Once They Started Using It Their Decision Making Was Quicker, More Intuitive And Rewarding

Sometimes we don't know a good thing when it's staring us in the face. People tend to second guess the golden opportunities right in front of them and hastily pick the wrong, purchase, business partner, joint venture, romantic interest, vendor, client or employee even if reflecting back all the signs were there.

And these mistakes in picking your next money pit house, former job, ex business partner, ​fired employee, separated mate ain't cheap... often time these mistake run in the 5-7 figures. Ouch.

Fortunately there is a way to experience the right opportunity at the right time... PLAN FOR IT!​

And not just making a physical list of everything you want... pre-plan how you want to feel or what you want to notice when the right set up is staring you in the face. ​What price would you put on your peace of mind to: heighten your mental and emotional senses and filter out what you don't want?

Stop Freaking Out Making

Financial, Career & Relationship Decisions

The pre-launch price in the video is over. It's still a steal with announced and unannounced bonuses valued over $895.

In five minutes or less, "Done For You Miracles"
gave users instant feedback that their new connection
and situation was or wasn't working.

It helped when they had a distracting
challenge or they were planning for a big win/win.

 Use a powerful refocusing tool that helped professionals quickly save precious time, money and energy 

DONE FOR YOU MIRACLES is a five minute tool (once you learn the system) to help go-getters quickly set up before a meeting with a blind date, potential customer, JV partner, investor, employee, boss... It's the missing advantage to affirmations, goal setting, strategizing, meditation, prayer, extra meeting to evaluate if these new contacts are a profitable match or a time, money or energy waster for you and your family, team, company or organization.

DONE FOR YOU MIRACLES uses a focusing tool called Scripting For Success​ which helps 100s of successful students and clients preplan successes and almost immediately recognize win/win opportunities when they come along!

Scripting For Success Is Wonderful

Hi this is Rick Denzien from and I got to tell you, Scripting for Success [The basis for Done For You Miracles] is wonderful. Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to script. This is a great opportunity to write down the things that you really believe in your heart of hearts. You’re destine to be a human being. You’re destine to be great and you’re destine to script your life for success.

Musician, Rick Denzien,

"I've hired Ruth on multiple occasions.”

Cass Forkin, Founder of


  • Career
  • Relationship or
  • Financial challenge rears its ugly head


Utilize a powerful refocusing tool that’s responsible for seemingly lucky, people and savvy professionals making:

  • Quick
  • Confident
  • Profitable and
  • Winning decisions

Based on what they notice and feel...

Because they already invested five minutes using the "Done For You Miracles" focusing tool...

Before that important conversation, meeting or buying decision.

Just like Google Alerts that notifies you on key marketing words being used by target competitors and target audience… Or that inbox that indicates you've got mail from someone you eagerly want to read...

This tool alerts the user's senses sending the body, mind and emotions a clear message when you are at the right place at the right time.​ People report having that déjà vu, this is the dream come true moment they've been enthusiastically awaiting.

The tool works in the moment so you don’t have to kick yourself for a missed opportunity for second guessing...

It’s called Done For You Miracles because it notifies you when this opportunity, investment or relationship IS or IS NOT a fit.

Boy, my clients and I wish we used this tool sooner...saving tens of thousands of dollars on missed opportunities, legal fees, bad relationships, costly projects, unnecessary disputes with family and friends, picking the wrong mentor or making a bad purchase.

"I've used the tools in Done For You Miracles to:

  • Take trips around the world on someone else's generous fortune
  • Meet my husband at a bar on the very date I jokingly planned in my wellness center guest book April 1, 2004
  • Get relief from severe childhood Scoliosis
  • Sat on panels at marketing conferences next to the very superstars I planned out on my mock event months earlier.
  • Hang glided three times having more fun than I could imagined
  • Helped lots of authors and coaches write books and create profitable relationships

The tools in Done For You Miracles has helped lots of baby boomers and smart people in transition stuck in financial, relationship and career nightmares in the last decade get specific, measurable dream come true results.

-Ruth Anne Wood, Creator of Done For You Miracles

So this five minute tool:

  • Saves money
  • Increases income
  • Provides more time
  • And energy
  • Brings ideal people together
  • In record time
  • With on and off line businesses and interests.

Pretty cool, huh? ;-)​

Whether you have a distracting challenge or are planning for your next big win/win... 

Activate this tool in five minutes or less before you need to sniff out good deals and are still in the planning stage.​

Use it to:

  • Feel your best
  • Filter out distractions
  • Notice more profitable opportunities and synchronicities.

Use it before investing in potential:

  • Clients
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Investors
  • New projects Joint venture partners
  • Business opportunities…

How? "Done For You Miracles":

  • Provides quick support
  • Gives users instant feedback that it’s working
  • Before your important meeting or decision.

How much is bad relationship, career and financial challenges costing you?

Hiring the wrong people, marrying or going on a second date with a person that's not right for you, investing in vendors, mentors and training that keeps you stuck...​

Up to now my VIP clients have invested four figures a month to work with me and get the results I shared with you….

I’d love to give you one of my most fast acting manifesting tools: Done For You Miracles

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Get It now before the price jumps a couple of figures.​

​What are you getting?

  1. A focusing exercise that you can apply to improve any relationship, financial and career situation​.                    ($150 value)
  2. A copy of my book Miracle Mondays that takes you through the very steps I use in private sessions
    to help people transcend financial, relationship and career problems in 60 days or less.                                      ($19 value)  
  3. A planning tool that offers lazar focus. Measure your specific mental, emotional and physical satisfaction         ($245 value)
  4. Eavesdrop on a successful hour coaching session as we create and ideal week using these tools.                   ($497 value

This is you wake up call with a total value of $911

Get help in our private online community creating your ideal "Done For You Miracle" statements that help people focus mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually what you wanted.

​Get VIP invites to ongoing distant Reiki level II healing session sent by Done For You Miracles facilitator, Ruth Anne Wood and other special training, networking and events.

Done For You Miracles

To your success!

Ruth Anne Wood


"I know these tools work if I use them. However I understand if I don't open my email, don't set aside time to plan my success using these step-by-step tools, don't post my Done For You Miracle statements in the members area for critique I can still use the 30 day, no questions asked weasel clause. This means I get my money back and still keep the Done For You Miracles resources and unannounced bonus on the other side. This training is the stepping stone to VIP JUMP START YOUR REMARKABLE LEGACY VIP GROUP COACHING" 
-Done For You Miracles customer

Oops did I squeal about the unannounced bonuses?​

"Oops I did it again." ​-B Spears