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​“Work with the best, skip the rest.”
-Ruth Anne Wood,

Ruth Anne Wood is dubbed the "Writer of our lives" using her results formula Scripting For Success to travel the world, meet and stayed happily married for over a decade with her dream man, help her clients quantum leap their income, connections and opportunities in days, collaborate with dream come true joint venture partners, speak on stage, interview and yes mentor best selling authors, business leaders, struggling leaders and companies through her focused Scripting For Success formula with a 99% success rate for paid clients. Go to the Store.

"Ruth Anne Wood for making stuff happen now."
-Ken McArthur, Best Selling Author of IMPACT: How to Get Noticed Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World

Scripting For Success is a planning process and damage control tool for business leaders that helps to quickly focus on ideal outcomes and quantum leap over pending relationship, legal and financial challenges, by shifting one's focus on what's already positive, productive and desirable instead of the current or pending gloom and doom.

Scripting For Success business leadership training and resources helps the user improve positive communication with self and others by: quickly clarifying and focusing on ideal results, filtering out costly distractions, increasing awareness of ideal personal and professional relationships and opportunities in the moment and align one's mental and emotional blueprint to a dream come true success story or outcome with powerful leadership tools.

Scripting For Success helps to eliminate the tedious guess work of vetting prospective business partners by using planning tools to prepare for and guide ideal conversations, partnerships and outcomes and recognize win/win deals or time wasters, very quickly, during a meeting while saving decision makers and companies precious time, money and resources by swiftly avoiding missed opportunities or bad hiring, buying or partnering decisions.

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Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy with Scripting For Success:

1. Unleash you emotional engine to propel you toward your dreams.
2. Set and KEEP priorities through the magic of commitment and attract ideal win/win results to you more effortlessly.
3. Empower your subconscious to filter, attract, and protect your DREAM even when you are sleeping.
4. Magnify the effect of relationships to get anything and everything you want with less, time, effort, and work than you imagined

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  • You’ll uncover hidden mental and emotional pitfalls that keep you from creating the legacy of your dreams
  • And you’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to finally fully step into your leadership role in your life, company and community.

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