.  He was getting actors to connect for real, so real connection in real-life situations could be enhanced the same ways.

So John refined and augmented these techniques to help people in their real-life communications challenges. Not only is there a focus on communications skills, but there are steps for how to meet audiences’ objectives, how to organize points and facts effectively, and how to prepare yourself for the most effective delivery you can make.  Tips on grounding, breathing, visualization etc. are helpful for everyone and in particular people with anxieties about public speaking

The benefits can take your message from one that barely causes a ripple to one that creates a powerful wave of interest.

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Ruth Anne Wood, Creator of Live Your Peace seriesRuth Anne Wood the director of Scripting for Success, a publishing and production company dedicated to help her clients set and achieve specific measurable goals around sharing a personal vision and key message of hope, peace, healing, creativity, community, innovation and entrepreneurial transformation in the world. Through the “Live Your Peace” movie, interviews, live events and online community Ruth and her team brings together a wealth of resources from peace makers in our local and global community.

Since the first “Live Your Peace” workshop was conceived in October 2009 right after the announcement of Mr. Barack Obama’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Award, “Live Your Peace” has attracted the passion, resources and vision of Bill Jersey an Emmy award winning film maker, Twilight Wish, a national award winning 501c3 who honors and makes dreams come true for seniors, a two time Oprah guest, Patricia Gallagher who created the “Team of Angels”, best selling authors and speakers such as Dr. Judith Orloff MD, Scott Blum, co-creator of DailyOM,  Hay House authors; Jude Curivan, Alan Cohen, Karen Drucker and many other talent in her local and international community. In preparation for the Sundance Film Festival, Live Your Peace is hosting a special event to feature even more powerful conversations with peacemakers including how to use your passion, vision and expertise to profitably share your vision of peace on the world stage. These conversations will be featured in the hour documentary Live Your Peace.

To receive more information on the upcoming Live Your Peace events, training and resources contact Ruth at 215-872-5035.

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  1. Catherine Werth 30 June 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    Great advise. We all need to improve in our communication!

  2. Ruth Anne Wood 30 June 2010 at 5:19 pm #

    With a theatre background John is quite aware and capable of how to inspire his audience to act in ways he chooses during his speeches and conversations.

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