Change Management and Stress Programs

  • ​Be the Leading Role In Your Daily Career "Movie" or "TV Show"
  • Direct a Star Cast Through Preplanned Plots, Conversations and Strategic Victories
  • During Crisis Mode Write A Company Comedy To Refocus Your Vision and Find Creative Solutions
  • Follow Your Dream Script and Filter Out Time, Money and Energy Draining Characters and Plot Twists
  • Design your Hero’s Journey To Inspire Your Ideal Team, Investors, Customers and Media Coverage
  • Summon Profitable Help From Hidden Resources By Focusing On What’s Working Well With Your Team and Organization
  • Use Magical Conversations During Surprise Plot Twists and Threatening Adversaries To Inspire and Unite The Team

Know the First Meeting If the New Candidate Is a

Supporting Role or Adversary To Your Hero's Journey

Better than having a crystal ball or consulting a psychic, invent your own win/win team, support system and best case scenario outcome before that important business conversation or while facing pending financial, legal, customer or team problems. Save yourself and company countless wasted hours and money hiring, training and investing in the wrong employee, customers and business partners. By doing a little leg work before you expand your people resources you will start to develop the reputation as seasoned, smart and lucky when you and your team studies the winning traits of your ideal professional relationships and how you want to think and feel when you find a win/win match so you can cease the opportunity or ideal candidate in the moment. Through  Ruth's Scripting For Success TM process, get faster at recognizing predetermined patterns and compatible MOs. Heighten your accurately assessing intuition by quickly identifying win/win patterns between yourself and job, partnership, project or client applicant. Use the powerful, fast acting Scripting For Success tools to quickly know if the new person in the sales meeting, vendor presentation or job interview is a blessing sent from above or a time, money and mental and emotional energy drain for yourself, team, finances and company. With a couple of specifically tailored cheat sheets, develop a seemingly intuitive sales team that can quickly identify destructive or profitable traits and patterns without memorizing additional sales techniques or conversation scripts. Each script is customized to the individual and tested in the moment for optimum mental, emotional and physical effectiveness. And our process can be duplicated by you and your team for faster, ongoing success. This could be just the edge your company needs to boost profits, reduce mismanged resources, engage, empower and invigorate your team and select the right partner at the right time, right out of the gate, saving you precious time, money and resources.